Editorial: Important choices

A big turnout is the best way for voters to show their appreciation for local candidates’ willingness to run and serve in public office.

Hopefully, Mother Nature will provide ideal weather Tuesday so local voters will have no excuse for not participating in the Lawrence City Commission and school board elections.

These are important bodies, and those who serve as members play a significant role in shaping the excellence and future of our city.

For this reason, voters should give serious thought to whom they support in these elections. Voters should base their support on candidates’ experience, personal record, honesty, objectivity, fiscal acumen and how their business and professional training helps prepare them to be valuable and contributing members of the commission or school board.

The candidates’ abilities and honesty should be the most important factors when deciding for whom to vote.

Regardless of the election results, all those seeking voter support should be thanked for their willingness to run for office and serve. Thousands of residents are quick to suggest how city commissioners and school board members should vote, and what’s wrong with City Hall or the school system. However, relatively few are willing to become candidates and put their ideas into action. It’s a lot of big talk but little action.

A large voter turnout is the best way for residents to show their appreciation for these men and women making the sacrifice to run for office.

And, hopefully, a big voter turnout will place properly motivated, highly qualified individuals into service as city commissioners or school board members.