Real estate transfers for Feb. 28-March 20, 2023

Below are the real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from February 28 through March 20.

Tuesday, Feb. 28

Risley, Richard A. to Carpentieri, John, Carpentieri, Ani, 1734 Gennessee St, Lawrence

Pendleton Farm & Livestock Co. to Lynch, Caden, Lynch, Emily, 1811 N 1500 Rd, Lawrence

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Jepsen, Patricia, 2609 E 26th Ter, Lawrence

Riegle, Steven B., Riegle, W. Mark, Riegle, Tana L. to Stockton, Harrison L., Stockton, Harrison Lynn, Aka, Stockton, Clinton D., Stockton, Clinton, Aka, Stockton, Kyra, 3304 Sherwood Dr, Lawrence

Wednesday, March 1

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Ferguson, Beau C., Ferguson, Christina, 2532 Elm St, Eudora

Pollock, Howard J., Pollock, Dovis B. to Divis, Emily Elizabeth, Divis, Bryce, 3406 Richard Ct, Lawrence

Gerde, Matthew E., Gerde, Deanna to Hewins, Carrie Beth, Hewins, Phillip Allen, 2404 Crossgate Dr, Lawrence

Hrenchir, Michael A. to Tng LLC, 310 E 11th St, Lawrence, 2032 Alabama St, Lawrence, 2038 Alabama St, Lawrence, 827 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence, 2015 Emerald Dr, Lawrence

Kelley, Shawn to Heritage Acres LLC, 1729 Mississippi St, Lawrence

Lutz, David L., Administrator C.T.A., Lutz, Wilma L., Estate Of to Snh Toto Tenant LLC, Brandon Woods At Alvamar, Dba, 1604 Carmel Dr, Lawrence

Snh Toto Tenant LLC, Brandon Woods At Alvamar, Dba to Treanor Investments, L.L.C., 1604 Carmel Dr, Lawrence

Thursday, March 2

Steffen, Drew M., Steffen, Dani to Pilgrim, Sarah I., Pilgrim, Robert J., 1703 Golden Rain Dr, Lawrence

Russell, Ladonna, Trustee, Kenneth R. Snow And Patricia F. Snow Revocable Living Trust to Steffen, Drew M., Steffen, Dani, 1311 Chestnut Ln, Eudora

Bell, Merna D., Administrator, Bell, Georgia Rose, Estate Of to Cretel, Elise A., 2520 Stowe Dr, Lawrence

United Equity LLC to Paradigm Home Renovation Of Kansas LLC, 1825 Maple Ln, Lawrence

Friday, March 3

Fall Creek Farms Development, Inc. to Caffrey, Rachel, Caffrey, Grant, 111 N Fall Creek Dr, Lawrence

Koleber, Yvoune M., Koleber, Richard, Stine, Sharon A., Stine, Daryl to Olson, Bethany, 787 Ash St, Lawrence

Feist, Paul Wilson, Barth-Feist, Dianne, Feist, Jack A. to Lies, Jarrett, Lies, Jarrett Marie, Aka, 2220 New Hampshire St, Lawrence

Tompkins, Jeffery, Tompkins, Cindy, Tompkins, Jeffrey, Aka to Ralston, Kyle E., Adames, Ingrid Natalia Camacho, 1311 E 19th St, Lawrence

Schmidt Contracting Inc. to Qualls, Spencer, Qualls, Anna, 512 Perry St, Lawrence

Cooper, Hope L to Nancy R. Beale Revocable Trust, 4601 Harvard Rd, Lawrence

Hawks Real Estate, LLC to J Marshall Properties LLC, 1704 Kentucky St, Lawrence

Schoemehl, Julieann to Kibe, Alexander, 3731 Elizabeth Ct, Lawrence

Monday, March 6

Bredemus, Terrence J., Bredemus, Rachel W. to Fritzel, Patrick, Fritzel, Molly, 3737 Peterson Rd, Lawrence

Peterson, Donald N., Peterson, Linda K. to Wood Creek Investment, L.L.C., 255 North Michigan St, Unit 95, Lawrence

Flory, Michael A., Flory, Cheryl A. to Hedge Tree, L.L.C., 2110 Exchange Ct, Lawrence

Riggs, Marly M., Riggs, John Wood to Bredemus, Terrance J., Bredemus, Rachel W., 734 N 1851 Diag Rd, Lecompton

410 Investments LLC to Novo-Gradac, Mackenzie, Novo-Gradac, Kendall, 1618 Savage St, Eudora

IIC Acquisitions I, LLC to Hulshof, Stacie Renee, 3718 Dandy Dr, Lawrence

Courtney, Kevin, Courtney, Amy to Smith, Eric, Smith, Cynthia A., Smith, Erica Arlington, Aka, Smith, Cynthia, Aka, 129 Santa Fe Dr, Baldwin City

Tuesday, March 7

Farmer, Louise to Robberson, Cain, Robberson, Cain L., Aka, 837 Connecticut St, Lawrence

Colerick-Shinkle, Robin, Colerick-Shinkle, Scott to King, Kirsten, 1333 E 19th St, Lawrence

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Adams, Kathleen, 2620 Bridgewater Dr, Lawrence

Allen, Stephen C., Getto, Jane M. to 1036 Rhode Island LLC, 1036 Rhode Island St, Lawrence

Schmidt Contracting, Inc. to Preston, Jennifer L., 516 Perry St, Lawrence

Sadler, Bradley, Sadler, Meagan to Shane Holdings, LLC, 2626 S Fir Ter, Eudora

Wednesday, March 8

Jennings, Barbara A. to Cozy Real Estate LLC, 2435 Crestline Dr, Lawrence

Abd Investments LLC to Pettie, Cassidy Q., Pettie, Cassidy, Aka, 2002 Miller Dr, Lawrence

Thursday, March 9

1955 LLC to Atec Properties LLC, 522 N 7th St, Lawrence, 516 N 7th St, Lawrence, 911 Main St, Eudora, 1523 Lindenwood Ln, Lawrence, 1526 Wedgewood Dr, Lawrence

Bergmeier, Cindy, Bergmeier, Patrick to Morgan, James Dylan, Morgan, Sarabeth R, 1629 HiLLCrest Rd, Lawrence

Friday, March 10

Robert And Sharon Fusco Joint Revocable Trust, Fusco, Sharon K., Trustee, Fusco, Robert C., Trustee to C2b Douglas 140, LLC, Vacant Land

Moore Family Homes LLC to Kc Investing LLC, 1230 Tennessee St, Lawrence

R.P.I., LLC to Khatib, Marie R., Khatib, Ryan M., 6204 Crystal Ln, Lawrence

Sivan, Hagith to Hill, Barbara E., 726 Alabama St, Lawrence

Lucka Homes LLC to Zhang, Jun Q., Lin, Xin, 233 Landon Ct, Lawrence

Helms, Joseph, Helms, Marletta to Gollub, Francine L., 3229 Atchison Ave, Lawrence

Ted F. And Joann Fay Joint Amended And Restated Revocable Trust, Ikenberry, Kathryn Ann, Trustee to Leslie, Larry G., Leslie, Sue L., 4008 Vintage Ct, Lawrence

Form And Function, LLC, Tta, Form & Funcion, LLC, Aka, Form & Funcion LLC to Rands, Steven, Rands, Beth, 1222 Connecticut St, Lawrence

Grand Builders, Inc. to Maples, Mike, Maples, Leanne, 1497 N 989 Rd, Lawrence

Lca, Inc. to Detienne, Tiffany, Detienne, Britt, 809 Garfield St, Lawrence

Golden, Robert E., Golden, Nancy, Riley, Nancy, Aka to Smallwood, Michael L, Trustee, Flora M. Smallwood Living Trust, 1314 Greenbrier Dr, Eudora

Hedge Tree, L.L.C. to Baker Property LLC, Vacant Land

Travis, Julee R., Travis, Matthew A. to Kelley, Shawn R, 3605 West Timber Ct, Lawrence

Monday, March 13

Bhakta, Naresh V., Bhakta, Naresh, Aka, Bhakta, Mrudulrben N., Bhakta, Mrudulaben N, Aka to Waldie, Samuel, Waldie, Samuel W., Aka, 904 Congressional Dr, Lawrence

Castle Rock, L.C. to Habben, Amandine Lorraine, Hain, Darren Wade, 418 Stoneridge Dr, Lawrence

Mary L. Emerson Revocable Trust, Emerson, Mary L., Trustee to Snh Toto Tenant LLC, Brandon Woods At Alvamar, Dba, 4813 Brandon Woods Ter, Lawrence

Midland Railway Historical Association to Ottawa Northern Railroad LLC, 1714 College St, Baldwin City, 1714 College St, Baldwin City, 1718 South St, Baldwin City, Vacant Land

Snh Toto Tenant LLC, Brandon Woods At Alvamar, Dba to Maynard F. Oliverius Revocable Trust, Sarah Dale Oliverius Revocable Trust, 4813 Brandon Woods Ter, Lawrence

Nuzum, Paul W., Nuzum, Francine A. to Mcdowell, Shane A., Mcdowell, Kara E., 1318 Kanza Dr, Lawrence

Dillon, Dallas E., Dillon, Susan to Dillon, Thomas G., Dillon, Dianna M., 245 E 1600 Rd, Baldwin City

Tuesday, March 14

Beeghley, Charles W., Trustee, Beeghley, Barbara L., Trustee, Charles W. Beeghley And Barbara L. Beeghley Trust to Reavis, Trenton, Reavis, Trenton Layne, Aka, Reavis, Esther, Reavis, Esther Diane, Aka, 1164 N 650 Rd, Baldwin City

Pearse, Kathleen E. to Monefeldt, Jennifer, 2110 Melholland Rd, Lawrence

Russell, Vaughn C., Jr, Russell, Barbara A. to Bond, Jacob, Bond, Victoria, Vacant Land

Perico, Douglas E., Bell-Perico, Lisa D. to Erwin, Christopher A., Erwin, Megan L., 4616 Harvard Rd, Lawrence

Wednesday, March 15

Hawks Real Estate, LLC to Plainview Holdings, LLC, 950 Monterey Way, Bldg I, Lawrence

Mckee, Kathleen to Washechek, Bobbi J., Washechek, Evan D., 2045 Rhode Island St, Lawrence

Mckee, Marla J., Trustee, Mckee, Gary S., Trustee, Marla J. Mckee Revocable Trust to Crowe, William J., 730 New Hampshire St, Unit 3H, Lawrence

Hawks Real Estate, LLC to Reazin, Joshua, Purcell, Nicholas, 2515 Morningside Dr, Lawrence

Gibler, Benjamin M., Lee, Dayna J. to Hudson, Heather A., 2732 Rawhide Ln, Lawrence

Baker, Santino, Baker, Tremayne, Baker, Samantha to Dick, Scott, 2558 Cedarwood Ave, Lawrence

Shah, Apexa Harishkumar, Shah, Apexa H., Aka to Rudoff, Erica, House, Andrew, 625 Folks Rd, Unit B102, Lawrence

Catloth, Robert E., Catloth, Barbara H. to Stegall, Jacob D. H., Stegall, Amber R., 720 Illinois St, Lawrence

Schoemehl, Julieann to Paradis, Anna, 413-415 Michigan St, Lawrence

Buchan, John, Buchan, Alexandra to Solomon, Michael, Solomon, Chelsea, 1808 Hampton St, Lawrence

Thursday, March 16

Midwest Regional Credit Union to Med6, LLC, 1005 W 6th St, Lawrence

Stalcup, Matthew to Wilks, Christopher, 1604 Harper St, Lawrence

Shuck, Mark W., Trustee, Warren L. Shuck & Elsie C. Shuck Revocable Trust to Flory, Jason W., Flory, Wendy S., Flory, Michael A., Flory, Cherly, 547 E 1100 Rd, Baldwin City

Wedman Construction, Inc. to Mizer, Christine Sim, Mizer, Brian Lee, 315 N Dole Dr, Lawrence

Friday, March 17

Fong, Jennie Nicole, Ford, Jennie N., Fka, Fong, Crystal Ann, Hong, Crystal A., Fka to Fisher, Caitlin, Harwood, Zachary, 914 E 1264 Rd, Lawrence

Hinchman, Dina M. to Attawala, Munjal, Parikh, Roosha, 1358 Westbrooke St, Lawrence

Bender Properties I, LLC to Behbahani, Azadeh, Behbahani, Ardeshir Rezvan, Behbahani, Azadeh, 2133 Naismith Dr, Lawrence

Williams, Michael T to Blosser, James, 518 N 950 Rd, Lawrence

Puckett, Thomas, Puckett, Angela to Adwell, Mark A., 503 Yorkshire Dr, Lawrence

Trowbridge, Norman, Trowbridge, Fairy to Sheldon Family Trust, 2529 E 26th Ter, Lawrence

Adams, Donald D., Trustee, Adams, Shirley F, Trustee, Donald D Adams And Shirley F Adams Revocable Living Trust to Fangohr, Kenneth Wayne, Fangohr, Pamela Kay, 420 Casa Bonita Dr, Lawrence

Faircloth, Zachary S. to Mallicoat, Logan, 3 Sharps Ct, Eudora

Monday, March 20

Greenstreet, Daryl S., Greenstreet, Lisa G. to Greenstreet, Lisa G., 4452 Roundabout Cir, Lawrence

Rodery, Jeremy, Kim, Sola L. to Politzer-Ahles, Stephen, 2137 Quail Creek Dr, Lawrence

Winkelman, Hannah M, Winkelman, Jonathan T, Winkelman, Hannah, Aka to Hersh, Emily Jo, 423 Lincoln St, Lawrence

Gottberg, Terry D, Gottberg, Melissa L to Hutcheson, Emma, 1710 University Dr, Lawrence

Gann, Tara Lynn to Stewart, Grant L., 1905 Rhode Island St, Lawrence, 1905 Rhode Island St, Lawrence

Bock, Peter A., Bock, Annette M. to Kivlin, Natalie, Francis, Elizabeth, 1417 Cedar St, Eudora