Boyda endorses Obama

? U.S. Rep. Nancy Boyda, D-Topeka, on Wednesday made it official – she’s endorsing Barack Obama for president.

Boyda and a handful of Democrats from more conservative congressional districts made headlines last week by staying uncommitted even after Obama clinched the party’s nomination over Hillary Clinton.

Boyda, a freshman, is preparing for a tough re-election bid in the district that runs from the northeast corner of Kansas to the southeast corner, and includes western Lawrence. She will face either State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins, or former Rep. Jim Ryun, who she narrowly defeated in 2006.

Liz Montano, a Boyda spokeswoman, said Boyda has always said she would back the Democratic nominee.

She said she decided to announce her support of Obama now because his campaign has promised to focus on all 50 states instead of only so-called swing states.

Montano said Boyda still plans to skip the Democratic National Convention in Denver so she can work in the district. “She’d rather be doing her day job,” she said.