Editorial: Thatcher inspiration

Perhaps Margaret Thatcher’s death will spur Americans to rally around the causes of individual freedom and smaller government.

The death of former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher brings to an end an incredible career for a woman, who in a relatively few years, with a tough backbone and an unshakable conviction, was able to change a tottering socialist society to a positive and optimistic free market.

She transformed England and ignited a positive view and support of individual freedom and smaller government. She successfully fought labor unions, which were paralyzing her country. In 11 years, she remade the British economy.

The death of “The Iron Lady” is a major loss, but, at the same time, the memory of what she was able to accomplish in England perhaps will cause Americans to stop and realize what is happening to this country under the presidency of Barack Obama.

In his 2008 campaign for the presidency, Obama told his audiences they were only days away from being able to bring about fundamental changes in America.

Some may have laughed at such a suggestion, but history shows his critics and doubters have always underestimated him — and have been proven wrong.

He has favored bigger government control in business, industry, the environment and Americans’ personal lives. He has presided while this nation has incurred a historic and crippling national debt. His Obamacare health plan will come close to bankrupting this country. His foreign policy is leaving this country with less respect and admiration throughout the world, with a weaker military force and less conviction by Obama to use this force when necessary.

Under the Obama presidency, this country is drifting, slowly but surely, toward socialism and fewer freedoms. This is the “fundamental change” he has believed in from the beginning, and he is not letting up. He has raised record amounts of money, and campaign workers with a strategy to capture the upcoming 2014 congressional elections, wipe out the troublesome GOP majority in the House and complete his transformation of America.

This country, particularly at this time in our history, needs an individual with the courage, conviction and belief in the values that have made this nation so great. Such a leader could rally and inspire U.S. citizens to the critical importance of protecting our freedoms and not allowing government to take control of our lives.

Is there a Margaret Thatcher-type individual in the United Sates who is articulate and tough enough to halt Obama’s “fundamental change”?