25 years ago: South Lawrence Trafficway bond issue ruled legal

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 14, 1990:

  • The Kansas Supreme Court this week ruled that Douglas County’s 1985 bond issue to help finance the proposed south Lawrence trafficway was legal. “I’m very happy about it,” said Mike Amyx, Douglas County Commission chairman. “I’m sure the entire commission is happy, if nothing else, relieved.” Even though the court’s ruling validated the county’s $4 million bond issue, local officials said they were still committed to the election. “Let’s get on with it,” Amyx said, “let’s pick a date and move on.” Commissioner Louie McElhaney agreed, saying, “I want a vote and we’re certainly obligated to hold one.”
  • An underage drinking case that had temporarily shut down Lawrence police bar checks was dismissed this week because of court rulings that prevented the state from proving the defendant was less than 21 years old. The case, filed in March 1989, had contained a single count of possession of alcohol as a minor against Lawrence resident Abbie J. Bernstein, who was then 19 years old. Bernstein’s attorney, Don Strole of Lawrence, had argued that his client was the subject of an illegal search and seizure by Lawrence police officers, who had held Bernstein in custody but had not read her the Miranda rights when Bernstein informed them of her age. Strole said this week that the case had important consequences for local residents. “What it tells me, very simply put, is that a copy can go up to somebody in a bar and ask how old they are,” he said,” but no one has to respond to questioning.”