100 years ago: New reservoir to be named Potter Lake

From the Lawrence Daily World for Nov. 7, 1910:

[At the Kansas Regents meeting] “The new reservoir [at the university] will be known as Potter Lake in honor of Hon. Thos. M. Potter, of Peabody, for many years a member of the board of regents. Also, a course in pharmacy leading to the degree of Ph.D. was authorized. This course will be by correspondence with the exception of two summers laboratory work.”

“‘The Cornhuskers won the annual Kansas-Nebraska game by the score of 6 to 0,’ says Coach Kennedy. ‘The Nebraska team was clearly superior to the Jayhawkers and deserved to win by that score. We are not sore at losing the Nebraska game. The 1910 Cornhusker squad is a team that any Missouri valley eleven can lose to with credit. Kansas is justly proud of the desperate fight the Jayhawkers made against the veteran squad of Cole.'”

“At the close of the first half when the Cornhusker band took the field, one of the zealous rooters appeared leading an aristocratic bull dog smothered in Nebraska colors. When the line of march passed in front of the K.U. bleachers, a pretty Co-ed wearing a wealth of Kansas colors suddenly sat bolt upright in sudden attention. ‘Why I do believe that is Noodles,’ she gasped. ‘And he’s got on Nebraska colors, how terrible.’ Making her way down from the bleachers, she made a wild scurry for her pet. The Nebraskan was loathe to release the dog, but becoming entangled in the lead, he was summarily upset and fell sprawling. Amid the encouraging plaudits of the sympathizing bleachers, the pretty Co-ed calmly tore off the detested red and white colors. These she returned to the Nebraskan, and hugging the dog, she scurried back to her seat.”