Group against taxes seeks pledges from candidates

? The anti-tax group Americans for Prosperity on Monday called on political candidates to sign a pledge stating they would not increase taxes to deal with climate change.

“We hope future Kansas lawmakers will put taxpayers above any feel-good environmental legislation that will wreak havoc on our economy,” said Alan Cobb, state director of AFP’s Kansas chapter.

The group said it started contacting candidates at the federal, state and local levels, asking them to oppose taxes on carbon emissions and similar policies.

A candidate who signs the “No Climate Tax and Local Pledge” vows “to the taxpayers of the state of Kansas that I will oppose any legislation relating to climate change that includes a net increase in state or local government revenue.”

Cobb stated: “Many Kansans have concerns about the environment, but politicians should not play on those fears by using environmental policy as a means of pulling even more tax dollars from Kansas families to fund unrelated spending increases.”

The issue of climate change has been front and center in Kansas.

Gov. Kathleen Sebelius has blocked construction of two 700-megawatt coal-fired plants in southwestern Kansas because of concerns about carbon dioxide emissions and its effect on global warming.

Hays-based Sunflower Electric Power Corp. and its Colorado partner are trying to overturn Sebelius’ decision in court.

Meanwhile, both presidential candidates – Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain – agree that climate change must be confronted.

And both say they back a cap-and-trade system that would set limits on greenhouse gas emissions.