Real estate transfers for March 21 through April 10, 2023

Below are the real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from March 21 through April 10.

Tuesday, March 21

Compton Rentals, LLC to Cedar Tree LLC, 835 Massachusetts St, Lawrence

Fuhr, Brian A., Fuhr, Brian, Aka to Mcauley, Roger L, 1433 Westbrooke St, Lawrence

Holder, Randolph J to Oehlert, Luke, 46 E 1000 Rd, Baldwin City

Perkins, Marilyn L., Perkins, Angelia B., Perkins, Melissa D. to Gray Properties Of Lawrence, LLC, 712 Locust St, Lawrence

Wednesday, March 22

Taqueria La Pasadita LLC to Contract Of Sale With:, Prewett Investments, LLC, 1900 Massachusetts St, Lawrence

Supancic, Anthony, Supancic, Anthony, III, Aka, Supancic, Tony, III, Aka, Supancic, Patricia, Supancic, Patricia A., Aka, Supancic, Patricia Ann, Aka to Kitchen-Greenwell, Ida, 832 E 12th St, Lawrence

Strong Coffee, LLC to Daoud LLC, 946 E 23rd St, Lawrence

Commerce Trust, Commerce Bank, Conservator, Rankin, Carolyn, Rankin, Carolyn Ann Leverance, Aka to Goulihan, Catherine, Rutter, Andrew, 1028 Holiday Dr, Lawrence

Thursday, March 23

Brown, Mary Elizabeth, Brown, Richard Craig to Hanson, Abby S., 504 N Rebecca Ln, Lawrence

Waddell, Norma J., Trustee, Guenther, Norma J., Aka, Trustee, Norma J. Guenther Amended And Restated Revocable Trust to Mckinney, Robert M., 1563 Fountain Dr, Lawrence

Friday, March 24

Sharp, Wayne C., Sharp, Debra A. to Kipp, Glenn, Craft, Jill, 2736 Bluestem Ct, Lawrence

Gray Properties Of Lawrence, LLC to Lawless, Eldon D., Lawless, Vickie E., 51 Winona Ave, Lawrence

Brakenhoff, Jeremy D. to Hulshof, Justin Travis, 920 Eagle Ridge Dr, Baldwin City

Holladay, Steven Ray, Trustee, Downing, Carolyn May, Trustee, Hegeman, Melinda Gay, Trustee, Holladay Revocable Living Trust to Gray Properties Of Lawrence, LLC, 718 Locust St, Lawrence

Holladay, Steven Ray, Trustee, Hegeman, Melinda Gay, Trustee, Downing, Carolyn May, Trustee, Holladay Revocable Living Trust to French, Kelly, 700 Elm St, Lawrence

Conner, Michael S., Conner, Karen R. to Thacker, Carolyn M., Thacker, Mark S., 3509 Eagle Pass Ct, Lawrence

Polk Holdings, L.C. to Farnsworth, Eric, 1023 Pennsylvania St, Lawrence

Zobrist, Amanda Louise, England, Amanda, Fka to Villa, Adolfo, 1130 Cherry St, Eudora

March, Lisa P., March, Stanimir to Stack Properties, LLC, 1951 Miller Dr, Lawrence

Monday, March 27

Caron, Elisabeth to Elevated Systems L.L.C., 408 W 6th St, Lawrence

Laughlin, Grafton R. to Tuschhoff, Todd A., Tuschhoff, Austin T., 1510 W 25th Ct, Unit F4, Lawrence

Harvey, Christopher J., Harvey, Katelyn N. to Gonzalez, Noe Mora, 503 River Bend Cir, Lawrence

Burwick, Richard D., Trustee, Burwick, Monica L., Trustee, Burwick Trust to Harvey, Christopher James, Harvey, Katelyn Nicole, 1925 Golden Rain Dr, Lawrence

Central Trust Bank to Douglas County Casa Inc., 725 N 2nd St, Unit M, Lawrence, 725 N 2nd St, Unit L, Lawrence

Tuesday, March 28

Johnson, Eric K., Johnson, Eric, Aka, Johnson, Delanie Nicole, Johnson, Thomas V., Heiberger, Corey Ann to Henke, Ryan, Ferguson, Shelby, 2405 Haversham Dr, Lawrence

Robbs, John, Robbs, Kristen to Taylor, Samuel J., 918 Elm St, Baldwin City

Robbs Trust, Robbs, David N., Trustee to Robbs, John, 198 E 1900 Rd, Baldwin City

Mosburg, Scott W., Mosburg, Vicky to Battaglia, James M., 927 Emery Rd, Unit C 101, Lawrence

Voigts, William F., Jr. to Strong, Jeremiah James, Strong, Jeremiah J., Aka, Vacant Land

Chp II, L.L.C. to Ct I Land Opportunities, LLC, 707 W 23rd St, Lawrence

Wednesday, March 29

Thompson, Kalea Deann, Hughes, Richard L. to Irvine, Jeremy R., Irvine, Martha L., Irvine, Jacob M., 213 Deerfield Ln, Lawrence

Le, Tuyet, Tuyet, Le, Aka, Tran, Lan to Santiago, John Christian, 3704 Gunnison Dr, Lawrence

Thursday, March 30

Schoemehl, Julieann to Atkins, Denise, 2509 Belle Haven Dr, Lawrence

Werner Diversified Properties LLC to Dietrick, John R., Dietrick, Kristina, Dietrick, Mary K., 327 Florida St, Lawrence

Blevins, David A., Blevins, Sheryl A. to Williams, Michael T., Warrington, Shonna M., 1036 E 1326 Rd, Lawrence

Taylor, Nicholas R., Taylor, Marie K. to Claymore, Krystal R, Claymore, Chad R, 1418 Redwood Dr, Eudora

Michael, Kyle L., Michael, Madison L. to Hayden, Matthew B., Hayden, Matthew Benjamin, Aka, 611 Flame Way, Baldwin City

Wilson, Isaac L., Wilson, Tabitha M. to Hamer, Michael, Hamer, Veronica, 210 N 1700 Rd, Lecompton

Fly, James to Abel, Cheyanne, Abel, Matthew, 3214 Nottingham Ct, Lawrence

Mcanulty, Sabrena, Clark, Samuel to Clements.John, 1020 W 30th St, Lawrence

Brown, Carol L., Reiling, Jeanette A., Rinke, Amy S. to Brown, Carol L., 1624 Delaware, Lawrence

Smith, Judith Sue, Smith, Brett Thomas to Slavens, Joy, Vacant Land

Blake, John B., Blake, Avi D. to Flying H, LLC, 304 Fort Laramie Dr, Lawrence

Santaularia, Charles Barton, Santaularia, Tena K., Estate Of, Santaularia, Tena, Aka to Mickelson, Natalie R., Mickelson, James D., 1303 Ranchero Dr, Lawrence

Beebe, Ryan to Rietcheck, Michael L, Rietcheck, Jennette R, 2188 N 400 Rd, Baldwin City

Rockwood Holdings, L.L.C. to Mcghee, Derick, 904 E 1938 Rd, Eudora

Friday, March 31

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Armstrong, Michael Andrew, Jr., Sullivan, Colleen Ann, 2617 Bridgewater Dr, Lawrence

Kolbeck, David to Grother, Aaron, Grother, Leslie, 2500 W 31st St, Unit F, Lawrence

Salvation Army to Lawrence Arts Center, Inc., 946 New Hampshire St, Lawrence

Volz Builders, LLC to Bosco Family Revocable Living Trust, 1109 Biltmore Dr, Lawrence

Barnhart, Lane, Schneider, Bailey to Bowden, Paul, 1627 Cadet Ave, Lawrence

Jacelone, Joseph, Jacelone, Marcia to Bourke, Shea, Ahlvers, Raquel, 1809 Mississippi St, Lawrence

Hauser, Corine A. to Gage, Jacob, 3301-3303 Rainier Dr, Lawrence

Mortenson, Linc E., Mortenson, Linc, Aka, Mortenson, Kimberly A., Mortenson, Kimberly, Aka to Peterson, Timothy Martin, Peterson, Megan Ashley, 970 N 640 Rd, Baldwin City

Schwartzburg, Margaret Ann to Kinard, Katherine Emma Dee, 3103 Cottage Ln, Lawrence

Sparrowhawk West LLC to Premier Enterprises LLC, 831 Tennessee St, Lawrence

Greer, Erin N., Greer, Nathanael A. to Hart, Shari L., 527 N Salsbury Ct, Lawrence

Tobler, Donald Thomas to Garber Enterprises, Inc., 1109 W 21st St, Lawrence

Ramer, William Alexander to Ramos, Richard J., Ramos, April M., 1087 E 1000 Rd, Lawrence

Sjs LLC to Himmelberg, Colleen Marie, Aka, Himmelberg, Colleen, 625 Folks Rd, Unit 101, Lawrence

Faust, Cody J, Faust, Chelsea E to Rose, Patricia J, Myers, Samuel P, 1863 Villo Woods Ct, Lawrence

Alison Quinn Irrevocable Trust For Special Needs, Quinn, Marilee, Trustee to Thomas, Alane L., Shafer, Carol A., 1102 W 25th St, Lawrence

Sanford, Sally Elizabeth, Sanford, Benjamin Ryan to Hammar, Ryan A, Hammar, Kyley M, 530 E 7th St, Lecompton

Monday, April 3

Burkhart, Hunter T., Bechard, Addison B. to Sevedge, Mila, 1951 N 200 Rd, Wellsville

Gideon, Nicholas J., Gideon, Tori to Fielder, Patrick, 512 N Blazing Star Dr, Lawrence

Werner Diversified Properties LLC to Smyl, Audrey, 329 Florida St, Lawrence

Fitzpatrick, Jimmie, Fitzpatrick, Eleanor to Houser, Kimberly, Houser, David, 3000 Trail Rd, Lawrence

Hernandez, Griselda Corado to Parker, William, 1701 E 21st Ter, Lawrence

Summit Property Investors, LLC to Holthaus, Christopher Michael, Holthaus, Jasmine Krystina, 2406 Alabama St, Unit 14A, Lawrence

Tuesday, April 4

Agarika, LLC to Rio, Brian, Rio, Lori, 1409 Lawrence Ave, Unit A, Lawrence

Sheldon, Christopher P., Sheldon, Megan E. to Chahine, Megan E., Chahine, Hatem B., 2015 Hogan Dr, Lawrence

Jensen, Brian C. to Hinz, Michael R., Hinz, Jana J., 3409 Green Meadows Ct, Lawrence

Heitmann, Holly Sewall, Heitmann, David Jonathan to Gaston, Lysandra L., 1234 Connecticut St, Lawrence

Kampa, Otto A., Kampa, Lisa A. to Cook, James Christian, Cook, Hiliary, Cook, Hiliary S., Aka, 2605 Cranley St, Lawrence

Cole Gs Lawrence Ks, LLC to Mdc Coast 28, LLC, 4740 Bauer Farm Dr, Lawrence

Kuzinski, Matthew E., Kuzinski, Molly to Zandieh, Hooman, 1507 Davis Rd, Lawrence

Keys, June L. to Nicholson, Christopher, Nicholson, Leah, 924 Alma Ct, Lawrence

Wednesday, April 5

Mccarthy-Rettig, Kelly, Trustee, Joan M. Mccarthy Irrevocable Trust to Grogan, Robert E., Grogan, Lisa M., 515 Regents St, Lawrence

Tryon Properties, L.C. to Daniels, Joshua P., Daniels, Michele L., 2245 Tennessee St, Lawrence

Reed, Carla, Reed, Don Michael to Simmons, David P., Cummings-Simmons, V.Louise, Myers, Leslie, Myers, Leslie Renee, Aka, Vacant Land

Brown, Jessica A. Lacey, Brown, Frank, Jr. to Jack Tyler August Irrevocable Trust, 908 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence

1955 LLC to Atec Consulting LLC, 2605 Century Dr, Lawrence

Thursday, April 6

Susan B. Killough Revocable Living Trust, Susan B. Killough Revocable Trust, Aka, Killough, Susan B., Trustee to Stephens, Trina J. Ramirez, Stephens, Clinton M. Ramirez, 519 Pioneer Rd, Lawrence

Mock, Patrick, Mock, Shelby to Hichborn, John R., Hichborn, Lisa B., Hichborn, Emily G., 1816 E 25th Ter, Lawrence

Friday, April 7

Lindholm, Terrie J., Taylor, Connie J. to Moore Land & Livestock, LLC, Vacant Land

Carney, Chance, Corrales, Elizabeth to Bolin, Joshua J., Bolin, Josh J., Aka, Bolin, Debra C., 408 Eisenhower St, Baldwin City

Lenertz, Roger, Lenertz, Ann to Tenbrink, Tony, Klimiuk, Theresa, 958 E 1900 Rd, Eudora, 962 E 1900 Rd, Eudora

Free State Properties, Inc. to Conway, Tyler, Conway, Alicia, 2903 Harvard Rd, Lawrence

Fine, Pamela B., Levy, Judith G. to Vincent, Todd, Vincent, Heather, 515 Lindley Dr, Lawrence

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Dean, Carol, Dean, Michael, 422 N Daylily Dr, Lawrence

Sadler, Bradley, Sadler, Meagan to Hotzel, Jason J., Hotzel, Cathy J., 2630 S Fir Ter, Eudora

Carruth, William, Mark, Monette to Beckmeisters, LLC, 2038 New Hampshire St, Lawrence

Kibbe, Jason D. to Morrow, Maxwell O., 3717 Pinnacle Ct, Lawrence

Minalc, LLC to Sadler, Bradley, Sadler, Meagan, 306 Northwick Ct, Eudora

Mudd, Alex M, Haden, Margaret J to Mcnabb, Blain Cerame, 730 New Hampshire St, Unit 3H, Lawrence, 1019 W 27th St, Lawrence

Macneill, Sally A to Hicks, Cher M, Hicks, Troy A, 305 W 26th Ln, Eudora

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Hoskinson, Jason, Hoskinson, Sarah, 1352 Kanza Dr, Lawrence

Hout Rentals, LLC to Triple H Investors, LLC, 1403-1405 Haskell Ave, Lawrence

Duke, Patricia A. to Vonachen, Kathleen, 1916 Massachusetts St, Lawrence

Possum Holler, LLC to Rein, Jimmy, Rein, Anna, 604 E 1400 Rd, Baldwin City

Monday, April 10

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Stubbs, Kristen M., 3263 Atchison Ave, Lawrence

Garcia, Robert A. to Zerr, Cade, 1421 Kentucky St, Lawrence

Harness, Joe L., Hess, Bethany to Payne, Julia Clare, 1446 Elmwood St, Lawrence

Mcclelland, Angela J. to Overbey, Dante, Overbey, Lacey, 3025 Rimrock Dr, Lawrence

Wandel, Robert L. to Herst, Stanley E., Herst, Michelle A., 2731 Bonanza St, Lawrence