100 years ago: Early Fourth celebrations ‘making nights hideous with noise’

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for July 2, 1915:

“People who live in the business district along Massachusetts street, are complaining that boys with a premature idea of when to celebrate July 4, are making night hideous with noise. One woman said that last night she was kept awake by explosion of fire crackers for several hours. All over the city the boys have been showing their loyalty to the nation and to July 4 by popping off various noise makers.”

“Seventy-five anxious young men and women, most of them just out of the Normal Institute which closed yesterday, are toiling away over the teacher’s examinations which are given at the high school buildings today under the supervision of County Superintendent of Schools Hawley. They represent every city in Douglas county and many are from outside counties and they all want to pass so that they may teach in the common schools of Kansas.”

“Douglas county cattle and Douglas county hogs, raised near Lawrence on the stock farm of Sutton & Porteous, will be on exhibition at the Panama Pacific exposition at San Francisco. Charles E. Sutton has been invited by the officials of the State Agricultural College at Manhattan to place some of his prize stock of Angus cattle and Berkshire hogs in the Kansas exhibit at the exposition. Mr. Sutton has accepted the invitation and Prof. Cochell of that institution has arrive in Lawrence today to select the herd from the blooded stock on the Sutton farm.”

“Twenty-five dollars reward has been offered by the Douglas county commissioners for the recovery of the body of John Weidman, 13 years old, son of Wm. E. Weidman, who was drowned in the Kaw yesterday. Men in boats have been searching the river all day for the body but on account of the high water and swift current, not much progress has been made. If the river does not go down soon, dynamite may be used to bring the body to the surface.”

“A great number of boys have enrolled in the course of free swimming lessons offered by the Y. M. C. A., and many of these have already learned how to swim but the acting secretary believes that the work has not been completed and the offer will be kept up for a short time so as to let every boy take advantage of the opportunity. The officials have taken as a motto for their work ‘Every boy a swimmer.'”

“Many farmers and gardeners who lost their early crops are reported to be planting sweet corn in the land where other crops have been lost on account of the wet weather. Growers say that there is still time for the corn to produce late roasting ears and that the crop will bring a good price late in the season. Sweet corn planted early is doing well and some has already been placed on the market in Lawrence. The price of the ears, however, is rather too high for the average citizen.”

“The ‘Fats’ and the ‘Leans’ are both rounding their teams into shape and are preparing to show the public the best game of the season they say when they mix in a nine-inning tangle at the big celebration at Woodland Park July 5. Captain Bob ‘Johnson’ Crum of the ‘Fats’ says that his team is trained down to a fine point and is prepared to give a clean and scientific exhibition of the great national pastime. His men are all fast on their feet, he says, and will make one Tyrus Cobb look like a tortoise when they begin to cavort around the bases. The ‘Leans’ are secretive as to their lineup and will not announce its personnel until tomorrow but their captain, Winn Newmark, is confident that his boys are ready and will give a good account of themselves. ‘I am a new man in this office,’ said Mr. Newmark this morning, ‘but I can assure you that my team will go like veterans. Just because we aren’t very fat is no sign that they haven’t got the pep. Wise betters will place their money on the ‘Leans.'”