Style Scout: Kate Hartland

Name: Kate Hartland

Age: 20

Relationship status: Single

Hometown: Phoenix

Time in Lawrence: Two years

Occupation: Student, blogger, employee at Urban Outfitters

Dream job: I want Eva Chen’s job at Instagram (head of fashion partnerships).

Whom do people say you look like? The girl from the Narnia movies (Anna Popplewell).

Describe your style: A lot of black and white. I like to have something unique or different in every outfit.

Fashion trends you love: Denim, colorful lipstick and no eye makeup

Fashion trends you hate: Neon

Fashion influences:Karissa Marie (on Instagram), and working at Urban really influences it.

Favorite things about Lawrence? The food. And KU.

Who would you want to have dinner with, living or dead? Dallas Green from City and Color because it’s my favorite band.

What is your spirit animal? A dark alley. I was walking behind the Granada once and a door was open and I could hear someone playing and I just felt connected.

Tell us a secret: I can never make it all the way through a series on Netflix.