City commission agenda for March 22

2011 budget planning begins; declining sales tax revenue a concern

Bottom line

City commissioners, at a 4 p.m. study session, will start discussing plans for the 2011 budget. Commissioners will have many budget hearings during the summer, and are scheduled to approve a 2011 budget by August.


The discussion will likely also focus on whether the city needs to make adjustments to its 2010 budget, as sales tax revenues are expected to come in lower than projected. Commissioners also will provide feedback on the general sets of goals City Manager David Corliss is recommending for the 2011 budget. They are: balance expenditures to revenues; don’t spend down the city’s fund balances due to economic uncertainty; keep the city’s property tax rate stable; and maintain a high level of service.

Other business

4 p.m. Study session

• Review of city goals statement and 2009, 2010, and 2011 budget items.

• Review status of possible city acquisition of former Farmland nitrogen facility property.

Regular meeting 6:35 p.m.

Consent agenda

• Receive minutes from various boards and commissions.

• Approve all claims.

• Approve licenses as recommended by the Department of Administrative Services.

• Approve appointments as recommended by the Mayor.

• Bid and purchase items:

a.) Award bid for unit price of general painting work for the Parks and Recreation Department to Matt Jacobs Painting, not to exceed $25,000.

b.) Award bid for unit price of specialty painting for the Parks and Recreation Department to FH Coatings, not to exceed $25,000.

c.) Award bid for towing service for the Police Department to Hillcrest Wrecker with the option to renew in the amount of $23,100.

d.) Award bid for one full-size pickup for the Public Works Department to Shawnee Mission Ford for $22,594.

e.) Award bid for one single-axle truck for the Public Works Department to Diamond International for $68,626.

f.) Approve payment of annual maintenance charges for telecommunication services at various city locations to Innovative Service Solutions Inc. for $20,752.

g.) Waive bidding requirements and approve the purchase of a network core switch and equipment for the Utilities Department to Vital Support Systems for $140,796 off the state of Kansas Cisco State Contract.

h.) Approve emergency replacement of the water heater in the biosolids building at the Wastewater Treatment Plant by Chaney Inc. for $19,639.

i.) Award bid for Project No. PW1005, 2010 Overlay Program, Phase 1, to Bettis Asphalt & Construction Inc. in the amount of $581,616.

j.) Approve Change Order No. 1 to Vance Brothers Inc. in the amount of $400,000 for Project No. PW1004, 2010 Microsurfacing Program, based on the reprioritization and reallocation of monies for arterial street rehabilitation/maintenance approved by the City Commission on March 9.

k.) Award bid for emission control devices for the Public Works Department to Detroit Central Power Systems for $22,139. (The city received a federal grant for the purchase and installation of this equipment.)

• Adopt on second and final reading, Ordinance No. 8494, for rezoning (Z-12-29-09) of approximately .99 acres, at 802 N. Iowa from A (Agricultural) to RS7 (Single-Dwelling Residential).

• Approve extension request for Site Plan (SP-06-51-06) for Joyce Construction, at 912 N. Iowa.

• Authorize the city manager to execute Change Order No. 3 with King’s Construction for the Fairfield Farms East Addition Sanitary Sewer Lift Station for $16,500.

• Receive request from Community Wireless Communications for use of various city rights-of-way and facilities.

• Authorize the mayor to sign a release of mortgage for Delbert Reed Jr., 1010 E. 19th St.

• Authorize the city manager to execute the T-Mobile consent letter that will approve the installation of fiber optic cable upgrades and a cabinet to the existing cell site at the Stratford Water Tower at 1815 Stratford Road.

• Receive request from Luke Stone to amend city laws to allow for the operation of Peddlehopper vehicle within the city limits; refer to staff for a report.

• Receive city manager’s report.

Regular agenda

• Consider applying local purchasing preference policy for the following items: Local Purchasing Policy

a.) Consider awarding bid for eight police cars for the Police Department to Laird Noller Automotive for $175,929.

b.) Consider awarding bid for one sport utility vehicle for the Police Department to Laird Noller Automotive for $28,530.

• Consider approving the purchase of 69 800 MHz radio units for the Public Works Department/Solid Waste Division for $133,256 from TFMComm Inc., through a cooperative bid on the state of Kansas contract.

• Receive public comment and commission discussion on the possible acquisition of the former Farmland facility.