40 years ago: Suspect free for a day after running from jail

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 15, 1975:

  • A suspect who had escaped the custody of Douglas County Sheriff’s officers this weekend had enjoyed his freedom for a day before being apprehended this morning, allegedly during a joyride in a stolen vehicle. Gary Spillman, 17, had fled from the jail while being booked by a deputy for failure to appear in county court. Deputies said Spillman had run from the booking room out the open front door of the jail and had then hidden in the construction project behind the jail. Albert Thomas, a trusty at the jail, had spotted Spillman a few hours later among the construction materials and had tried to persuade him to turn himself in, but Spillman had escaped again and had not been seen until 2:42 a.m. today, when a stolen car, with Spillman as the alleged driver, had been recovered at Ninth and New Hampshire. Spillman, in the company of three juveniles, had been apprehended again and taken to the jail for booking.
  • Douglas County officials, worried about potential delays in preliminary engineering for Clinton Parkway, were to meet this week with state highway officials. They intended to seek some assurance that as plans were readied for field, office, and final check, the state would move promptly to review them. County officials were anxious that preliminary planning steps be completed if Congressional appropriations for parkway construction were approved.