Old Home Town – 100 years ago

From the Lawrence Daily World for June 14, 1907: “A university scientist says people six feet tall are safer from germs than those built nearer to the ground. But the professor says nothing about the increased danger from lightning. : It is June 14 and that means it is Flag Day. The town is profusely decorated in honor of the occasion and flags and buntings are everywhere. This is the 103rd anniversary of the flag’s birth and it is doubtful if any community in the country is honoring the Stars and Stripes any better than Lawrence is doing. There is a tremendous sense of unity and pride to be felt and noted. : The Lawrence Automobile Club is attempting to bring the Kansas Automobile Assn. meeting here and chances are very favorable for about 200 or more vehicles to be here for Labor Day. Such a turnout would draw quite a crowd. : Early evidence is that a lot of people will be moving around the community this summer, with some trading residences and other moving from smaller dwellings to larger ones.”