Four Lawrence high school students honored for their artwork

Four Lawrence high school students have been recognized with awards for their work in the visual arts, the Lawrence Arts Center announced Thursday.

Kearston Mohney and Ian Sotomayor, of Lawrence High School, were given the 2015 Vanguard Award. The award is reserved for young artists who display remarkable talent, skill and originality. Each Vanguard winner is given $1,200 to support their ongoing artwork.

Mohney was recognized for her work with two-dimensional art, while Sotomayor was recognized for his work with three-dimensional art.

In addition, Emily Torres, of Lawrence High School, and Cale Ruiz, of Free State High School, were given the 2015 Trailblazer Award, the arts center announced. The award recognizes young artists who have demonstrated high levels of quality, originality and skill in their work. Each Trailblazer winner is given $600 to continue their studies in the field.

Torres was recognized for her two-dimensional work, and Ruiz was recognized for his three-dimensional work.

All four winners will receive their awards publicly at the arts center Friday.