Real estate transfers for Sept. 12-23, 2022

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from Sept. 12 through Sept. 23.

Monday, Sept. 12

Bender, Andrew Dean, Bender, Elyse to Barclay, Joshua, Barclay, Amanda, 2637 Manor Ter, Lawrence

Mulloy, Molly to Kennedy, Katherine A., 4013 Vintage Ct, Lawrence

Lang, Loretta K., Administrator, Kornbrust, Hubert V., Estate Of to Fairchild, Matthew W., Fairchild, Natalia, 1335 Stone Meadows Dr, Lawrence

Thompson, Grant N., Thompson, Jessica Catherine Curiel to Sullivan, Cristy L, Sullivan, Kelly J, 1512 Medinah Cir, Lawrence

Catron, Joseph M., Executor, Catron, James Walter, Jr., Estate Of, Catron, James W., Aka to Home Renewal, LLC, 418 5th St, Baldwin City

Dean, Ricky Scott, Dean, Ricky S., Aka, Dean, Jamie to Cook, Richard Kent, Cook, Alberta Fay, 914 N Gunnison Way, Lawrence

Pena, Brijette, Administratix, Romstedt, Randal J., Estate Of to Romstedt, Brodie J., 319 10th St, Baldwin City

Swant, Katie, Woodard, Katie, Fka, Swant, Shaun to Barton Investments LLC, 927 Emery Rd, Unit A 301, Lawrence

Tuesday, Sept. 13

Lindemuth, Inc. to Lin, Xiangjiao, 1606 W 23rd St, Lawrence

Nussbaum, Andrew J., Owens, Sansara M. to Bohmann, Janie M., Bohmann, Glenn E., 1903 Harper St, Lawrence

Goddard, Kelsey I., Goddard, Kyle Geoffrey, Shinnick, Kelsey I., Fka to Jones, Diana Kay, 2729 Meadow Pl, Lawrence

Mcdaniel, Justin, Mcdaniel, Justin P., Aka to Soper, David Charles, Predmore-Soper, Patricia Mitsuko, 1826 Illinois St, Lawrence

Fishburn, Alvin, Fishburn, Angeline M. to Snodgrass, Bruce, Trustee, Snodgrass, Joan, Trustee, Bruce And Joan Snodgrass Joint Revocable Trust, 977 E 650 Rd, Lawrence

Wednesday, Sept. 14

Wright, Amy, Wright, Alan to Ortiz, Noel, Ortiz, Margarita, Ortiz, Saul, 620 Jersey St, Baldwin City

Lester, Kimberli L., Lester, Jake R. to Hamilton, Timothy D., Abalan, Sofiana J. Olivera, 1701 Louisiana St, Lawrence

Ford, Joelle S., Ford, Ned Allen to Collection LLC, 919 Alabama St, Lawrence

Nissen, Karen, Nissen, Jonathan to Macci-Kibby, Deborrah E, Kibby, John G, 2700 Lankford Dr, Lawrence

Watson, Donna, Hollinger, Laura J. to Rodriguez, Juan, 1609 W 26th St, Lawrence

Garbi, Andrea, Garbi, Richard to Jensen, Roger, Jensen, Misty, Vacant Land, Lawrence

Hainey, Gordon, Hainey, Brenda to Jensen, Roger, Jensen, Misty, Vacant Land, Lawrence

Schmidt, John P. to P5 Industrial Solutions, LLC, 908 N Iowa St, Lawrence

Thursday, Sept. 15

Heath, Pamela A., Heath, Thomas A. to Michael A. And Colleen M. Geller Revocable Living Trust, 2616 Red Cedar Dr, Lawrence

Oberzan, Zachary A. to Angeletti Properties, LLC, 255 North Michigan St, Unit 65, Lawrence

Haas, Sinthia Maria Saunders, Haas, William O. to Studer, Cole M., Snowden, Siel E., 929 E 14th St, Lawrence

Hilliard, James, Executor, Inyard, Roger Ellis, Estate Of to Hilliard, James, 615 N 3rd St, Lawrence

Hunt, Nicole, Hunt, Sean to Omc, LLC, 3200 W 25th St, Lawrence

Woodard, Lynette to Machell, Michael J., Machell, Elizabeth D., 4206 Quail Pointe Ter, Lawrence

Burkitt, Paula D. to Wright, Logan S., Wright, Verna K., 3708 Dandy Dr, Lawrence

S&D Builders, LLC to Burkitt, Paula D., 535 Perry St, Lawrence

Train Station 1, LLC to Drippe Homes, Inc., 2720 E 26th Ter, 2716 E 26th Ter, 2712 E 26th Ter, 2605 E 26th Ter, 2708 E 26th Ter, 2609 E 26th Ter, 2613 E 26th Ter, 2617 E 26th Ter, Lawrence

Gonzalez, Tatjana, Gonzalez, Eric E. to Ballard, Kirk, Ballard, Carrie, 3529 Eagle Pass Ct, Lawrence

Anstaett, Sarah, Bybee, Brandon to Faulconer, Dylan, Faulconer, Amanda, 530 E 2200 Rd, Baldwin City

Friday, Sept. 16

Bj North County Medical Dental Center, LLC to 500 Rockledge LLC, 500 Rockledge Rd, Lawrence

Holcomb, Jeremiah E., Holcomb, Megan K. to Vincent, Andrew, Vincent, Nicole, 1526 Maple St, Eudora

Patel, Mrudula, Patel, Narendrabhai B., Patel, Prashant N. to Stueve, Jill, Stueve, Ryan L., 935 Maine St, Lawrence

Ward, Shauna Marie, Ward, Ryan to Muhs, Marcus, Muhs, Kandis, 1120 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence

Oakley, Dennis K. to Jkoehler Inc., 4203 Timberline Ct, 4201 Timberline Ct, Lawrence

Booth, Susan G., Booth, Henry M. to Albaugh, Billy D., Albaugh, Sharon K., 1031 E 1200 Rd, Lawrence

Russell L. Tuckel, Jr And Penny J. Tuckel Revocable Trust, Tuckel, Penny J., Trustee to Antler Ridge Trading Company, LLC, 1129 N 1800 Rd, Lawrence

Klevmark, Ingrid H. to Beck, Robert, 406 Missouri St, Lawrence

Rezac, Brenda K., Rezac, Randall L., Randall L. Rezac And Brenda Rezac Revocable Trust, Rezac, Brenda K., Trustee, Rezac, Randall L., Trustee to Roberts, Michael A., Roberts, Amity L., 1208 Long Creek Ct, Baldwin

Bahnmaier, Hazel Faye, Bahnmaier, Mark Wayne to Skinner, Ronald D., Vacant Land, Lawrence

Coker, Shannon N., Coker, Nicholas T. to Dutt, Ishwar, Sharma, Piyanka, 1917 Golden Rain Dr, Lawrence

Souders, Gina L, Fka, Debacker, Gina L, Debacker, Aj to Hunt, Sean, Hunt, Nicole, 1208 Cynthia St, Lawrence

Monday, Sept. 19

Neuenswander, William S., Neuenswander, Anita L. to Lancaster, Martee Sue, 320 Flame Way, Baldwin

Comadoll, Kari, Comadoll, James to Coughlan, Sarah Jean Mealiff, Coughlan, Richard Joseph, 917 Ward St, Lawrence

Ottawa Cooperative Association to Mid LLC, Vacant Land, Lawrence

Tuesday, Sept. 20

Safe Harbour Eat – II, L.L.C. to Compton Holdings Lc, 700 New Hampshire St, Lawrence

Henley, Denise Joy Wood, Estate Of, Arensdorf, Katherine C., Executor to North, Thomas L., North, Christine K., 4010 W 13th St, Lawrence

Hirano, Jennifer Mae-Yee, Quattrucci, Davide to Wang, Jenny Zhou, Wang, Zengyan, Wang, Anna, Wang, Erica Zhou, 2213 Vail Way, Lawrence

Eisenbart, Liane to Hampton, Suzanne D., Raeen, Kourosh, 1229 Pennsylvania St, Lawrence

Pottroff, Nicole, Flanders, Kenneth to Triad Properties, LLC, 2909 W 26th St, Lawrence

Mccullough, Neil, Property Management Services, LLC to Walter, Christian, Walter, Christian T., Walter, Beth M., 1061 N 1750 Rd

Wednesday, Sept. 21

Freeman, Ronald, Freeman, Ronnie, Aka, Freeman, Debra Ann, Freeman, Debra Anne, Aka to Gutschenritter, Kathryn M., Rudebusch, Andrew C., Vacant Land, Baldwin City

Ruder, Diane G., Trustee, Hougland, Samuel H., Trustee, Carolie Hougland Living Trust to Killough, William S., Killough, Susan B., 504 Canyon Dr, Lawrence

Ot, Lc to Atchison7, LLC, 3208 Atchison Ave, Lawrence

Barrow, Ciara, Barrow, Lamin I to Staples, Andrea, Staples, Henry, 2523 W 24th Ter, Lawrence

Yoest, Taylor A., Yoest, Robbie C. to Morgan, Jonathan, Morgan, Maria, 1647 George Williams, Lawrence

Parcel, Janene Rothwell, Snyder, Janene L., Fka, Parcel, Jeremy to Atec Services LLC, 2 W 10th St, Eudora

Pence, Sondra S., Aka, Pence, Sondra, Estate Of, Long, Cindi Sue, Executor to Dreiling, Steven J., Dreiling, Anne M., 1205 Vantuyl Dr, Lawrence

Thursday, Sept. 22

Newman, Matthew, Walker, Rachel to Orne, Charles, 1026 Hilltop Dr, Lawrence

Treadwell, Katie Leigh to Joslin, Kelly Ann Bauer, 846 Missouri St, Lawrence

Ninth & New Hampshire, L.L.C. to Lawrence 901 Lofts, LLC, 901 New Hampshire St, Lawrence

Spencer, Angelina, Cheek, Jason to Griz Burger Trust, 787 N 1851 Diag Rd, Lecompton

Frost, Victor S., Frost, Linda L. to Castle, Lisa Marie, Walker, Jeffrey Jon, 1313 Raintree Pl, Lawrence

27Iowa, LLC to Lag Investments Lawrence, LLC, 2701 Iowa St, Lawrence

Dominguez, Angelina Cruz, Cruz, Rafael, Dominguez, Maximo Cruz to Crist, Michael L., Crist, Jennifer L., 228 Sharon Dr, Lawrence

Friday, Sept. 23

Hayes, Kenneth D to Mccullough, Neil, 715 1/2 W 5th St, 715 W 5th St, Lawrence

Branden, Michael G., Branden, Robyn A. to Sedlock, Charles M., Sedlock, Leda C., 700 Illinois St, Lawrence

Niewoehner, Jamison T., Niewoehner, Jamison, Aka, Niewoehner, Julie A., Niewoehner, Julie Ann, Aka to Senestraro, Adrian, Senestraro, Audree, 716 N Blazing Star Dr, Lawrence

Fall Creek Farms Development, Inc. to Schulte, Ronda, Schulte, Edward, 103 N Fall Creek Dr, Lawrence

Hyde, Nadine R., Trustee, Nadine R. Hyde Trust, Hyde, Nadine R to Mcmanus, Karen K, 401 Casa Bonita Dr, Lawrence

Hall, Jan B. to Lincoln, Darcy, Fansler, Brian, 1601 East Glenn Dr, Lawrence

Shaw, Michael S., Senty-Shaw, Kristin, Senty-Brown, Kristin, Fka to Jorn, Jana Lynn, 320 Johnson Ave, Lawrence

Fitzpatrick, Christina, Fitzpatrick, Shawn to Cormier, Danielle, Olivas, Maria, 758 Lake St, Lawrence

Dick, Nathan August, Dick, Lauren A. to Carpentieri, John, Carpentieri, Ani, 1016 Lakecrest Rd, Lawrence

Ozonoff, Charles J., Ozonoff, Molly A. to Fearn, Piper L., Fearn, Joseph I., 3038 W 8th St, Lawrence

Childress, Gerald L. to Boyle, Patrick R., Miller, Shanna M., 671 E 1400 Rd, Lawrence

Charles E. Wintermantel And Louise M. Wintermantel Trust, Wintermantel, Louise M., Trustee, Wintermantel, Louise M. to Wintermantel, Carter, 446 E 1100 Rd, Baldwin City

Amick, Megan L. to Smith, Shawn G., Smith, Shawn, Aka, 3036 Yellowstone Dr, Lawrence

Mazzetta, Eldo A., Mazzetta, Jo L., Mazzetta, Eldo A., Trustee, Mazzetta, Jo L., Trustee, Mazzetta Revocable Family Trust to R & P Property LLC, 1523 Cadet Ave, Lawrence

Kslb LLC to Elwell, Scott, Elwell, Kari, 1141 Vermont St, Lawrence

S&D Builders, LLC to Storck, Philip A., 531 Perry St, Lawrence