25 years ago: County commissioners split on pay cut

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 19, 1989:

  • Douglas County Commissioners this week were considering taking a voluntary pay cut that would reduce their salary by more than 20 percent. Commission chair Mike Amyx had brought the issue up for discussion at a previous meeting, saying that the number of hours worked by commissioners didn’t justify the current salary of $19,188. Commissioner Louie McElhaney protested the cut, saying he put in enough hours to justify the current salary. Commissioner Nancy Hiebert said she was willing to consider the cut but needed more information before making her decision. At her request, county staff was preparing a report on commissioners’ salaries in other counties.
  • Kansas University Chancellor Gene Budig, responding to recent anti-Semitic vandalism on campus, issued a statement today decrying such acts of bigotry. “The University of Kansas is a community of scholars,” Budig said. “There is no place here for bigotry, intolerance, anti-Semitism, racism or sexual discrimination. Nor is there any place for harassment, either verbal or physical, of those from whom we differ.” The University Senate Executive Committee also issued a statement deploring the recent acts, in which a swastika had been scratched into the office doors of two professors. “Efforts to oppose prejudice and intolerance will not be intimidated by cowardly vandalism,” the committee’s statement read.