Real estate transfers for Oct. 12-20, 2022

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from Oct. 12 through Oct. 20.

Wednesday, Oct. 12

Pfannenstiel, Ryan to Schuette, John A., Schuette, Heather D., 411 Fort Laramie Dr, Lawrence

Gulick, Benjamin D., Monroe-Gulick, Amalia L. to Kamperman, Sean Allen, Morrissey, Colleen Patricia, 1505 Vermont St, Lawrence

Kohn, Kayla S., Kohn, Joshua D. to Crawford, Jessica Renee, Crawford, Tyler Scott, Vacant Land

Taylor, Samona, Taylor, Jonathan to Stadium22, LLC, 1030 Maine St, Lawrence

Bradshaw, Mickey J., Bradshaw, Mary S. to Sorell, Vance Eric, Sorell, Sandra Jean, 1113 Stoneridge Dr, Lawrence

Mcgregory, Scott D., Trustee, Mcgregory, Linda P., Trustee, Mcgregor Family Trust to Gulick, Benjamin Douglas, Gulick, Benjamin D., Aka, Monroe-Gulick, Amalia L., 4604 Palomino Ct, Lawrence

Repine, John M., Repine, Christine A. to Chandler, Timothy E., 2752 Grand Cir, Lawrence

Train Station 1 LLC to Ff8 Villas 1, LLC, 2516 Arlene Pl, Lawrence

Train Station 1 LLC to Ff8 Villas 1, LLC, 2520 Arlene Pl, Lawrence

Train Station 1 LLC to Ff8 Villas 1, LLC, 2512 Arlene Pl, Lawrence

Train Station 1 LLC to Ff8 Villas 1, LLC, 2508 Arlene Pl, Lawrence

Train Station 1 LLC to Ff8 Villas 1, LLC, 2524 Arlene Pl, Lawrence

Flory, Jason A., Flory, Justine to Snow, Angela L., Vacant Land

Thursday, Oct. 13

Todd, John B, Todd, Pamela K to Riggin, Viola A, 112 Bramble Bend Ct, Lawrence

Dewey, Katheryn Elizabeth, Dewey, Katheryn Dewey, Aka, Dewey, Stephen Tyler, Dewey, Stephen T., Aka to Curtis, Jonathan I, Curtis, Claire A., 1205 E 2114 Rd, Eudora

Eisentrager, Gretchen D., Hymer, Michael to Kenealy, Sean Adam, Kenealy, Leah Tacha, 1655 University Dr, Lawrence

Tracy, Kent A., Trustee, Terry A. Tracy And Ellen M. Tracy Revocable Trust to Davis, Patricia, 352 N Eaton Dr, Lawrence

Caldwell, Eric C., Caldwell, Stacy L. to Krall, Thomas, Krall, Margaret, 721 Sturbridge Ct, Lawrence

Friday, Oct. 14

Goble, James A., Jr., Goble, Dana to Patch, Troy, Patch, Shelby E., 4108 Trail Rd, Lawrence

Fall Creek Farms Development, Inc. to Riggin, Viola A., Riggin, David D., 108 Bramble Bend Ct, Lawrence

Tuttle, William M., Jr., Tuttle, Kathryn N. to Jwh & Wjh, Lp, 713 Louisiana, Lawrence

Cottonwood Incorporated to Blocker, Nicole, Blocker, Joseph, 1739 W 26th St, Lawrence

Hieri, Janet L. to Ezell, Shelley R., 923 N Field Stone Dr, Lawrence

Scarlett, Timothy L., Scarlett, Timothy Lee, Aka, Scarlett, Kelsey M., Scarlett, Kelsey Marie, Aka to Nichols, Sarah Jane, 1508 E 27th St, Lawrence

Portillo, Gerald F., Trustee, Portillo, Josephine K., Trustee, Gerald F. Portillo And Josephine K. Portillo Revocable Living Trust to Price, Jeffrey J., Price, Rebecca R., 1204 Lawrence Ave, Lawrence

Phillips, Renee A., Trustee, Phillips, James B., Trustee, Renee A. Phillips Trust to Lisbon, Keith R., 5817 Longleaf Dr, Lawrence

Salb Homes, LLC to Hellman, Gary B., 2250 Lake Pointe Dr #2402, Lawrence

Sanders, Cindy S. to Peebler, Maya, 553 Arrowhead Dr, Lawrence

Baron, Frank, Baron, Betty J.I. to Huang, Ying, Meschke, Joshua H, 1108 Sunset Dr, Lawrence

Palmer, Vicki, Palmer, Vicki L., Aka to Miller, Amanda C, Miller, Kyle A, 1524 St Andrews Dr, Lawrence

Ranjbar, Nader Daniel to Monts, Trey, Monts, Christin, 4925 Stoneback Pl, Lawrence

Seeley, Christina to Grant, John Charles Thomas, Grant, Nancy Wilson, 2914 W 19th St, Lawrence

Oberrieder, David L., Trustee, Oberrieder, Martha A., Trustee, David L. And Martha A. Oberrieder Trust to Garrison Family Wealth Trust, Vacant Land

Strayer, Ronald L. to Neis, Aaron, Winter, Thaddeus, 1408 Westbrooke St, Lawrence

Bradshaw, John to Weld Properties, LLC, Church St, Eudora

Mccracken, Mary P. to Sowers, Winston J., Sowers, Ann T., 409 N Winnie Way, Lawrence

Zeller, Jeremy J., Zeller, Melanie S. to Harmon-Moore, Jared W., Harmon-Moore, Brianna K., 63 N 1200 Rd, Berryton

Harmon-Moore, Brianna K., Frits, Brianna K., Fka, Harmon-Moore, Jared W. to Richardson, Kathy, 821 Westgate Pl, Lawrence

Everett, Edward S., Everett, Christine M. to Fitzgerald, Michael J., Fitzgerald, Leeann M., 404 Nancy Ct, Lawrence

Monday, Oct 17

Kay, Sandra K., Trustee, Morris A. Kay Trust to Jimenez-Corchado, Jose, Jimenez, Jenee, 2832 Tomahawk Dr, Lawrence

Cain, Glenn J. to Burch, David, 1800 E 25th Ter, Lawrence

Board Of Trustees Of Lawrence Memorial Hospital to Family Promise Of Lawrence, Inc., 437 Maine St, 441 Maine St, Lawrence

Safe Harbour Eat – XII, L.L.C. to Green Tree Rentals, LLC, 2706 Ridge Ct, Lawrence

Berger, Steven J., Berger, Pamela J. to Hulsing, Gary, Hulsing, Shirley, 339 N Eaton Dr, Lawrence

Turner, Thomas Edward, Jr., Disney, Gaye Diane to Berger, Steven J., Berger, Pamela J., 5213 Congressional Pl, Lawrence

Rector, Jacqueline A., Trustee, Rector, Kelly B., Trustee, Kelly B. Rector And Jacqueline A. Rector Living Trust to Chen, Shih-Yueh, 4521 Nicklaus Dr, Lawrence

Kim, Suk, Kim, Eun O. to Medina, Graciela C, 2416 Brett Dr, Lawrence

Amyx, T. Michael, Amyx, Marilyn to Malcom’s Barber Shop, L.C., 842 Massachusetts St, Lawrence

Form & Function LLC to Tenants To Homeowners, Inc., 914 Ward St, Lawrence

Defries, Alice Jo to Snh Toto Tenant, LLC, Brandon Woods At Alvamar, Dba, 4808 Brandon Woods Pl, Lawrence

Tuesday, Oct. 18

West Hawk Farms, LLC to Cavender, David James, Cavender, David J, Aka, Cavender, Carrie Angela, Cavender, Carrie A, Aka, Vacant Land

Hu, Teh Kon, Trustee, Hu, Shiu-Ling, Trustee, Teh Kon Hu Trust, Shiu-Ling Hu Trust to Chocolate Starfish LLC, 925 Indiana St, # 1, Lawrence

Hauser, Corine A., Mcbrayer, William J. to Orji, Chino, 3432 W 24th St, Lawrence

Kennedy, Jocelyn A., Drennon, Jocelyn A., Fka to Miller, Deborah L., Miller, Gary L., 900 4th St, Baldwin City

Gaston, Kellen S., Johnson, Kellen Suzanne, Fka, Gaston, Cory D. to Maggie 2, LLC, 3204 W 25th St, Lawrence

Frank, Jamie C., Chenot, Jacque to Arab, Ranjit, 426 Alabama St, Lawrence

Daoud, LLC to Alyousef, Ahmed, Alnashawn, Turki, 927 Emery Rd, Unit B 203, Lawrence

Bohmann, Glenn E., Trustee, Bohmann, Janie, Trustee, Bohmann Family Revocable Trust to Hatcher, Donald L., Hatcher, Paula J., 2510 Crestline Ct, Lawrence

Wang, Kang Jun to Chang, Peter S, Lin, Chen Min, 1310 Westbrooke St, 1334 Westbrooke St, 1339 Westbrooke St, 1405 Westbrooke St, 1409 Westbrooke St, 1435 Westbrooke St, 1443 Westbrooke St, Lawrence

Daoud, LLC to Alyousef, Ahmed, Alnashawn, Turki, 927 Emery Rd, Unit B 203, Lawrence

Wednesday, Oct. 19

Virgil C. Boyd, Jr. Trust, Boyd, Michael L., Trustee, Boyd, Kenneth A., Trustee to Brady, Maureen A., 2915 W 7th St, Lawrence

S&B Security, LLC to General Financial Services, Inc., 4801 Bauer Farm Dr, Lawrence

Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC to Olson, Gary D., 403 Three Forks Dr, Lawrence

Switzer, Brandon, Switzer, Kelley J. to Knickerbocker, Nicholas C., Knickerbocker, Shaley J., 514 Flame Way, Baldwin City

Dusen, Brent E. Van, Dusen, Krisha A. Van to Blick, Jesse D., Blick, Kristin E., 1315 Hickory St, Eudora

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Schmidt, Julie Boden, Cable, Vicki, 419 N Daylily Dr, Lawrence

Mitts, Tim L., Mitts, Tim R., Ata, Mitts, Anita to Mcconnell, Brandon, Jenkins-Mcconnell, Melissa, 825 E 1259 Rd, Lawrence

Snh Toto Tenant, LLC, Brandon Woods At Alvamar, Dba, Fve Managers, Inc. to Radtke, Gerald T., Radtke, Virginia L., 4808 Brandon Woods Pl, Lawrence

Thursday, Oct. 20

Spurling, Michelle C. to Cityscape Properties LLC, 1400 Cedar St, Eudora

Space Saver Storage I, L.C. to Hess Tower 24, LLC, Uplift Lawrence LLC, 3707 W 6th St, Lawrence

Neverve, Jerald L., Neverve, Susan Geoffrion to Mitts, Tim L., Mitts, Anita K., 1205 Oak Tree Dr, Lawrence

Bowden, Paul to Maher, Nicholas, 333 California St, Lawrence

Underwood, James Curtis, Trustee, Jeanne M. Underwood Trust to Mcpheeters, Dallas W., Mcpheeters, Pamela J., 1529 Kasold Dr, Lawrence

Rueschhoff, David A., Rueschhoff, Lisa L. to Investkc II, LLC, 3727 W 6th St, Lawrence

Dykes, Downer P., Jr to Free State Properties Inc., 2903 Harvard Rd, Lawrence

Parr, Alfred D., Parr, Joan F. to Sayles, Marcia A., 5005 Jeffries Ct, Lawrence

Willems, Jonathan J., Willems, Serena L. to Contract Of Sale With William K. Green And Deborah R. Corbett-Green, 3715 Brush Creek Dr, Lawrence

Lim, Cheh to Reid, Sarah, Reid, Trevor, 3528 Tillerman Dr, Lawrence

Bowden Complete Construction LLC to Theis, William H, Theis, Maria Luisa, 330 Illinois St, Lawrence

Seck, Elhadji M. to Hamer, Michael, Hamer, Veronica, 255 North Michigan St, Unit 34, Lawrence