40 years ago: KU basketball players appeal to fans to stop throwing debris

From the Lawrence Daily Journal-World for Feb. 5, 1974:

In a Letter to the Editor this week, the members of the Kansas University men’s basketball team appealed to fans for their help to stop the throwing of debris that had been occurring during games at Allen Fieldhouse. The letter read in part: “As members of the varsity basketball team we take great pride in representing our school and the many faithful fans who have played a part in the success we are enjoying this season…. However, we feel compelled to write this letter in hopes of rectifying a situation that concerns us all. We are referring to the throwing of cups, ice and other debris on the playing court. Throwing debris on the court is a source of embarrassment to all of us…. As a team we want to ask that you help us. If you see anyone doing any of the above-mentioned acts please ask them to refrain from doing so.”