100 years ago: City of Lawrence on track to abolish pool halls, bowling alleys, and fortune-tellers

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 20, 1914:

  • “To abolish pool halls, billiard halls and bowling alleys in the city of Lawrence is the purpose of an ordinance which was introduced and read the first time at the meeting of the city council last night. At the regular meeting of the council in February this ordinance will be up for the second reading and upon its passage the pool hall must pass out of existence in Lawrence. July first is set as the date for the operation of the new ordinance. This ordinance with its drastic provision for the regulation of the pool halls of the city came as somewhat of a surprise to those at the council session last night. The councilmen did not all know that it was coming…. Recently there has been much agitation against pool halls in the city. The ordinance regarding the playing of minors in these places has been violated and several arrests have been made. But complaint continues to reach the officials that youths under the age limit are frequenting these places.”
  • “While the council was in the ‘uplift’ business last night an ordinance prohibiting the practice of clairvoyance, sooth saying, fortune telling, et al., was read both times and passed and enacted into the city law. Under the terms of this ordinance fortune telling is absolutely prohibited in Lawrence. The ordinance technically makes it an offense to tell a fortune in jest, without pay, as is frequently done at social functions…. This ordinance is an outgrowth of the visit of Prof. Lynn, the clairvoyant who sojourned in Lawrence a short time this winter and who came back for a second visit a little later. The first time Lynn took away $35 which had obtained from a young girl in Lawrence. The second time before he left he deposited with the county a little more than $100 to pay the time for his offense committed on the first visit. Lynn’s case was fatal to the cause of clairvoyancy in Lawrence as the council action last night was the direct result.”