Real estate transfers for Oct. 25-31, 2022

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from Oct. 25 through Oct. 31.

Tuesday, Oct. 25

Korbelik, Barney George P., Trustee, Korbelik, Mia S., Trustee, Barney George P. And Mia S. Korbelik Revocable Trust to Sayre, Noel B, Sayre, Stephanie S, 330 N Keaton Ct, Lawrence

Austria Properties, L.L.C., Austria Properties, LLC, Aka to Fangohr, Matthew, 612 Brentwood Dr, Lawrence

Landstar Development, L.C. to Barney George P. And Mia S. Korbelik Revocable Trust, 5000 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence

Rickford, Melissa R., Rickford, Trae D. to Frykholm, Jess K, 511 Abilene St, Lawrence

Wednesday, Oct. 26

Cunningham, Clarke M., Cunningham, Bailey N. to Farwell, Rex A., Farwell, Deborah L., 2733 S Fir Ter, Eudora

Stauffer Properties, LLC to Williams, Joshua, 922 Ash St, Eudora

Ransom, Andrea R., Ransom, Carlos A. to Guffey, Emily, Guffey, Nicholas, 1771 E 1338 Rd, Lawrence

Lemert-Nuzum, Amy, Administrator, Nuzum, Gary D., Estate Of to Schonewise, J. Quintin, Schonewise, Karen D., 3920 Prairie Rose St, Lawrence

Maloun, Michael Todd, Maloun, Beth Marie to Ransom, Carlos, Ransom, Andrea, 386 N 1700 Rd, Lecompton

Lambrecht, Cody, Stacey, Madeline to Sheridan, Amber L., 1106 Elm St, Baldwin City

Stevenson, David, Stevenson, Christine L. to Cunningham, Clarke M., Cunningham, Bailey N., Ingram, Bernd L., Ingram, Veronica S., 712 E 14th St, Eudora

Thursday, Oct. 27

Kenney, Christine E., Knight, Mark A. to Provident Flp, 2915 Harvard Rd, Lawrence

Gremminger, Mary, Jacob, Mary K., Fka to Cobb, Matthew B., Hines, Bradley C., Cobb, Matthew, Aka, 1804 Ohio St, Lawrence

Oberrieder, David L., Trustee, Oberrieder, Martha A., Trustee, David L. And Martha A. Oberrieder Trust to Faisst, Ronald J., II, Faisst, Melissa, Vacant Land

Thies, Lacey to Ray, Vandy, Ray, Edward, 1703 Delaware, Lawrence

Still, Steven S., Trustee, Still, Rita R., Trustee, Steven S. Still And Rita R. Still Revocable Trust to Park, Ralph Han, Vacant Land

Koehler, Evan, Koehler, Elissa to Wilcoxson, Marci, Wilcoxson, Jaden, 3432 Chance Ln, Lawrence

Friday, Oct. 28

Deagostino, Thomas H., Deagostino, Laura L. to Weber, Donald D., Weber, Rose M., 1004 Diamondhead Dr, Lawrence

Mcphail, Martha A. to Naff, Mark A., Naff, Cynthia L., 304 W 20th St, Lawrence

Harrell, Colby J., Harrell, Courtney L. to Stockman, Mark A., Stockman, Kristine L., 1105 E 2300 Rd, Eudora

Bush, Matthew S., Bush, Bobbi A. to Sutton, Larry, Sutton, Jody, 308 Flame Way, Baldwin City

Dillingham, Michael W., Soehlke, Angela M. Crumer, Crumer, Angela Maria, Aka to Baird, Ariel M., Baird, Gregory D., 2614 Bonanza St, Lawrence

Williams, Marlene L., Executrix, Gentry, Jon Melvin, Estate Of, Gentry, Jon M, Aka, Dec’d to Herbert, Matthew J., Sudlow, Rachael E., 1407 E 19th St, Lawrence

Thomas, Megan L.K., Mcfarland, Megan L.K., Fka, Thomas, George, Mcfarland, Janet L., Mcfarland, Marcus to Rorabaugh, Mitchell, Aldinger, Becky, 942 N Field Stone Dr, Lawrence

Fairchild, Matthew W., Fairchild, Natalia J. to Robertson, Theresa M, 425 N Pennycress Dr, Lawrence

Jominich, L.C. to Lovenstein, Scott, Lovenstein, Rhonda, 3019 Tomahawk Dr, Lawrence

Secretary Of Veterans Affairs to Hupp, Caitlin, Price, Jonathan, 517 Rockfence Pl, Lawrence

Morrison, Stephen S., Morrison, Brooke A. to Giambalvo, Eric Salvatore, Giambalvo, Dana Sanchez, 1114 Jersey, Baldwin City

Cailteux, Nichole A., Cailteux, Michael R. to Sanchez, Paul, Sanchez, Donna, 3920 Sweetclover St, Lawrence

Pye, Clifton L., Pye, Deborah K. to Tinio, Melbien C., 200 Arrowhead Dr, Lawrence

Dryden, Steven A., Dryden, Karen E. to Young Avenue LLC, 2862 Four Wheel Dr, Lawrence

Nicholson, Christopher, Nicholson, Alexandra to Newell, James, Newell, Katie, 514 Boulder St, Lawrence

Petrehn, Taylor, Petrehn, Kailey to Matson, Nathan Scott, Weece, Morgan Katherine, 849 N 875 Rd, Lawrence

Haas, William O., Haas, Sinthia Maria Saunders to Garennes, James Des, Gray, Courtney, 808 Murrow Ct, Lawrence

Monday, Oct. 31

345 Construction Services LLC to Niehoff, James E., Niehoff, Diane M., 713 Ashley Ct, Baldwin City

Karlin, Brady S, Karlin, Brent D, Karlin, Troy M to Tenants To Homeowners, Inc., Lawrence Habitat For Humanity Inc, Vacant Land

Bailey Living Trust, Bailey, Russell, Trustee to Eci Real Estate, LLC, 1708 N 1360 Rd, Lawrence

Blackburn, Lonnie J., Blackburn, Geneva J. to Clemons, Joe, 625 Wisconsin St, 1527 W 6th St, Lawrence

Chang, Dana S. to Clemons, Joseph, 918 Drum Dr, Lawrence

Watson, Kathleen to Fleming, Peyton Weatherbie, Fleming, Galen Weatherbie, 706 N 5th St, Lawrence

Lynch, Betty L., Trustee, Betty L. Lynch Living Trust to Lynch, Eric, Lynch, Kara, Contract Of Sale With:, 2620 W 27th Ter, Lawrence

Cates, Beverly L. to Lawrence, Kansas Rentals LLC, 629 Lyon St, Lawrence

Hunter, Linda D to Roberts, Jon K., Roberts, Tiffany S., 230 N 1290 Rd, Lecompton

Shadow Ridge 5, LLC to S & D Builders LLC, Vacant Land

Shadow Ridge 5, LLC to S & D Builders LLC, Vacant Land

Braden, Gregory G., Braden, Sandra D. to Stevenson, Christine L., Stevenson, David L., Harrell, Colby J., Harrell, Courtney L., 933 E 1938 Rd, Eudora