Lawrence Laundry: Mix it up with sunglasses this summer

I’m in a perpetual game of hide-and-seek with my sunglasses.

One day, I’m at Arizona Trading Company trying to find a replacement pair for the ones that have been missing for a week, and the next day, I’m choosing which shades to wear out of a mound of sunglasses that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere on my kitchen counter.

I act like this is a bad thing. I act like I’m frustrated about having 35 pairs of sunglasses floating around.

It’s not true. I love it. I love that my own forgetfulness can add a little zest to my selection of shades.

My frugality won’t allow me to buy another pair of sunglasses if I already have some in my possession. No, I must lose all my sunglasses so my conscience will allow me to purchase more. This summer, I’ll be leaving my shades in forgotten handbags, under my couch and in friends’ cars just so I can buy a pair that reflects this season’s theme: the brighter, the bolder, the weirder, the better.

The thought pattern over the past couple summers has been, “I don’t care what my sunglasses look like, just make sure they’re huge.”

Not so for this summer. Gone are the days of the bug-eyed sunglasses that acted more as a full-face shield than simple protective eye covering. This season, it’s all about color, pattern and interesting shape.

The Ray Ban square, the Wendy Peffercorn cat-eye (“The Sandlot,” anyone?) or the John Lennon round — pick whatever frame fits your face shape and style the best.

The funky shades we’re seeing this summer complement the huge, crazy prints, neon bags and tank tops, and bright color-blocked outfits that have been walking down the runway for Spring 2012.

If you have a square face, try out a cat-eye or oval frame. If you have a heart-shaped face, get round glasses or a cat-eye in order to add some width to the lower part of your face while softening your broad forehead. A long face calls for some oversized shades to plump up the width of your face. Try rectangular frames if you have a round face. Have an oval-shaped face? You’re in luck — any shape will look great on you.

If you’re unsure of where to look to score some new shades, I would suggest local shops like Arizona Trading Company, 736 Mass.; The Antique Mall, 830 Mass.; or Wild Man Vintage, 939 Mass.

If you also require prescription eyewear, check out Wink, 806 Mass., or Crandon and Crandon Optometrists, 1019 Mass.

If you’ve had luck finding some funky shades this summer at a local store not listed above, please mention them in the comments at I’m still on the hunt for the perfect pair of summer shades and could use some help finding some.