100 years ago: Lawrence opinion divided on pool hall issue

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 22, 1914:

  • “The appearance of the anti-pool hall ordinance coming from a clear sky caused considerable excitement in Lawrence yesterday. It seems that the two sides of the question are lining up for the conflict. The pool hall owners are preparing to contest the passage of the ordinance and should it pass the fight probably will be carried into the courts. Those who are supporting the move are hoping that the council will see fit to pass the measure and will be willing to test the law in the court, where they believe it will be held legal…. The pool hall has come in for considerable condemnation recently. It is alleged that at some of the places boys under the age limit are permitted to play almost at will. It is also alleged that there has been considerable gambling in some of the places, also that cigarettes have been dispensed by certain pool hall owners.”
  • “The four students who attended the Tango Reception last week were called before the Men’s Student Council yesterday afternoon and were told ‘not to do it again.’ The council put on a dignified scene and warned the students not to break any more University rulings.”
  • “The appointment of Mrs. Eustace Brown of this city to be dean of women at the University of Kansas was announced by the Board of Administration today. The announcement followed a conference held by Mrs. Lewis, member of the Board, with the women of the faculty and Chancellor Strong. The Dean of Women is to be the advisor for University girls. She will maintain an office at the school and will be open at all times to discuss problems with the women of the school. She will supervise the activities of the women and will oversee the social situation at the University. Mrs. Brown will act as chairman of the rooming house committee, which investigates the character of all private dormitories for women in Lawrence.”
  • “A second case of smallpox was discovered in the University district last night when H. W. Dixon, 1142 Indiana street, was examined. No new cases of the disease were found among the members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity where the disease broke out today, although the house is still under quarantine…. Dr. Gillispie, county health official stated that it was probable that an order would be issued to have all students of the University vaccinated. The Kappa Sigma house and 1142 Indiana will be kept under quarantine until Monday.”
  • “Athletics form a profitable part of the University of Kansas according to the figures of W. O. Hamilton’s semi-annual financial report which was given out today. The Athletic Association shows a balance of $12,060.46 up to January 1. The receipts from football this year netted the association $18,,182.98.” [According to the table of figures accompanying the article, the football program showed a profit of $6,757.45, while basketball showed a loss of $68.97 due to expenditures of $70.97 and receipts of only $2.00. Track and Baseball showed losses of $834.40 and $484.83 respectively.]