Real estate transfers for Sept. 26-Oct. 11, 2022

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from Sept. 26 through Oct. 11.

Monday, Sept. 26

Clevenger, Stephen C., Clevenger, Robin L. to Adams, Ryan D., Adams, Elizabeth N., 3024 Sage Brush Dr, Lawrence

Lindemann, Andrew D., Meyer, Madison to IIC Acquisitions I, LLC, 3718 Dandy Dr, Lawrence

Brunk, Mark A., Brunk, Amber to Floersch, Nathan J., Floersch, Ashley B., 234 Lincoln St, Baldwin City

Fitzsimmons, Mark to Bachir, Rifaat A., 2708 University Dr, Lawrence

Laurent, Timothy, Laurent, Debra to Freeman, Hallie, 1805 Myers Ct, Lawrence

Tuesday, Sept. 27

Russell, Mark A., Russell, Ladonna to Weld Properties, LLC, 618 Locust St, Eudora

Wednesday, Sept. 28

Yeager-Bovee, Annette to Lambkin, Aaron T., Lambkin, Shuaishuai, 330 Stratton Dr, Eudora

Janzen, Becky L. to Gile, Susan, 3220 Sherwood Ct, Lawrence

Beckerman, Victor X., Beckerman, Erin A. to Marshall, Duncan, Marshall, Brenna, 4428 Gretchen Ct, Lawrence

Malone, Teresa J. to Cao, Anan, 342 N Parker Cir, Lawrence

Thursday, Sept. 29

Rodriguez, Fernando to Huslig, Kayci R., 2409 Peterson Rd, Lawrence

2040, Lc to P1 Group Inc, 2040 Princeton Blvd, Lawrence

Markley, Marjorie C., Markley, Marjorie C., Trustee, Marjorie C. Markley Trust to Rice, Rosemary Teresa, 4012 Trail Rd, Lawrence

Koka, Kalyana C., Cheeti, Srilaxmi to Jennings, Jackson, Jennings, Sydney, 1144 Parkside Cir, Lawrence

Ardahl, Jay, Trustee, Jon B. Ardahl Trust, Tucci, Kara, Real Estate Trust Officer, Raymond James Trust, N.A., Trustee to Funk, Loren P., Funk, Janette L., 863 N 1884 Rd, Lecompton

Beckmeisters L.L.C. to Neu, Robert M., Neu, Lydia L., 2612 W 24th Ter, Lawrence

Friday, Sept. 30

Davis, Robert E., Davis, Linda M., Davis, Steven M., Aif to Anderson, Steven, Anderson, Monica, 4166 Blackjack Oak Dr, Lawrence

Green, Ronald J., Green, Mary Beth to Schulte, Patrick, Schulte, Stephanie, 218 Tumbleweed Dr, Lawrence

Carnahan, Lori S. to Goble, James A., Jr., Goble, Dana, 2413 Brett Dr, Lawrence

Coffman, Michial, Coffman, Michial J., Aka to Dibble, David Mack, Dibble, Jessica Kaye, 200 Shannon Ave, 645 E 2nd St, Lecompton

Rowland, Caren, Trustee, Revocable Living Trust Agreement Of Chester L. Smittle And Merna E. Smittle to Medicalodges, Inc, 116 15th St, Eudora

Schimmel, Charles T., Trustee, Charles T. Schimmel Living Trust to Horton, Robin F., 4632 Muirfield Dr, Lawrence

Smith, Michaela M. to Sobat, Nayef, 620 N 3rd St, Lawrence

Shaw, Cynthia Blackhall, Estate Of, Shaw, Daniel L., Administrator to Enfield, Amanda, Johanning, Jared, 1635 Mississippi St, Lawrence

Shaw, Daniel L., Administrator, Shaw, Edward L., Estate Of to Enfield, Amanda, Johanning, Jared, 1635 Mississippi St, Lawrence

Indianaville, L.L.C. to Hayes, Michael Edward, 1145 Delaware St, Lawrence

Monday, Oct. 3

Stauffer Properties, LLC to Brooks, Karl B., Brooks, Mary C., 836 Missouri St, Lawrence

Clark, Jeffrey S., Farokhi, Farima F. to Alyousef, Ahmed, Alnashwan, Turki, 927 Emery Rd, Unit A 302, Lawrence

D’urso, Elizabeth, Brown, Elizabeth, Fka, D’urso, Shammah to Kemper, Timothy R., Vacant Land, Baldwin City

Hornberger, Jason, Schrader, Jean to Hunsberger, Douglas, Wyle-Hunsberger, Theresa, 908 Deer Run Dr, Lawrence

Li, Xianglin, He, Yanzhen to Lindemann, Andrew, Meyer, Madison, Meyer, Madison E., Aka, 5829 Robinson Dr, Lawrence

Hollingsworth, Thomas Lee, Hollingsworth, Ricki Rachelle to Rogers, Laura C., 765 Elm St, Lawrence

Baer, Michael L., Baer, Heather L. to Bes I, LLC, 2909 Missouri St, Lawrence

Baer, Michael L., Baer, Heather L. to Bes I, LLC, 2905 Missouri St, Lawrence

Yager, Timothy D., Trustee, Yager, Debra J., Trustee, Yager Trust to Schwartzburg, Margaret Ann, 908 Coving Dr, Lawrence

Collection LLC to Dayo, Kenneth, 1046 New Jersey St, Lawrence

Meredith, Lynn O. to Nomo Of Lawrence, LLC, 1308 Vermont St, Lawrence

Madden, Lisa R., Trustee, Madden Living Trust to Mdd Properties, LLC, 523 N 1500 Rd

Tuesday, Oct. 4

West, Ravyn to Brueske, Joseph B., Brueske, Whitney M., 802 E 12th St, Eudora

Johannes, William E., Dec’d, Cordry, Marlene S., Administrator to Jaime Bohmann Ira, Fbo, Equity Trust Company, Custodian, 3520 Yale Rd, Lawrence

Yoder, Sandra L., Ogwangi, Erick W. to Martin, Megan D., 3404 W 9th Ct, Lawrence

Gibeaut, Bobbie Lynn, Gibeaut, Curtis Allen, Jr. to Jimenez-Sibaja, Elias B, Welborn-Jimenez, Jennifer, Welborn-Jimenez, Jennifer R, Aka, 1416 N 300 Rd, Baldwin City

Fagan, Thomas L., Fagan, Tara N. to Marsh, Kerry R., Dollison, Julia C., 1705 Troon Ln, Lawrence

Hockenbury, Tamantha S. to Maninger, John, 413 Nancy Ct, Lawrence

Methodist Church Of Eudora to 410 Investments, LLC, 625 Church St, Eudora

Riner, Mary Brown, Riner, Michael J., Wagner, Saundra M., Wagner, Michael A., Brown, Felicia to Bcmc Properties, LLC, 1702 Delaware, Lawrence

Lemmon, Christopher M. to Lemmon, Glen Austin, 1327 E 25th Ter, Lawrence

Miller, Sean, Miller, Sean M., Aka, Miller, Jan, Miller, Jan M., Aka to Kllk LLC, 1601 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence

Wednesday, Oct. 5

Walker, Anne W., Trustee, Anne W. Walker Trust, Walker, Anne W., Walker, Graham Mck., Walker, Graham Mck., Trustee to Nicholson, Christopher, Nicholson, Alexandra, 603 9th St, Baldwin City

Costello, Anne I., Evans, Michael to Mckenna, Jaxson Avery, Mckenna, Christina Rose, 1220 W 29th Ct, Lawrence

Miller, Jeffrey Gilbert, Miller, Brittany A to Kllk, LLC, 3213 W 21st Pl, Lawrence

Lebeau, Jonathan A., Lebeau, Carrie to 1505 West LLC, 1505 W 25th Ct, Unit B7, Lawrence

Ewa, LLC to Bennett, Mary P., Bennett, Gary T., 1038 Hilltop Dr, Lawrence

Kingery, Barry E., Kingery, Heather to Mcclelland, Angela J., 3025 Rimrock Dr, Lawrence

Tenants To Homeowners, Inc. to Hanson, Allyssa, 427 Florida St, Lawrence

Thursday. Oct. 6

Nasrazadani, Mehdi, Nasrazadani, Grace, Nasrazadani, Zahra, Kollhoff, Joseph, Nasrazadani, Ariana C., Nasrazadani, Ariana M., Aka, Windholz, Joshua Ray to Vogliardo, Carl J., 1441 Westbrooke St, Lawrence

Bien, Gregory J., Bien, Marlene J. to Walker, Duane, Jr., Walker, Alisa, 504 N 1700 Rd, Lawrence

Issa, Sandra T. to Gabel, Ian, Gabel, Melissa Ashlyn Yang, 2706 Bonanza St, Lawrence

Reid, Trevor, Reid, Sarah to Bascom, Robert, Bascom, April, 909 Lawrence Ave, Lawrence

Roman, Andrew, Roman, Lindsey to Graham, Madison, 935 Connecticut St, Lawrence

Gunderson, Candy A., Trustee, Chad J. Gunderson And Candy A. Gunderson Revocable Trust to Stanley, Jonathon, Stanley, Jonathon W., Aka, 1628 W 19th Ter, Lawrence

Friday, Oct. 7

Woods, Joshua B., Woods, Dee M. to Heffernon, John P, Heffernon, Victoria L, 1013 Stonecreek Dr, Lawrence

Havenor, Ann V., Havenor, Ann Vincent, Aka to Bien, Gregory J., Bien, Marlene J., 3214 Taylor Dr, Lawrence

Broyles, Lee Alan, Broyles, Patti Sue, Harper, Patti Broyles, Fka to Bekkedahl, Jeff L., Bekkedahl, Tonya R., Vacant Land, Baldwin City

Chenhall, James Raymond, Trustee, Chenhall, Patsy Ruth, Trustee, James Raymond And Patsy Ruth Chenhall Trust Agreement to Jones, Aaron S., 315 Hwy 40, Lecompton

Goering, Peggy R., Goering, Peggy, Aka, Goering, Peggy A., Aka, Goering, Peggy E., Aka to Rogers, Joseph W., Anderson, William J., 1517 Indian Wells Ct, Lawrence

Landstar Development, L.C. to Chistiakov, Aleksei, 5009 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence

Schmitz, James C., Jr. to Reece, Keith Allan, III, 4101 W 7th St, Lawrence

Gill, Nancy M., Trustee, Nancy M. Gill Revocable Trust to Elder, Matthew, Elder, Lisa, 904 Easy St, Lawrence

Monday, Oct 10

Thomas, Heather J., Executor, Jenista, Janice Kay, Estate Of to Thomas, Heather J., Thomas, Ross, 5217 Thorn Tree Ct, Lawrence

Hernandez, Mark J., Hernandez, Mark, Aka, Hernandez, Robin G., Hernandez, Robin, Aka to Lang, Rob, 1010 Birch St, Eudora

Tuesday, Oct. 11

Lamke, Randal E., Lamke, Karen S. to Hernandez, Mark J, Hernandez, Robin G, 1430 Acorn St, Eudora

Meuffels, Grace M., Duersch, Sandra G. to Larue, David N., Larue, Amanda C., 255 North Michigan St, Unit 106, Lawrence

Thome, Dennis A., Vancoevern, Linda to Banning, Bruce, 3308 W 27th St, Lawrence

Sumner, Toby Alan, Sumner, Sara Marie to Lil Bit Investments LLC, 306 4th St, Baldwin City

Hussa, Thomas J., Martin, Allison De Beelen to Coleman, Christopher W, Coleman, Joy L, 242 Concord Rd, Lawrence

4-Halos, LLC to Ross, Jeffrey, 2424 Brookside Dr, Lawrence

Warren, Daniel C. to Kaufman, Quentin, Kaufman, Sarah, 1112 Douglas Dr, Lawrence

Paradigm Home Renovation Of Kansas, LLC to Metzger, Mark, Metzger, Vanessa, Metzger, Morgan, E 1368 Rd

Fitzgerald, Michael J., Fitzgerald, Leeann M. to Burdick, Joyce Lynn, 5228 Campbell Pl, Lawrence