Real estate transfers for Nov. 29-Dec. 2, 2022

Below are the real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from Nov. 29 through Dec. 2.

Tuesday, Nov. 29

Anderson, Steven D., Anderson, Monica E., Anderson, Jacob K., Anderson, Tayler to Berg, Christopher S., Berg, Christopher Stanley, Aka, Berg, Brittany A., Berg, Brittany Ann, Aka, Vacant Land

Whittaker, Charles, Whittaker, April D. to Bended Branch LLC, Vacant Land

Wickliffe, Kevin B., Wickliffe, Lori L. to Hoffman, Thomas J., Blackledge, Linda Lee, 5006 Jeffries Ct, Lawrence

Lawrence, Kansas Rentals, LLC to Marshall, Chris, Marshall, Susan, 809 Arkansas St, Lawrence

Wednesday, Nov. 30

Herd, Harold Wayne to Murphy, Liam Spenser, 121 Silver Leaf Ln, Baldwin City

Gage, Jacob G. to Beckmeisters, L.L.C., 1949 Heatherwood Dr, Lawrence

Macgregor, Laird to Stark, Tay, Stark, Tay Alexandria, Aka, Shores, Anesia, 415 Pleasant St, Lawrence

Pickering, Rebecca L, Conrad, John D to Campbell, Richard R, 1723 Hawthorne St, Eudora

Bobby G. Robbins And Betty L. Robbins Revocable Trust, Robbins, Betty L., Trustee to Dillon, Sean M., 1514 Lindenwood Ln, Lawrence

Reiling, Jeanette A., Reiling, Jeanette, Aka, Brown, Carol L., Brown, Carol, Aka, Brown, Carol Lynn, Aka, Rinke, Amy S., Rinke, Amy Sue, Aka, Brown-Rinke, Amy, Aka to Dillon, Sean M., 1514 Lindenwood Ln, Lawrence

Hupp, Caitlin to Upton, Sierra Helen, Saldivar, Victor Marcelo Garcia, 2501 Century Dr, Lawrence

Huntsman, Matthew, Chang, Grace to Motsinger, Austin, Motsinger, Laura, 4112 Harvard Rd, Lawrence

Thompson, Kevin D., Jones-Thompson, Carolyn E. to Pierce, Jennifer D., 2408 Mckinley Ct, Lawrence

Kluge, Thomas J, Trustee, Kluge, Robin E., Trustee, Thomas J. And Robin E. Kluge Living Trust, Kluge, Thomas J., Kluge, Robin E. to Roesner, Stephen, Roesner, Mary, 4223 Wimbledon Dr, Lawrence

Black, Matthew B. to Birchwood Gardens LLC, 1808 Ohio St, Lawrence

Harold S. Reed II And Marjorie M. Reed Revocable Living Trust, Reed, Harold S., II, Trustee, Harold S. Reed II And Marjorie M. Reed Trustees Under Trust Dated August 10, 1991, Tta to Kolibri Ventures LLC, 1746 Tennessee St, Lawrence

Cochran, Craig Davis, Trustee, Cochran, Craig Davis, Cochran, Dianne E, Howland Trust to Letsch, Donna E, 4909 Jefferson Way, Lawrence

Johnson, Catherine J., Gilroy, Connie D., Mcconnell, Donald H., Jr., Gilroy, James O. to One Alliance Property Management, LLC, 727 Ash St, Eudora

Demayo, Dustin, Demayo, Mallory, Sconzert, Mallory, Fka to Griffith, Carlene J, 2452 Missouri St, Lawrence

Islamic Center Of Lawrence, Inc to Tenants To Homeowners, Inc, 1835 Haskell Ave, Lawrence

Thursday, Dec. 1

Salsbury, Brett to Benton, Lani, 1416 E 27th St, Lawrence

Beall, Raymond D., Beall, Cynthia K. to Mccray, Nancy, 912 7th St, Baldwin City

Lyons, Jerry T., Trustee, Lyons, Margaret J., Trustee, Lyons Family Revocable Living Trust to Wongwai, David A, Wongwai, Mary B, 2116 E 26th St, Lawrence

King, Richard M., King, Dana K. to Kelley, Alexandra, Kelley, Rhodes, 1745 Lake Alvamar Dr, Lawrence

Bradley, Amy J. to Trumble, Marty Lin, Trumble, Tina Marie, 1083 E 1400 Rd, Lawrence

Jordan, Christina L., Schroeder, Wayne to Warner, Victoria C., Irwin, Erin E., 551 Schwarz Rd, Lawrence

Cook, Barbara S., Trustee, Barbara S. Cook Revocable Trust to Kluge, Thomas J., Kluge, Robin E., 5906 Longleaf Cir, Lawrence

Nolen, Charles Matthew, Nolen, Jodie M. to Carpenter, Susan, Schnug, Mark, 1005 Summerfield Way, Lawrence

Heine, Vernon Clay to Glenwood, L.C., 1749 E 1500 Rd, Lawrence

Reiling, Jeanette A., Brown, Carol L., Rinke, Amy S. to Clover Properties, LLC, 1507 Craig Ct, Lawrence

Denham, Krystal, Bly, Krystal M., Fka, Denham, Jeremy to Sheldon, Christopher P., Sheldon, Megan E., 820 Indiana St, Lawrence

Friday, Dec. 2

Manker, Gregory D., Manker, Donna L. to Gronau, Megan, Gronau, Evan, 576 E 2100 Rd, Baldwin City

Buckley, Thomas L., Jr., Executor, Buckley, Ruth Jane, Estate Of, Buckley, Ruth J., Aka to Buckley Properties, LLC, 405 Washington St, Baldwin City

Reiling, Jeanette A., Brown, Carol L., Rinke, Amy S. to Clover Properties, LLC, 1502 Craig Ct, Lawrence

Faust, Brian D., Trustee, Faust Family Trust, Faust, Brian D., Faust, Teresa to Anderson, Austin, Anderson, Natalie, 109 Pineridge Pl, Lawrence

Watson, David B., Watson, Sheila C. to Sri Ganesha LLC, 505 Colorado St, Unit 6, Lawrence

Winfrey, John C., Winfrey, Marietta F. to Vision Remodeling And Investments LLC, 1121 W 27th Ter, Lawrence

Mcmillan, Frederick S., Mcmillan, Lois A., Mcmillan, Lois Ann, Aka to Faucher, April, 1800 New Hampshire St, Lawrence

Vernberg, Eric, Vernberg, Eric M., Aka to Cossel, Vaughn E., Cossel, Deborah L., 873 E 1264 Rd, Lawrence

Sanford, Nicholas M., Sanford, Lynley C. to Cook, Caleb, 326 Whitfield St, Lecompton

Rapp, Benjamin T., Rapp, Yvonne C. to Bcc Investments, LLC, Vacant Land