Real estate transfers for Dec. 20 to Dec. 30, 2022

Below are the real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from Dec. 20 through Dec. 30, 2022.

Tuesday, Dec. 20

Home Renewal LLC to Tracy, Noah Young, Tracy, Samantha Young, 418 5th St, Baldwin City

Seba, Barbara A., Seba, Margaret I., Seba, Donald Lawrence, Aif to Kilbourn, Patrick, 327 Northwood Ln, Lawrence

Eubanks, Brenda J. to Thakker, Aaron, 1278 E 2200 Rd, Eudora

Klestinske, Charles H., Klestinske, Nettie C to Woods, Robert A., Woods, Nicole C., Vacant Land

Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC to Pearse, Kathleen E., 323 Three Forks Dr, Lawrence

Alexander, Larry J. to Sivits, Kelley C., 705 N Michigan Cir, Lawrence

Holtzman, Michelle, Executor, Shapiro, Stephen R., Dec’d to Poje Properties LLC, 1127 W 27th Ter, Lawrence

Trumble, Tina M., Trumble, Marty L. to Matches, Thomas A., Matches, Terri L., 841 E 1259 Rd, Lawrence

Wednesday, Dec. 21

Graber, Myron D, Graber, Donna J to Mcgrath, Gregory P., Mcgrath, Deena A., 1317 Vantuyl Dr, Lawrence

Reider, Jason A. to Pierce, Forrest D., Pierce, Jacqueline K.D., 3939 Aster St, Lawrence

Anderson, Torrence, Executor, Anderson, Roger C., Dec’d to Campbell, Grant Thomas, Campbell, Lauren, 1218 W 25th St, Lawrence

Salvation Army to Lynn St Development Company, LLC, 800 Lynn St, Lawrence

Wendt, Winifred F. to Kaup, Molly G., Carpenter, David M., 1613 W 26th St, Lawrence

Thursday, Dec. 22

Bowman, Martha L., Bowman, Michael S., Aif to Hill, Monte Kenneth, 3508 Sweet Grass Ct, Lawrence

Perez, Francisco, Jr., Perez, Cynthia A. to Barritt, Tony K., Yunger, Vanessa L., 3307 Rainier Dr, Lawrence

Thompson, Todd N., Thompson, Caprice Maxey to Blok LLC, 620 Monterey Way, Lawrence

Hampton, Cheryl A to Summit Property Investors, LLC, 2406 Alabama St, Unit 14A, Lawrence

Hammersmith, Robert L., Hammersmith, Virginia M. to 2529 Ridge LLC, 2529 Ridge Ct, Lawrence

Flannery, Joseph B., Flannery, Molly T. to Eland, Ken, 2701 Princeton Blvd, Lawrence

Henry’s Downtown Holdings, L.L.C. to 11 East 8th St, LLC, 11 E 8th St, Lawrence

Campo, Severina M. Del to Louise’s Inc., 900 Pennsylvania St, Lawrence

Friday, Dec. 23

Lan-Bo, LLC to Harvesters-The Community Food Network, 1220 Timberedge Rd, Lawrence

Castle, Amii to Rizer, Megan, 2525 Morningside Dr, Lawrence

Liska, Carlotta C. to Gray, Shannon, Roberts, Stephanie, Vacant Land

Fowler, Ronald S., Jr., Bieker, Heidi Lynn, Fowler, Heidi L., Fka to 3009Problems LLC, 3009 W 8th St, Lawrence

Tuesday, Dec. 27

Mumaw, Sandra L. Dearing, Trustee, Dearing Veteran Legacy Trust to Ballock, Donald, Ballock, Ladonna K., 2023 N 1300 Rd, Eudora

U.S. Bank National Association to B&H Homes LLC, 205 North Minnesota St, Lawrence

Carroll, Megan Marie, Carroll, Jason T. to Timberlake, Robert D., Timberlake, Rachael Michelle, 920 Colonial Dr, Lawrence

Wednesday, Dec. 28

Anderson, Kelli L., Anderson, Kelli, Aka to Michael, Jason, Michael, Andrea, 2705 Ann Ct, Lawrence

Swanson, Andrea, Swanson, Andrea L, Aka to Foree, Melissa, Baker, Shane, 2622 Alabama St, Lawrence

Gish, Stephen L., Executor, Gish, Enola M., Estate Of to Swanson, Andrea L., 504 9th St, Baldwin City

Thursday, Dec. 29

Cartwright, Thomas P, Lanigan, Hope L, Cartwright, Renee Lee, Fowler, Trenton Dean to Parscale, Geri L, 2617 Chasehire Dr, Lawrence

Rolling Properties, LLC to Src Properties, LLC, 4661 W 6th St, Lawrence

Seiwald, Theresa M. to Contract Of Sale With:, Seiwald, Delbertj., Trustee, Seiwald, Barbara A., Trustee, Delbert J. Seiwald And Barbara A. Seiwald Revocable Trust, 1102 Main St, Eudora

Friday, Dec. 30

Greenspace, L.L.C. to Hoozier, Nancy Van, Jones, Julieanne, 1403 8th St, Baldwin City

Gage Management, L.L.C. to Hague, Melissa, Hague, Neil, 2406 Alabama St, Unit 1A, Lawrence

Phillips, Jennifer L., Morris, Jennifer L., Fka, Phillips, Tyler J. to Janovec, Madeleine, Janovec, John P., 800 Spruce St, Eudora, 815 Pine St, Eudora

Green, Judy A. to Noble, Noelle, 2501 Moundview Dr, Lawrence

Wolf, Phyllis Bono to Korosac, Joshua, 5620 Plymouth Dr, Lawrence

Rector, Stephen K. to Flanagin, Danielle, 702 N 3rd St, Lawrence

Fall Creek Farms Devleopment, Inc. to Terravest Custom Homes, L.L.C., 217 Stockade, Lawrence

Parker, Denise K. to Russell, Gregory Mccandless Gage, 2024 New Hampshire St, Lawrence

Terravest Custom Homes, L.L.C. to Traylor, Leslie, Lacy, Melinda, 217 Stockade, Lawrence

Robinson, Ryan, Robinson, Jennifer to Haden, Margaret J., Mudd, Alex M., 440 Rockfence Ct, Lawrence

Rogers, Phillip E to Gray Properties Of Lawrence, LLC, 320 Funston Ave, Lawrence

Neuvant House, Inc., Countryside Estates, Inc., Fka to Nh Investors, LLC, 1216 Biltmore Dr, Lawrence

Kulaga, Tanya M, Thompson, Gregory W to Ballard, Hannah, Sheaves, Mark, 737 Maine St, Lawrence

Loucks, Betty L., Trustee, Robison, Jack W., Trustee, Betty L. Loucks Trust, Loucks, Betty L., Robison, Jack W. to Hauck, Christina, Wheeler, Margaret Mary, 724 W 27th St, Lawrence

Seitz, Oksana to Bayless, Jace A, Chappel, Meredith W, 2411 Bryce Ct, Lawrence

Kellogg, Tom, Hubble, Nancy to Schwartz, Jason M., 909 La Salle St, Lawrence

Bonham, Pamela Racobs to Z Homes LLC, 3709 Brush Creek Dr, Lawrence

Truewell Properties, LLC to Aspen Grove Ventures, LLC, 1509 W 25th Ct, Lawrence

Group 4, L.L.C. to Kc Residence, LLC, 2151 #1 Haskell Ave, Lawrence