Style Scout: Stanton Nelson

Name: Stanton Nelson

Age: 24

Relationship status: Single

Hometown: Long Island, Kan.

Time in Lawrence: Four years

Occupation: Pianist

Dream job: To compose hymns or direct a church orchestra or choir

Who do people say you look like? My uncle (because) of our facial features and personality

Describe your style: I like it simple and I like my roots in being a farm boy

Describe your taste in music: I like blues, classical and jazz

What are some of your favorite things about Lawrence? I love the Campanile and I love the beauty of (KU’s) campus in general.

Who would you want to have dinner with, living or dead? Probably Beethoven because he’s one of my favorite composers. I’d like to see how he wrote music.

What’s your spirit animal? I like penguins. I’d collect books about them when I was younger.

Tell us a secret: I’m a pretty decent shot with my shotgun.