Most suspended Kansas voters claim no party

? A majority of the 22,394 voters who will be unable to cast a legal ballot this election in Kansas because of the state’s proof-of-citizenship law claim no political affiliation.

The Secretary of State’s office said Wednesday that unaffiliated voters account for 57 percent, or 12,822 people, whose registrations were put on hold.

Another 5,069 registrations still in limbo come from Republican voters, comprising 22 percent of voters on the list.

The registrations of 4,070 Democrats are also on hold, accounting for 18 percent of suspended voters.

Voter registrations from 383 Libertarians also are in limbo.

The law that took effect in January requires new voter registrants to provide a birth certificate, passport or other document proving their U.S. citizenship. Any provisional ballots cast by suspended voters would not be counted.