Gov. Sam Brownback seeks private involvement in SRS

? The state’s welfare agency is seeking a bid for a consultant to help it develop “a new mission, vision and strategic planning activities.”

The bid by the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services comes as officials with that agency announced last week laying off top staff, replacing them with several people from out of state and the establishment of a faith-based division.

When asked to describe his vision for SRS, Gov. Sam Brownback on Tuesday said he wanted to engage more people from the private sector “in helping us carry our mission on forward and hopefully doing a better job of it in the process.”

He said he wants to expand that notion to the Kansas Department of Corrections where every prisoner leaving the system would have a mentor, working on a volunteer basis, who would help the released prisoner stay out of prison.

Brownback said he expects faith-based groups and service organizations, such as the Lions Club and Junior League, and others to get involved.

“I think this can be a very positive thing,” he said.

He said everyone who works with the state would have to be credentialed to do the work.