100 years ago: Lawrence thieves stealing ‘all manner of useless things’

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for June 30, 1915:

“The wet weather seems to be affecting the minds of the light fingered gentry throughout the country according to local observers and the thieves are stealing all manner of useless things. Yesterday a Lawrence colored man stole a ladies shirtwaist and is now in the county bastille thinking it over. The day before that somebody had the poor judgment to break into a Union Pacific freight car and steal four burial suits, and today comes the worst of all. The local police have been notified to keep on the lookout for a stolen Ford automobile. ‘I can understand why a married man might steal a shirtwaist,’ said a Lawrence citizen this morning, ‘but when it comes to taking burial robes and Ford automobiles – well, darn’d if I can see what even a thief would do with them.'”

“A dam to extend for fifty miles along the banks of the Big Stranger creek is contemplated by the farmers of the region of Tonganoxie if the cost of construction is not so great that it will be impossible. The farmers will hold a meeting sometime during this week to decide on the proposition and in the meantime they are getting the opinions of the engineers as to the best method to be followed and the cost that will be necessary to get a dam that will protect their property from the floods. Water during the past few weeks has destroyed the crops of that section of the country to a great extent. Practically all the farmers in that country are taking an interest in the work that is contemplated.”

“Boy scouts of Lawrence are going to be on the job and prepared at the Independence day celebration which will be held at Woodland park July 5…. ‘We have not decided upon a definite program,’ said Mr. McNeil yesterday, ‘but we will put on some exhibitions of wireless telegraphy, scout signaling, and athletic events. We will have a tent on the grounds and the boys will camp there all day. They will have a complete emergency outfit and will be prepared to take care of any accidents that may happen.'”

“The annual camp meeting of the Pentecostal Church of the Nazarine will begin in Bunn’s Grove, five minutes walk from the Union Pacific depot in North Lawrence, tomorrow and continue seventeen days…. The grove is northeast of the depot, close by Woodlawn school house. This is the second annual camp in Bunn’s Grove. So completely successful was the camp last year that the present intention is to repeat it every year…. Next Sunday the new Pentecostal church in North Lawrence will be dedicated. The dedicatory services will be held in the church…. The building is at the intersection of New York and Lincoln streets.”

“A bicycle which has been waiting for its owner to come to the police station and claim it, has been in the possession of the officers for more than a month. The wheel was picked up on the streets by the night police and will be disposed of before long if not claimed.”

“R. F. Glass again has possession and management of the Railroad Cafe at 501 North Second Street. It is being repainted and otherwise improved.”