Lawrence Laundry: Maxi dresses a summer statement

Imagine wearing a blanket at all times.

That’s it: just the softest blanket you could ever touch.

Instead of it keeping you warm, though, it keeps you cool. It’s made out of the breeziest fabric known to man. In fact, it’s so breezy, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. So I guess it’s actually like an un-blanket.

It’s the most liberating outfit ever created: it’s the maxi dress, and it’s here for summer.

Usually, for the “Spotted it, found it” columns, I spot three separate looks that I see on the street.

However, when I went out to take pictures for this particular column, it seemed as though every single woman in Lawrence called each other and collectively decided to freak me out by wearing the same exact outfit.

And I’m not even upset about it. In fact, I want to go out and buy seven floor-length dresses to wear each day of the week so I never feel left out.

You just can’t go wrong with a maxi dress. Very rare is it that you can be comfortable without wearing your pajamas, indulge in the warm weather without looking sweaty and look adorable without trying.

Just slip one of these numbers on, add some cute sandals and a couple pieces of jewelry, and you’re ready to roll.

Gray dress

This is an evening gown version of the full-length dress trend, but I really love the subtle peek of skin this dress shows. The design makes the dress unique but keeps it classy and understated. She had just bought the dress at BCBG that day, and happily confirmed that she experienced absolutely no buyer’s remorse.

Black and white striped dress

I caught this woman at a red light on graduation weekend as she and her family headed toward their dinner reservation. After I snapped this photo of the dress and perfectly paired bag, I hopped into a picture with this graduate and her mom at the request of her father. Anything to aid in the celebration of another Jayhawk!

I love how she dressed up the casual cotton dress with a delicate gold necklace and watch.

Black dress

This dress is one of the most casual of the maxi dresses I saw parading down Mass Street, and it’s still adorable and “night out” worthy. I’ve seen a lot of ladies pairing denim jackets with floor-length dresses, and this gives my denim-loving soul such delight.


While I didn’t take any photos of floor-length skirts on the street, it’s worth noting that they are everywhere in the stores. I found a slender, straight gray one at Nomads 725 Mass. on sale for less than $20, and a hot pink one at Miss Fortune’s Creation Station, 726 Mass., for just more than $20.

Local versions of the dresses were at Hobb’s, 700 Mass., and Miss Fortune’s Creation Station, but I found plenty more at Nomads as well.