100 years ago: Local union carpenters to demand 40 cents an hour this spring

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Jan. 17, 1914:

  • “Up another notch goes the already High Cost of Building. The local lodge of the Carpenters Union has announced that beginning the first of May all journeymen carpenters in Lawrence will demand 40 cents per hour for their services. This is an increase of 2 1/2 cents per hour…. In making this announcement the union has offered the explanation that the order felt compelled to do this on account of the continued high cost of living.”
  • “The organization of the Parent-Teachers Association of Quincy school was completed yesterday afternoon at the school building with the adopting of a constitution and the election of standing committees…. Arrangements are being made for a lecture by Prof. McKeever, new head of the Child Welfare Department of the University, to the patrons and teachers of all the schools of the city at the High school auditorium. Announcements to be made later.”
  • “The Washburn quintet gave the Jayhawkers a hard time last night in the Robinson gym, but the locals finally forged into the lead and won by a score of 39 to 28…. The Ichabods took the lead and for a time it seemed that the Crimson and Blue was too overwhelmed. Dwight Ream, captain of the visitors, was sure on his baskets and shot his team into the lead in two minutes of play. Two other goals and a free one followed in quick succession…. The Jayhawkers were going better in the second half and slowly increased their lead.”
  • “Coming in the face of the refusal of the University authorities to permit students to attend the ‘Tango’ receptions here last week, which City Attorney Jas. Mitchell pronounced ‘very pretty and in no way objectionable,’ is the refusal of Mrs. J. L. Newhouse to allow the dancing of the ‘fishwalk’ and ‘castle walk’ at her Monday night dances. The ironical part of the situation is that while the students are prohibited from attending the Monday night dances by a University Council ruling, they dance at University parties dances which are prohibited at the Monday might dances, which are public dances. ‘I won’t have any more of the “fish walk” and “castle walk” business at my dances in the future,’ said Mrs. J. L. Newhouse today. ‘I shall start to enforce the rule Monday night.'”