100 years ago: Lawrence street deteriorates to ‘a stretch of mud holes’

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 19, 1914:

  • “Elliott [Fourth] street is in need of repair work. It has always been full of holes, but it has now become so bad as to be practically impassable. The holes were filled up with mud instead of cement and the result is to make the entire street a stretch of mud holes. There is a large country traffic to the west and Elliott is the best street for it to use. The city can spend a little money there to good advantage.”
  • “A small fire Saturday night did about $150 damage at the home of Mrs. Topham, 915 Rhode Island street. The blaze started in a closet and the loss is divided between clothing destroyed and damage to the building. Firemen quickly extinguished the blaze.”
  • “Coach Kennedy of Haskell addressed the Haskell Y. M. C. A. last night at their regular meeting. The football coach always draws a big crowd and the Indian boys including the entire football team were present. Coach Kennedy told the Haskell boys of their fine opportunity at Haskell and contrasted their situation with that of their forefathers. ‘These new conditions bring new and larger responsibilities,’ said Dr. Kennedy, ‘and the future of the Indian race lies largely in the hands of you young men.’ The splendid move which the Indian boys have made towards giving up tobacco was commended by the coach.”