Style Scout: Laura Smith

Name: Laura Smith

Age: 39

Relationship status: Partnered

Hometown: Baltimore

Occupation: English professor

Dream job: I’m in my dream job.

Describe your style: Either I wear all black or I wear every color in my closet. And I never wear the same outfit twice.

Fashion trends you love: Scarfs, big accessories, long jackets, short pants. And I’ve been loving that culottes and pantaloons are coming back.

Fashion trends you hate: The ’80s. I’m sad that they’re here again.

Fashion influences: Frida Kahlo, Bill Cunningham’s video series for the New York Times.

Favorite things about Lawrence? I really love the main street. There’s so much range and there’s good art and food.

Who would you want to have dinner with, living or dead? Right now, Langston Hughes because I’m doing research and teaching courses on him.

What is your spirit animal? Something in the water, like a whale.

Tell us a secret: I got hooked on pop-country music when I lived in Texas and now I sing it in the car.