Off the Beaten Plate: The Waldorf at Glory Days Pizza

The Waldorf at Glory Days Pizza, 4821 W. Sixth St.

Looking through the hallowed archives of Off the Beaten Plate, it’s pretty clear that my colleagues and I have a thing for innovative pizza creations.

It stretches all the way back to Sara Shephard boldly trying out Fat Freddy’s Wake n Bake pizza and continued most recently with the Spaghetti Pie at Tad’s Pizzeria, which I sampled last month.

This week welcomes yet another twist on the beloved Italian treat in the form of a salad-meets-pizza mashup called the Waldorf.

This pie from Glory Days Pizza features all the signature components of a Waldorf salad (Granny Smith apples, dried cranberries, chicken and glazed walnuts) on a marinara-less crust.

Thankfully, the folks at Glory Days ditch the Waldorf’s traditional mayonnaise (not exactly appealing on top of a pizza, at least for us mayo-haterswhat up, President Barack Obama) in favor of brie cheese spread.

Where to get it:Glory Days Pizza, 4821 W. Sixth St.

What you’ll pay: $10.89, for a small

Try it with: Some hot pepper flakes for a little heat

Also on the menu: Other gourmet-leaning pizzas like The Greek, Mediterranean Veggie and the Caprase Pie (yes, it’s like a Caprese salad, but with slightly modified spelling), plus lots of make-your-own options. Beyond pizza, Glory Days offers an extensive menu of sandwiches, appetizers, chicken wings, desserts and a few salads — though if you’re looking to pair your Waldorf pizza with a Waldorf salad, you’re out of luck.

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