Real estate transfers for May 10-Aug. 1, 2022

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from May 10 through Aug. 1.

Tuesday, May 10

Sommer, Megan, Sommer, Megan L., Aka, Sommer, Kyle, Sommer, Kyle J., Aka to Stephen W. Marshall Trust No. 3, 1521 W 22nd St, Lawrence.

Bauer Farm Residential, LLC to Cedarhurst Of Lawrence Real Estate, LLC, 4450 Bauer Farm Dr, Lawrence.

Howser, Stephanie, Howser, Nicholas P., Fisher, Stephanie L., Fka to Spencer, Kelsey, Spencer, Kelsey Nichole, Aka, Spencer, Brandon, 4503 Larissa Dr, Lawrence.

Free State Properties, Inc. to Hoang, Linh Vinh Duc’hoang, Yanguang, 2729 Grand Cir, Lawrence.

Armstrong Management, L.C., Grisham Management, L.C. to Equisset, LLC, Vacant Land.

Wednesday, May 11

Wambolt, Cynthia A, Mcmurtrey, Cynthia A, Fka, Wambolt, Mark L. to Oread Homes, LLC, 3918 Willshire Dr, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Merritt, Kris, 420 N Winnie Way, Lawrence.

Boyle, Edward E., Boyle, Patricia to Dwh Mill Street, LLC, 300 Mill St, Lawrence.

Cleveland, Miles, Cleveland, Jennifer to Rabalais, Martin D., Hammond, Mardith E., 32 Browning Ct, Eudora.

Centenary United Methodist Church to Dwh Mill Street, LLC, 300 Mill St, Lawrence.

Stewart, Casey L., Trustee, John Thomas Stewart V Irrevocable Supplemental Care Trust to Jenkins, Sean, Yore, Nicholas, 1523 Wedgewood Dr.

Holland, Gordon D. to Free State Properties, Inc., 3013 Sage Brush Dr, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Kay, Carson Sherer, 3706 Tucker Trl, Lawrence.

Russell, Jacqueline, Trustee, Jacqueline Russell Trust to Combs, Robin, Combs, Stephanie, 953 Coving Dr, Lawrence.

Lincoln, Julie K. to Brown, Gregory R., 214 4th St, Baldwin City.

Matters, Mark V., Matters, Sheryl L. to Batt, Lena Marie, 321 Providence Rd, Lawrence.

Transue, Susan Ann, Transue, James Lee to Riverfront Project LLC, 633 New York St, Lawrence.

Schmidt, John P. to Booth, Elizabeth, 3027 Nathan Dr, Lawrence.

Nazarenko, Yaroslav, Nazarenko, Tosha to Opendoor Property Trust I, 703 E 15th St, Eudora.

Thursday, May 12

Csr Properties LLC to Foxtail Investments LLC, 827 Garfield St, Lawrence.

Enick, Alison J., Enick, Alison, Aka to Castillo, Jose, Castillo, Ismaelina Rueda De, 3411 Seminole Dr, Lawrence.

Barnes, Mary Margaret, Barnes, Rodney Jay to Kurian, Thomas, Kurian, Agnes, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Sheaffer, Pamela S. to Lane, Thad Matthew, 1466 Marilee Dr, Lawrence.

Moore Investments, LLC to Ricklefs, Elizabeth A., 1526 Legend Trail Dr, Unit B, Lawrence.

Mccullough, Neil to Walter, Christian, 1526 Legend Trail Dr, Unit B, Lawrence.

Gammon, Kristine M. to Christian, Jarad T., Christian, Sarah E., 1403 9th St, Baldwin City.

Moody, Thomas W. to Potter, Bethany, 501 Colorado St, Unit 4, Lawrence.

Friday, May 13

Drake, Casey S., Drake, Ethan G. to Engelland, Paula J., 3721 Elizabeth Ct, Lawrence.

Dameron, Tena J. to Engelland, Paula J., 3721 Elizabeth Ct, Lawrence.

Criqui, Scott S., Edmonds, James to Esfandiary, Rana, Rezvanbehbahani, Soroush, 940 Connecticut St, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Ford, Cora L., 2608 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Abrahamson, Tytus James to Bradley, Kayron, Bradley, Ben, 1010 Jana Dr, Lawrence.

Murphy, Robert S., Trustee, Robert S Murphy Revocable Trust to Sudbeck, Michael J., Sudbeck, Amy J., Vacant Land, Baldwin City

Conrad, Keith, Conrad, Jennifer M. to Lange, Scot, Lange, Emily, 3013 W 29th St, Lawrence.

T-D Holdings LLC to Benedict, Valerie G, Benedict, Christian B, 2141 Quail Creek Dr, Lawrence.

Raker, Dee Ann to Suzanne J. Griffin Family Trust, 3105 Cottage Ln, Lawrence.

Goulter, Robin D., Goulter, Robin Debra, Aka to 410 Investments LLC, 1618 Savage St, Eudora.

Moss, Mira K. Mickler, Serrault, Dylan R., Aif to Lyle, Carol E., Lyle, Cooper W., 1307 E 21st Ter, Lawrence.

Walker, William L., Trustee, Walker, Judith G., Trustee, Walker Revocable Trust to Moreano, Phillip A., Moreano, Sara L., 2250 Lake Pointe Dr, Unit 1500, Lawrence.

Moreano, Phillip A., Moreano, Sara L. to Lockhart, Richard, Lockhart, Laura J., 1116 Oak Tree Dr, Lawrence.

K9 Properties LLC to Ffl 310 W 14Th Street, LLC, 310 W 14th St, Lawrence.

Monday, May 16

Caudle, Nicholas to Keller, Denton, Keller, Courtney, 1932 Maine St, Lawrence.

Evans, Philip W., Evans, Sheila A. to Donora, Boniface E., III, Donora, Erin M., 117 Santa Fe Dr, Baldwin City.

Roberts, Mary Lou to Freeman, Alexis, 3125 Tomahawk Dr, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Gupta, Divya, 2520 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Vanlandingham, Mark, Vanlandingham, Isabella to Sandquist, Kurt, 323 Dakota St, Lawrence.

Rector, William R., Rector, Deborah A. to Jamie Joseph Bermel Revocable Trust, 2006 Mitchell Rd, Lawrence.

Martin, Craig, Chiang, Lois to Bauer, Gene E, Bauer, Judith U, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy, Unit 410, Lawrence.

Lancaster, Haylie Renae, Lancaster, Matthew B. to Leon-Barajas, Marren, Leon-Barajas, Marren Marie, Aka, 1905 E 25th Ter, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Cordova, D. Maximillian, Cordova, Catherine L., 302 N Parker Cir, Lawrence.

Rapp, Steven Todd, Rapp, Malin Elisabeth to Heitman, Jason, 1422 New York St, Lawrence.

Cordova, Catherine, Cordova, D. Maximillian, Johnston, Bonnie G., Givens, Richard S. to Bush, Jim, Bush, Jane A., 5807 Harvard Rd, Lawrence.

George Homes, LLC to Cheruku, Avinash, Mudiganti, Keerthi, 208 Eisenhower Dr, Lawrence.

Anderson, Jerry, Anderson, Jerry L., Aka, Anderson, Annie B. to Sun, Shuai, 918 W 30th St, Lawrence.

Pascalar, Charles, Pascalar, Paula J. to Harrall, Jarrod, Harrall, Kylie, 1723 Lake Alvamar Dr, Lawrence.

Fleming, Andrew J., Fleming, Joanna to Lucero, Chanelle, Lucero, Andrew, 2920 Lankford Dr, Lawrence.

Morris, Judith A. to Nadine R. Hyde Trust, 4705 Hearthside Dr, Lawrence.

Schuler, Curtis William, Schuler, C. William, Aka, Schuler, Rachel to Forester, Charles J., Forester, Karen D., 328 Stockade St, Lawrence.

Tuesday, May 17

Davis, Elizabeth A. to 2443-2445 Ousdahl Road, LLC, 2443 Ousdahl Rd, Lawrence.

Cretors, Stacy to Stepp, Kacie, Stepp, Carrie, 2040 Louisiana St, Lawrence.

Trevino, April A. to Cityscape Properties, LLC, 1509 Harper St, Lawrence.

K3rs LLC to Harrison, Richard J., Harrison, Kimberly A., Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Gerstenberger, Daryl, Trustee, Gerstenberger Trust to Neis Partnership, Vacant Land, Eudora.

Wednesday, May 18

Brock, Michael Eugene, II, Munoz, Amber to Canterbury, Rachel, 4222 Timberline Ct, Lawrence.

Phipps, Blake, Phipps, Ashley Lynette, Paul, Ashley, Fka to Carter, Clinton Pierce, Carter, Cassidy Ann, 3516 Prairie Clover Ct, Lawrence.

Ezell, Brian, Ezell, Cheri to Hamilton, Jason L, Hamilton, Amy K, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Liu, Qi-Wu, Jin, Zhuye to Brock, Michael, Munoz, Amber, 2200 Riviera Dr, Lawrence.

Spellman, Joseph E., Spellman, Kristen N. to Garrett, Eric, Garrett, Ally, 1427 Briarwood Ct, Eudora.

K3rs LLC to Risley, Scott, Risley, Kathryn, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

K.S. Real Estate Investments, LLC to Cooney, Jessica Rosamond, 154 Pawnee Ave, Lawrence.

Debell, Melanie A. to Cole Rentals, LLC, 303 Elm St, Lawrence.

Albright, Stephen E. to 2012 Robin D. Roach Irrevocable Trust, 3911 Willshire Dr, Lawrence.

Thursday, May 19

Meritrust Credit Union to Gradissany, LLC, 2321 Harper St, Lawrence.

Mcvey, Loren L., Trustee, Mcvey, Deborah L., Trustee, Mcvey Living Trust to Wilson, Paul, 612 Folks Rd, Lawrence.

Sunflower State Dance, LLC to Glenwood, Lc, 2250 Street FF, Lawrence.

Kealing, Anne Weltmer, Administrator, Weltmer, John L., Estate Of to Chesnut, James, Chesnut, Doris, 2117 Greenbrier Dr, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Oldham, Angela L., Gudde, Julie A., 2517 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Rusche, Michael J., Rusche, Holly to Campbell, Mitchel, Campbell, Shawnda, 239 Aspen Ln, Lawrence.

Hill, Todd, Hill, Todd Michael, Aka to Saturn Holdings LLC, 2550 Ousdahl Rd, Lawrence.

Shadow Ridge 5, LLC to Burris, Travis R., Burris, Angela S., Vacant Land, Eudora.

Thomason, Eda to Cityscape Properties, LLC, 625 E 1450 Rd, Baldwin City.

Schoonover, Jacob, Schoonover, Katherine to Clauson, David, Clauson, Rachel, 6213 W 22nd Ct, Lawrence.

Friday, May 20

Scott, April S., Selsor, Tracy J. to Black, Jennifer, 820 Grove St, Baldwin City.

Gish, William A., Gish, Michaelane to Estes, Denton, Estes, Samantha, 1002 Eagle Ridge Dr, Baldwin City.

Grosdidier, L. Michael, Grosdidier, Cheryl L. to Barton Investments, LLC, 1001 E 26th St, Lawrence.

Consolidated Properties Inc. to Next Generation Lawrence, LLC, 807 Vermont St, Lawrence.

Johnson, Scott A., Sr., Johnson, Scott A., Aka, Johnson, Amie J. to Johnson, Clarence R., Johnson, Clarence, Aka, Johnson, Rebecca L., Johnson, Rebecca Lea, Aka, 508 Santa Fe Ct, Baldwin City.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Bajorek, Benton J., 2612 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Mid-States Ventures, LLC to Cm Property Management, LLC, Vacant Land, Lecompton.

Ogundolani, Oluwaseyi Steven, Ogundolani, Sara Jane to Rogers, Brian, Rogers, Kelley, 1116 Silver Rain Rd, Lawrence.

Wilson-Bruce, Lynn, Bruce, Lynn M., Aka to Piller, James, 722 N 6th St, Lawrence.

K3rs LLC to Atteberry, Kadi, Atteberry, Michael, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Martinez, Gregory, Martinez, Kyra to Heck, Kelvin R., Bittenbender, Marilyn S., 806 E 800 Rd, Lawrence.

Barrett, Lou Ella to Lock, Nigel J., Lock, Sarah M., 1769 N 300 Rd, Baldwin City.

Garcia, Cody M., Garcia, Kymberlee D. to Taul Family Trust, 403 Baker St, Baldwin City.

Haaheim, Bryan Kip to Carter, Samuel Belanger, Carter, Hilary Andersen, 2119 Virginia St, Lawrence.

Haaheim, Evelyn L. to Carter, Samuel Belanger, Carter, Hilary Andersen, 2119 Virginia St, Lawrence.

Zabel, K. Michael, Zabel, Debra L. to Harris, Theodore D., Harris, Amanda A., 2013 Riviera Ct, Lawrence.

Adrian, Paul T. to Snelson, Chabe, 324 Funston Ave, Lawrence.

Leckron, Gwendolyn B., Trustee, Gwendolyn B. Leckron Revocable Trust to Bliss, David C, Bliss, Rachel A, 1428 Applegate Ct, Unit A, Lawrence.

Monday, May 23

Hall, Otis D., Trustee, Hall, Jean P., Trustee, Hall Living Trust to Foster, Logan, Foster, Rebecca, 1123 E 2300 Rd, Eudora.

Lepage, Shaun E., Lepage, Elizabeth A. to South Kc Properties LLC, 3511 W 5th Ter, Lawrence.

Vaughn, Richard W., Vaughn, Susan M. to Ellis, Aaron M, Ellis, Courtney D, 609 Country Club Ter, Lawrence.

Bauer, Gene E., Bauer, Judith U. to Sandra M. Marshall Revocable Trust, 3705 Quail Creek Ct, Lawrence.

Castle Rock, L.C. to Holladay, Jennifer J., Thomas, Robert J., 325 Shannon Ct, Lawrence.

Castle Rock, L.C. to Alarcon, Jesse James, Valle, Lyndsie Nicole, 326 Dean Ct, Lawrence.

Coffeen, Robert C., Trustee, Leatherman, Sharon L., Trustee, Coffeen, Paul R., Trustee, Coffeen Family Trust to Snh Toto Tenant LLC, Brandon Woods At Alvamar, Dba, 4721 Balmoral Dr, Lawrence.

Robinson, Celina to Drame, Linda, Drame, Papa Fode, 3923 Aster St, Lawrence.

Randall, Jeffrey C., Randall, Kelly H. to Schneider, Brandon Shane, Schneider, Brandon, Aka, Schneider, Alison N., Schneider, Alison, Aka, 1184 N 1000 Rd, Lawrence.

Bowen, Charles H., Bowen, Joyce A., Bowen, Joyce, Aka to Mechanic Group LLC, 537 Mechanic St, Lawrence.

Snh Toto Tenant LLC, Brandon Woods At Alvamar, Dba to Green, Aaron D., Green, Darla F., 4721 Balmoral Dr, Lawrence.

Downing, Amber Lauren, Downing, Victor Maurice, Jr. to Yeku, James, Yeku, Oluwakemi, 501 River Bend Ct, Lawrence.

Whitten, Millicent Lynn to Whitten, Joseph Louis, Whitten, Rachel Marie, 821 E 12th St, Eudora.

Yowell, Michael V., Yowell, Patricia A. to Flores, Miguel A, Gregorio, Jennifer N, 910 W 30th St, Lawrence.

Eronat-Davis, Kristina, Davis, Michael to Beaty, Jeffrey, Beaty, Kristine, 948 Jana Dr, Lawrence.

Wood, Steve J., Wood, Sheri L. to Shehi, Dennis W, Shehi, Christina L, 5904 Simple Ln, Lawrence.

Donohoe, Chad H., Donohoe, Tiffany K. to Mcgregor, Scott, Mcgregor, Linda, 529 N 1737 Rd, Lawrence.

Beckmeisters L.L.C. to Slane, Isaac, Slane, Johnny, 2420 Atchison Ave, Lawrence.

May, Kim L., Gardner, Lisa to Maples, Robert Edward, Maples, Sarah Paige, 2508 Montana St, Lawrence.

Tuesday, May 24

Rykhus, Erick, Reiter, Holly to Christman, Lauren N., Christman, Brooks H., 2732 Fenwick Rd, Lawrence.

Brinson, Jesse, Brinson, Torrie to Kutait, Sara E., Kutait, Kemal E., Jr., 1502 East Glenn Dr, Lawrence.

White, Scott, White, Stacey to Santos, Amanda, Santos, Eduardo, 733 Tennessee St, Lawrence.

Yates, Matthew, Yates, Sarah to Calder, Emily, 52 Stevens Rd, Eudora.

Bethea, Justin, Bethea, Anna, Tuckwin, Anna Sue Elizabeth, Aka to Spomer, Theryn, 2540 Ryan Ct, Lawrence.

Loewen, Darin W., Loewen, Lisa M. to Graham, Kriztena, Powell, Terry Lee, II, 904 Eldridge St, Lawrence.

Brackett, David B., Estate Of, Mcdonald, Aimee M., Executor to Cottin, Nicole Danielle, Phelps, Daniel Scott, 1107 E 18th St, Lawrence.

Bird, John T. to Andersen, Geoffrey R., Trustee, Geoffrey R. Andersen, Trust, 2214 N 100 Rd, Ks.

Slade, David, Slade, Cathy to Prochnow, Brianna, King, Corniche, 2128 E 26th St, Lawrence.

Smith, Nancy J. to Beckmeisters LLC, 2612 W 24th Ter, Lawrence.

Schmidt, Richard W., Schmidt, Richard W., Jr., Aka, Schmidt, Eric, Aif to Richards, Sean, Richards, Alexa Jayne,

Redmond, Julia N. to Beckmeisters LLC, 817 Prescott Dr, Lawrence.

East Lawrence, LLC to Kern Real Estate, LLC, 927 Indiana St, Lawrence.

Wednesday, May 25

Studio 804, Inc. to Graf, Kelly, Goebel, Frank, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Whittle, Caitlin to Lower, Travis, Lower, Janell A., 3212 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence.

Whittle, Blake to Lower, Travis, Lower, Janell A., 3212 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence.

Shelton, Kevin J., Shelton, Denise C. to Jablonski, David, Jablonski, Nicole, 1317 E 2400 Rd, Eudora.

Spiehs, Justin P., Spiehs, Allison, Mcahren, Larry D., Mcahren, Vicki to Jt Miller Family Trust, 3904 Kimos Cir, Lawrence.

Lingenfelser, John H., Lingenfelser, Tracy A to Hiles, Jason, Hiles, Joyce, 1926 Tennessee St, Lawrence.

Riner, Ronda Sue, Trustee, Mary A. James Trust to Hh2, LLC, 1502 W 23rd St, Lawrence.

Coggins, Michael, Coggins, Patricia to Talavera, Sandra, Talavera, Daniel, 1510 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence.

Lenz, Brenda L. to Tully, Steven N., Tully, Kennita J., 1430 Westbrooke St, Lawrence.

Ratzloff, Sandra, Trustee, Athalie Elizabeth Lutz Revocable Trust to Snell, Gregg Phillip, Snell, Julia Anne, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Jordan, George Jeffery, Jordan, Shannon Shursen to Gaston, Marcya, 507 Colorado St, Unit 10, Lawrence.

Chaffee, Myron E., Chaffee, Sheila R. to Norris, Kathleen, 737 Prescott Ct, Lawrence.

Thursday, May 26

Ziegler, Carol J., Lindsey, Ronald J., Lindsey, Kristine S., Lindsey, Natalie K. to Charles Larry Ziegler Trust, 698 E 550 Rd, Lawrence.

Landstar Development, L.C. to Thiel, Sharon Kay, 5013 Cedar Grove Way, Lawrence.

Lemert-Nuzum, Amy, Trustee, Gary D. Nuzum Living Trust to Crawford, Charles, Crawford, Andrea, 4009 W 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Coomes, Weston, Heithoff, Shelby, Coomes, Shelby, Nka to Bruns, Cameron L., Lisher, Mikayla K., 1115 7th St, Baldwin City.

Willis, Emily S., Stewart, Emily W., Aka, Stewart, John T., V to Loomis, Christine E., 911 W 30th St, Lawrence.

Schwenk, Matheu, Schwenk, Heather to Gierster, Andrew, Moser, Annie, 2236 Melholland Rd, Lawrence.

Padgett Investments, LLC to Peterson Systems, LLC, 300-302 Eisenhower St, Baldwin City.

Volz Builders, L.L.C., Home Touch, Dba to Samuel, Terrance, Samuel, Jaclyn E., 326 Loges Ct, Lawrence.

Farhat, Bilal, Frantz, Anna B. to Pahls, Shannon, Pahls, Eric Alan, 423 Freemont Dr, Lawrence.

Gerrond, Terry L., Gerrond, Kelly D., Gerrond, Erica Renae, Gerrond, Ethan Russell to Oneil, Laura, 1487 Legends Cir, Lawrence.

Drake, Melvin O, Administrator, Drake, Ralph, Estate Of, Drake, Ralph Alan, Aka to Schafer, Dustin W, Schafer, Angela B., Vacant Land, Baldwin City.

Peters, Sadie, Peters, Marvin to Troiani, Gregory Robert, 255 North Michigan St, Unit 20, Lawrence.

Taylor, Kathleen Mary, Trustee, Della M. Hadley Revocable Trust to Veater, Laura M. Hall, 2714 Chipperfield Rd, Unit B, Lawrence.

Thurman, Alissa A., Thurman, Dennis W. to Nguyen, Thi, 4943 Stoneback Dr, Lawrence.

Friday, May 27

Posik, Deanna J. to Endecott, Logan B., 432 Elmore St, Lecompton.

Self, Billy E., Jr., Self, Cindy L. to Haque, Mashhur Zarif, Haque, Mamie Elizabeth, 4545 Bauer Brook Ct, Lawrence.

Hall, Susan G., Hall, Richard A. to Beechler, Richard C., Fulghum, Ranoa A., 4626 Hearthside Dr, Lawrence.

Hitchcock, Richard Dean, Trustee, Marjorie N. Hitchcock Revocable Trust to Hull, Linda M., 2017 Crossgate Dr, Lawrence.

Isele, Curtis E., Isele, Amanda L. to Larue, Taylor N., Patel, Anish R., 6104 Blue Nile Dr, Lawrence.

Tietjen, Craig S., Tietjen, Laurie B. Langer to Dreiling, Sarah, Wood, Nicholas J., Wood, Steve J., Wood, Sheri L., 1013 Oak Tree Dr, Lawrence.

Redinger, Karen S. to Kohn, Michael, 908 Jasara Cir, Baldwin.

Monroe-Stoneberger, Ashley L., Monroe, Ashley L., Fka, Stoneberger, Cory to Garcia, Elizabeth, 1419 Elmwood St, Lawrence.

Samuels, Randy L., Samuels, Tracy L. to Slade, David, Slade, Cathy, 4201 Crofton Ct, Lawrence.

Pierce, John C., Pierce, Ardith O. to Orozco, Robin C., Orozco, Manuel, 1724 Mississippi St, Lawrence.

1720 Louisiana LLC to Niemann, Ryan William, Niemann, Linda Diane, 1720 Louisiana St, Lawrence.

Liu, Deshui, Liu, Yanrong to Shull, Heather, Shull, Joseph B, 1160 Parkside Cir, Lawrence.

Woodard, Buffy Irene, Williams, Qunintin Jerome to Carlyle, Scott, 1641 Northwood Dr, Lawrence.

Bcmc Properties LLC to Glassey, Kristin B., Glassey, Stanley R., Jr.,1424 Lawrence Ave, Lawrence.

Tuesday, May 31

Mitchell, Kara K. to Lang, Rob, 1416 High St, Baldwin City.

Fulton, Todd A., Fulton, Maureen A. to Pope, Abbey M., Pope, Aaron M., 339 Florida St, Lawrence.

Roman, Patricio B., Roman, Patricio, Aka, Roman, Lindsey M., Roman, Lindsey, Aka to Tarapore, Arshish Rohinton, Bharucha, Julie, 307 Headwaters Dr, Lawrence.

Herbert Investment Partners, LLC to Fredrickson, Nathan, 2533 Ridge Ct, Lawrence.

Hamilton, Timothy D., Abalan, Sofiana J. Olivera to Anderson, Christina R, 2406 Alabama St, Unit 9D, Lawrence.

Kingman, Jason P., Tazkargy, Ariel S. to Silks, Martha, Silks, Mark A., 749 Locust St, Lawrence.

Graves, Brooke N., Graves, Brooke, Aka, Graves, Alex T., Graves, Alex, Aka to Koerner, Michael, 2208 Breckenridge Dr, Lawrence.

1527 And 713 LLC, Ed LLC to Rusch, Brandon L, 713 9th St, Baldwin City.

Capra, Michael Charles, Capra, Tamara J. to Capra, Samuel Quentin, Capra, Megan Renea, 442 N 1 Rd,

Garcia, Robert A. to Collection LLC, 1632 Tennessee St, Lawrence.

Seal, Nicholas A., Seal, Michelle to Abd Investments, LLC, 2002 Miller Dr, Lawrence.

Geiger, Kennie L. to Alonzo, Gregory, Alonzo, Linda, 5216 Thorn Tree Ct, Lawrence.

Mcartney, Michael William, Mcartney, Elizabeth Rose to Degenhardt, Daniel, Degenhardt, Sarah, 2725 Ann Ct, Lawrence.

Wilkerson, Brian, Wilkerson, Joni to Chicken Gravy LLC, 730 New Hampshire St, Unit 5E, Lawrence.

Stonewall Ridge, Inc. to K9 Properties LLC, 1244 Ohio St, Lawrence.

1955 LLC to 410 Investments LLC, 825 Fir St & 931 Fir St, Eudora.

Wednesday, June 1

Dicks, Larry M., Dicks, Louann to Thone, Cory Alan, Thone, Laura Leighann, 3524 Morning Dove Cir, Lawrence.

Waypoint Rockland West Owner, LLC to Sz Lawrence Apartments LLC, 4301 W 24th Pl, Lawrence.

Autumn Ridge Farm & Ranch, LLC to Rockwood Holdings, L.L.C., Vacant Land.,

Stidham, Thomas L., Stidham, Andrea L. to Tefft Revocable Trust, 5214 Congressional Pl, Lawrence.

William C. Barteldes Revocable Trust, Hoy, Matthew H., Trustee to Kelley, Peter J., 2625 Rawhide Ln, Lawrence.

Widrig, Jami, Widrig, Eric to Chase, Susan, 2212 Ohio St, Lawrence.

Rippel, Brian S., Trustee, Rippel, Laura A., Trustee, Brian And Laura Rippel Living Trust to Jones, Erica A., 983 N 300 Rd, Baldwin City.

Lisher, Rebecca A. to Baley-Beaumont, Cheryl, 3212 Yellowstone Dr, Lawrence.

Colyer, Nancy R. to Neverve, Susan Geoffrion, Neverve, Jerald Lynn, 4500 Broadmoor Dr, Lawrence.

Cobb, E. Benton, Cobb, Matthew B., Aif to Neverve, Susan Geoffrion, Neverve, Jerald Lynn, 4500 Broadmoor Dr, Lawrence.

Doores, John Fredrick, Trustee, Mclain-Doores, Jennifer, Trustee, John Fredrick Doores And Jennifer Mclain-Doores Revocable Trust to Goldstein, Ivery A., 3813 Tiffany Dr, Lawrence.

Clemoto LLC to Rgapts LLC, 1841 Maine St, Lawrence.

Up Connection Lawrence Spe LLC to Hsre Connection Ku LLC, 3100 Ousdahl Rd, Lawrence.

Spencer, Austin, Spencer, Danielle to Markley, Benjamin W., Markley, Madeline A., 420 Cattleman Ct, Lawrence.

Shamrock Valley Ventures LLC to Crain Holdings & Investments L.L.C., 1527 W 22Nd Ter, Lawrence.

Powkom, Thongla Noy to Cornolo, Sharon, Keaton, Gloria, 3403 W 8th St, Lawrence.

Elliott, Linda, Administrator, East, Sheryl Lynn, Estate Of to Gorden, Steven, 1111 7th St, Baldwin City.

Thursday, June 2

Zimney, Jeremy J. to Tefft, Robert Alan, Trustee, Tefft, Laura Estelle, Trustee, Tefft Revocable Trust, 5609 Plymouth Dr, Lawrence.

Bell, Brady K., Bell, Audrey A. to Chieu, Linh Nam, Ngo, Thi Thanh, 3103 Trail Rd, Lawrence.

Dahl Construction, Inc. to Leon, Jacquelyn Leigh, Cuen, Sergio Enrique Leon, 4116 Blackjack Oak Dr, Lawrence.

Schneider, Brandon, Schneider, Alison to Albrecht, Hana, 5509 Bowersock Dr, Lawrence.

Sheridan-Duque, Hannah S. to Wilson, Justin, Wilson, Sydney, 1627 Alvamar Dr, Lawrence.

Hugunin, Danielle, Reich, Cody to Hale, Thaddeus, Hale, Eliza, 225 Landon Ct, Lawrence.

Harvey, Darcie Lynn, Thompson, Darcie Lynn, Fka, Harvey, Robert A. to Kubicki, Christopher David, 1508 W 3rd St, Lawrence.

Midwest Investing LLC to Crain Holdings And Investments, L.L.C., 1322 High St, Baldwin City.

Didde, Adam Wade, Didde, Amanda Brooke to Rector, William R., 4708 W 26th St, Lawrence.

Walter, Sara R., Trustee, Young, John H., Trustee, John H. Young And Sara R. Walter Living Trust to Foresman, Eric A, Foresman, Nicole R, 1506 Crossgate Dr, Lawrence.

Johnson, Trent, Johnson, Courtney to Deck, Andrew R., Deck, Ashlee Ruth Burleson, 905 Eldridge St, Lawrence.

Gunter, Jocelyn D. to Stevens, Juliet Cassandra, Stevens, David W., Stevens, Suzanne, 1420 Lawrence Ave, Lawrence.

Kennedy, Gary L, Kennedy, Karon to Kennedy, Martin, Kennedy, Marty A., Aka, Kuhn, Patricia, 727 New Jersey St, Lawrence.

Ruiz, Christina A. to Taylor, Marissa P., 310 Funston Ave, Lawrence.

Friday, June 3

T-D Holdings LLC to Hook Shot Properties, LLC, 2131 Quail Creek Dr, Lawrence.

Kennedy, Martin A., Kuhn, Patricia, Kennedy, Gary L., Kennedy, Karon to Kennedy, Sally R, 731 New Jersey St, Lawrence.

Gilliland, Keith, Gilliland, Sarah J. to French, Zachrey, Obregon, Claribel, 2808 Harrison Ave, Lawrence.

Mcnorton, Steven G., Mcnorton, Steven, Aka, Mcnorton, Cara G., Mcnorton, Cara, Aka to Scott, Kathleen L, Trustee, Kathleen L Scott Living Trust, 829 E 12th St, Eudora.

Stukus, Richard, Stukus, Joan to Callaway, Danny, Callaway, Tessa Ellen, 4178 Blackjack Oak Dr, Lawrence.

Troxel, Nedra L. to Gardner, Joshua A., Gardner, Carla S., 1003 April Rain Ct, Lawrence.

Mccormick, Katie to Gilliland, Laura Jennifer, 1545 Legend Trail Dr, Unit A, Lawrence.

Cochran, Jenner B. to Henderson, Jennifer L, Henderson, Trent C, 1505 W 25th Ct, Unit B6, Lawrence.

Carman, Mary B., Carman, John B. to Hesse, James R, Hesse, Kelley L, Hesse, Rocco J, 1620 W 20th Ter, Lawrence.

Rolfe, Stanley T., Rolfe, Phyllis W. to Foster, Robert E., Foster, Florence Rebecca, 4309 Quail Pointe Ter, Lawrence.

Ferguson, Christina M., Ferguson, Beau C. to Rhamy, Jason P., Thompson, Hannah E., 1610 Maple Ter, Eudora.

Izquierdo, Isaias J., Hodges, Shannon to Green, Michael, Green, Linda K., 908 W 27th Ter, Lawrence.

Cuevas, Maria Elena, Cuevas, Maria Elena, Trustee, Carlos G. Cuevas And Maria Elena Cuevas Trust to Apprill, Robert, Apprill, Nicole, 907 N Field Stone Dr, Lawrence.

Hopkins, William, Hopkins, William A., Aka, Hopkins, Gloria, Hopkins, Gloria Isabel, Aka to Johnston, Robert A, Johnston, Holly J, 1716 Charise Ct, Lawrence.

Vantuyl, Brenda S. to Johnson, Jadan W., 978 E 1587 Rd, Lawrence.

Skaggs, Merrie Leah, Skaggs, Ronald A. to Harding, Russell, Harding, Nicole, 2126 Mitchell Rd, Lawrence.

Dominguez, Angelina Cruz, Cruz, Rafael, White, Melissa, Gustafson, Brian to Fowler, Chase G., 1429 Anthony Michael Dr, Lawrence.

Atec Properties LLC to Duarte, Luis Fernando, 1747 Tennessee St, Lawrence.

Iverson, Brian K., Iverson, Sue A. to Sanders, L.P., 4031 W 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Tremblay, Annie C., Coughlin, Caitlin E. to Muir, Ashley E., Muir, Steven R., 3520 Prairie Clover Ct, Lawrence.

Tesdahl, Steven A., Trustee, Tesdahl, Lori K., Trustee, Tesdahl Family Trust to Hornberger, Jason F., Schrader, Jean M., 1813 Castle Pine Ct, Lawrence.

Leah Mason, LLC to Polen, Drew William, 1017 Randall Rd, Lawrence.

Monday, June 6

Ellis, Grant M., Ellis, Alexandra B., Moler, Alexandria B., Fka to Schmoe, David, 109 Dearborn Cir, Baldwin City.

Hottman, Elizabeth Wooden, Wooden, Elizabeth B., Fka, Hottman, Lowell to Bruner, James W., Vennell, Kassalina A., 914 Alma Ct, Lawrence.

Eric Scheele, LLC to Kaiser, Tiffanie N., 1839 N 100 Rd, Baldwin City.

Latta, Mike, Latta, Peter, Latta, Ashleigh, Latta, Ann to Rosa, Mary K. De La, Rosa, Freddie De La, 1317 Juniper Ct, Eudora.

Drame, Linda, Wang, Linda, Fka, Drame, Papa Fode Kher to Michael Stoddart Living Trust, 3216 Yankee Tank Ln, Lawrence.

Cionitti, Barbara Steele to Miles, Jordan, Miles, Richard, 769 Hickory St, Lawrence.

Newland, William M., Newland, Sandra L. to Schwartz, John A., Drake, Anne E., 1601 Burning Tree Dr,

Schreck, Andrew A., Schreck, Rachel M. to Meyer, Daren L, Meyer, Lori, 2409 Brookside Dr, Lawrence.

Jantz, Jason, Jantz, Jason R., Aka, Jantz, Anna to Carmichael, Jamison, Carmichael, Brittany, 2402 E 27th Ter, Lawrence.

Shah, Maulin H., Shah, Jaina to Fisher, Bennett D., Fisher, Miranda C., 2605 Knollbrook Ct, Lawrence.

Tuesday, June 7

Neis, Delores Ellen, Trustee, Delores Ellen Neis Trust to James, Ethan B., James, Katie L., Vacant Land.,

Tompkins, Jonathan T., Tompkins, Cynthia R., Tompkins, Cindy R., Aka to Hoops, Wesley Robert, Hoops, Danielle, 173 E 2300 Rd, Wellsville.

Buyanovsky, Cyril G., Buyanovsky, Mary T. to Wagner, Rebekah, Wagner, Richard, 1260 N 870 Rd 66047-9583, Lawrence.

James Albert Keefer Revocable Living Trust, Keefer, James Albert, Trustee to Branden, Robyn A., Branden, Michael, 4011 W 13th St, Lawrence.

Nesting Properties And Management, LLC to Bell, Isaiah J, 1705 Harper St, Lawrence.

Wednesday, June 8

Krauz, Sara, Sidebottom, Sara R., Fka, Krauz, Wesley to Gillespie, Robert W., Gillespie, Rhonda M., Nachtigal, Bradley G., Nachtigal, Jodi D., 1437 Marilee Dr, Lawrence.

Mortenson, Linc, Mortenson, Kim to Gathala, Anil, Matha, Sandhya, 919 Eagle Ridge Dr, 921 Eagle Ridge Dr, Baldwin City.

Thomas, Stuart James, Thomas, Barbara Wittwer to Mohr, Ashley Marie, Mohr, Zachary Thomas, 5706 Longleaf Dr, 5710 Longleaf Dr, Lawrence.

Bond, Cynthia D., Moreno, James J. to Yacoob, Gabrielle Alexandra, 1144 Pennsylvania St, Lawrence.

Hubbel, Lavana to Adeboje, Adeola O., Lawal, Opeyemi U., 1913 W 3rd St, Lawrence.

Riley, Gloria Marie to Hart, Jonathan, 420 Country Club Ct, Lawrence.

Sexton, Mitchell, Sexton, Brenda Jean to Cunningham, Michelle B., E 100 Rd, Berryton.

Fosher, Christine to Mortenson, Linc, Mortenson, Kimberly, 1017 Colonial Cir, Lawrence.

Thursday, June 9

Callewaert, John A, Callewaert, Deanna M to Herynk, Matthew H, 1004 Prescott Dr, Lawrence.

Robertson, Michael A., Robertson, Angela M. to Lee, Eun Jee, Choi, Jeong Hoon, 1220 Juniper Ln, Lawrence.

Zheng, Zhi, Wang, Wenhao to Tran, Ngoc Hong Tham, Tran, Thai Phuong, Nguyen, Hong-Loan, 224 Eisenhower Dr, Lawrence.

Albrecht, Hana, Albrecht, Stephen to Gangu, Karthik, Avula, Sindhu Reddy, 6313 Serenade Ct, Lawrence.

Rock Chalk Hills, LLC to West Hills Lawrence Ks LLC, 1012 Emery Rd, Bldg A-H, Lawrence.

Scherer, Sandra to Ilardi, Abby C., Lowry, Joseph D., 1809 Delaware, Lawrence.

Burr, Misty D., Trustee, Burr, Dustin D., Trustee, Dustin D. And Misty D. Burr Trust to Pippert, Samuel A., Pippert, Sandra M., 856 E 550 Rd,

Friday, June 10

Coash, Hannah, Odette, Hannah, Fka to Op Spe Phx1, LLC, 2505 Fairfield St, Lawrence.

Beatty, Lauren to Ahlvers, Whitney, 5115 Congressional Pl, Lawrence.

Grund, Peter, Zahn, Molly to Green, Casey, Green, Suzanna, 538 Indiana St, Lawrence.

Greenawalt, Eileen to Malsbury, Craig A., 2802 Belle Haven Dr, Lawrence.

Staus, Carole J., Rogers, Carole J., Fka, Staus, Edward W. to Stone, Colby, Berland, Abigail, 1111 N 1712 Rd, Lawrence.

1646 Illinois Property LLC to Jennings, Barbara A, 1646 Illinois St, Lawrence.

Wakarusa Plaza, L.C. to Jjt, LLC, 1314 Research Park Dr, Lawrence.

Nordengaard, Jesper Due, Nordengaard, Gitte to Stewart, Ingrid C., Stewart, Andrew L., 1508 Burning Tree Ct, Lawrence.

Team Players, L.L.C., Emira One, L.L.C. to Spin Rock, LLC, 1801 W 23rd St, Lawrence.

Walnut Street, LLC to Watkins, Patrick, 1801 W 23rd St, 835 E 13th St, 833 E 13th St, Lawrence.

Wittman, Daniel R, Jr., Angell, Sage L to Coltvet, Cheryl, Coltvet, Timothy, 1903 Ousdahl Rd, Lawrence.

Monday, June 13

Jason Todd Construction, LLC to Allen, Kristen, Bellucci, Jake M, 1238 New Jersey St, Lawrence.

Sindt, Steven K., Holmes, Joan E. to Eppler, Joel A., 539 Whitfield St, Lecompton.

Pippert, Samuel A., Pippert, Sandra M. to Humphrey, Nicole M., Asano, Ashley E.P., 4613 Harvard Rd, Lawrence.

Roesler, Mary Kathryn, Trustee, John Marvin Roesler And Mary Kathryn Roesler Revocable Living Trust to Alleyne, Geoffrey L., Alleyne, Melinda, 819 7th St, Baldwin City.

Michael, Anthony Wayne, Michael, Robin R. to Craig, Adam, Craig, Lea, 742 E 1600 Rd, Baldwin City.

Craig, Adam C., Craig, Lea J., Schmid, Lea J., Fka to Polk, Josie A., 632 N Blazing Star Dr, Lawrence.

Mcgee, Michael R. to Maggie 2, LLC, 172 E 1000 Rd, Baldwin City.

Stewart, Casey L.Trustee, John Thomas Stewart V Irrevocable Supplemental Care Trust to Riedel, Jonathan, 1422 W 21st Ter, Lawrence.

Wallis, Richard, Morley-Wallis, Sheila to Harness, Karen, 2726 W 24th Ter, Lawrence.

Tuesday, June 14

Taber, Rachael, Taber, Austin to Bonham, David, 2608 Cranley St, Lawrence.

Holubnyak, Yevhen, Shergina, Elena to Downing, Amber Lauren, Downing, Victor Maurice, Jr., 1800 E 29th St, Lawrence.

Emerson, John A, II to Hill And Hill LLC, 716 8th St, Baldwin City.

King, Thomas S., King, Joanne K. to Schwartz, Shawn P., Bryant, Tiffany V., 5006 Congressional Way, Lawrence.

Patterson, Dale D., Sr., Patterson, Tina to Spencer, Angelina, Cheek, Jason, 787 N 1851 Diag Rd, Lecompton.

Gallagher, Timothy, Gallagher, Lydia to Thompson, Adam J., Thompson, Mellissa, 713 Sturbridge Ct, Lawrence.

Olmstead, John to Kc Investing LLC, 1912 W 25th St, Lawrence.

Mortenson, Katie to James, Ethan B., James, Katie L., 1215 10th St, Baldwin City.

Shawbaker, Edward A., Shawbaker, Pamela E., Shawbaker, Larry E., Shawbaker, Becky, Shawbaker, Donald E., Shawbaker, Deanna L. to Atec Services LLC, 1361 E 2100 Rd, Eudora.

Hughs, Ruth E. Anderson to Vignery, Joette, 913 E 13th St, Eudora.

Beckmeisters L.L.C. to Jo, Sabrena, Skorupski, William, 832 Sunset Dr, Lawrence.

Skorupski, William P., Jo, Sabrena to Giurleo, Emily, Samp, Jonathan, 2212 Killarney Ct, Lawrence.

Wednesday, June 15

Swanson, V. Caroline, Swanson, Michael J. to Corpuz, Elizabeth R, 2344 Louisiana St, Lawrence.

Surbaugh, Dewayne Kevin, Surbaugh, Patricia R. to Wright, Alan E., Wright, Amy D., 1003 9th St, Baldwin City.

Erhart, Lindsay to Crs Properties, LLC, 1400 Elmwood St, 1710 E 15th St, Lawrence.

Mcpeak, Kelly C., Mcpeak, Holly D. to Coatsworth, Gregory R., Coatsworth, Janette, 1229 Juniper Ln, Lawrence.

Quick, Jeffrey A., Quick, Sara A. to Barkdull, Ryan D, Barkdull, Richelle L, 2131 Carolina St, Lawrence.

Locust Tree, L.L.C. to Kitsmiller, Roger L., Vacant Land.

Blum, Michael D., Blum, Rosemary to Nagengast, Daniel L, Byczynski, Mary L, 2108 Inverness Dr, Lawrence.

Campbell, Angela G., Campbell, Jeff, Williams, Angela G., Fka to Starr, Molly C.F., Starr, Micah S., 779 Elm St, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Starke, Sheila, 417 N Daylily Dr, Lawrence.

Clark, Andrea K., White, Andrea K., Fka to Lauer, Ashley J., Lauer, Joshua, 1124 Randall Rd, Lawrence.

James, Michael, Misegadis, Lois to Grasshopper Creek, LLC, 1105 W 29th Ter, Lawrence.

Davis, Chad, Stuart, Daryll to Meyers, Ruth Raynelle, 1610 East Glenn Dr, Lawrence.

Gudenkauf, William M., Gudenkauf, Sheryl A. to Gudenkauf, Justin M., Tsai, Hsiang Feng, 3030 Trail Rd, Lawrence.

Thursday, June 16

Stringer, Teresa A. to Luthi, Linda A., 5923 Longleaf Cir, Lawrence.

Pollock, Lindsey, Hoener, George C. to Moore, Darren W., Moore, Janet R., 2702 S Fir Ter, Eudora.

Vigna, Rachelle A to Riner, Kevin L., Riner, Emily A., Vacant Land.

Judy, Jay T., Judy, Courtney E. to Gallagher, Timothy, Gallagher, Lydia, 778 N 950 Rd, Lawrence.

Hey Family Farms LLC to Hey, Robert L., Vacant Land.

Schmidt, Evan, Schmidt, Michelle to Gordon, Michael L., Gordon, Marsha L., 1713 E 21st Ter, Lawrence.

Rea, Lorna Jo, Trustee, Toni J. Waggoner Living Trust to Cruse, Jeremy E., Cruse, Reem A., 1538 Legend Trail Dr, Unit A, Lawrence.

Bischmann, Paul B., Bischmann, Mina to Reed, Nathan S., Harshbarger, Lori L., 6216 Palisades Dr, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Anderson, Jerry L., Anderson, Annie B., 2604 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Hill, Aaron to Mcculloch, Corey, Mcculloch, Laura, Vacant Land.

Borgen & Borgen LLC to Chp II, L.L.C., 2319 Louisiana St, Lawrence.

Schillinger, Daniel J. to Hoyt, Daniel A, 1328 Prairie Ave, Lawrence.

Clauson, David, Clauson, Rachel to Fricke, Judith, 4213 Wimbledon Dr, Lawrence.

1955 LLC to Merritt, Dustin, Merritt, Virginia, 1301 E 15th St, Lawrence.

Friday, June 17

Livingston, Brianna L., Phipps, Brianna L., Fka, Livingston, Jay O. to Smith, Chad, Smith, Melanie, 307 Wisconsin St, Lawrence.

Long, James M., Long, Tricia L. to Costello, Christopher, Costello, Jennifer, 4428 W 25th Pl, Lawrence.

Jones, Robbie D., Jones, Shannon L. to Vague, Christopher, Vague, Rachel, 1116 Douglas Dr, Lawrence.

Souvannavong, Miranda, Souvannavong, Phouthone to Bopha, David, Bopha, Manyphone, 2928 Lankford Dr, Lawrence.

Frye, Lyndal, Frye, Nyla J. to Housman, Benjamin B., Housman, Deborah R., 118 Glenview Dr, Lawrence.

South Kc Properties LLC to Mwcp Holdings LLC, 3511 W 5th Ter, Lawrence.

Jacques, Jonathan M., Jacques, Kerry L. to Vigna, Rachelle A., Beard, Jennifer A., 1202 Grove St, Baldwin City.

Walker, Kathleen H., Walker, Alan R. to Downing, Sherry G, Downing, Dailen W, 1412 Marilee Dr, Lawrence.

Coker, Dorothy D. to Hunt, Adrian M., 110 Pawnee Ave, Lawrence.

Dicaprio, Chad to Cabral, Stephanie Ann, 2701 Bonanza St, Lawrence.

Bowden Complete Construction, LLC to Shafer, Catherine M., Shafer, Catherine, Aka, 2506 Harvard Rd, Lawrence.

Wendland, Stephen G, Wendland, Terri L to Quick, Sara, Quick, Jeff, 1017 N 1156 Rd, Lawrence.

Arb, Janelle L. Estate Of, Arb, Keith L., Administrator to Hallinan, Patrick James, 2727 Stratton Dr, Eudora.

Krape, Darryl S., Krape, Roxanne G. to Mckenna, Addyson D., Mckenna, Alex A., 3225 Bighorn Ct, Lawrence.

Tuesday, June 21

Five And Holding, LLC to Stewart, Emily Willis, Stewart, John T., V, 903 Summerfield Ct, Lawrence.

Lanoue, Robert, Lanoue, Carol to Schrock, Andrew Y., Schrock, Tina, 1818 College St, Baldwin City.

Dooley, Dennis W., Dooley, Lisa J. to Ketcham, Bradlee W., Ketcham, Kahlee G., 1112 E 27th St, Lawrence.

Ikenberry, Eric A., Ikenberry, Patricia, Ikenberry, Janet L., Ikenberry, Tony B., Ikenberry, Shopna, Gastelum, Linda R., Ikenberry, Gregg W., Ikenberry, Kimberly, Ikenberry, Nancy E., Ikenberry, Scott C. to Timberidge Construction Inc., 1714 High St, Baldwin City.

Herron, Elizabeth A. to Lancaster, Jack Ellis, Lancaster, Kelly, 676 E 1750 Rd, Baldwin City.

Russell, Vernon W., Trustee, Russell, Ila J., Trustee, Vernon W. Russell And Ila J. Russell Revocable Living Trust to Short, Andrew, Vacant Land.

Zigmont, Michael J., Trustee, Schneider Family Trust to Fasulo, Joseph R., Fasulo, Elaine B., Vacant Land.

Fudge, Margo L., Fudge, Walter B., IIi to One Thousand Hills Properties LLC, 2109 Mitchell Rd, Lawrence.

Green, Casey L., Green, Suzanna L. to Norris, Edwin, Norris, Traci, 1325 Jonathan Ct, Lawrence.

Ev Rentals LLC to Kellogg And West, LLC, 1025 Mississippi St, Lawrence.

Bretz-Aronoff, Anne C., Aronoff, Richard S. to Andrade, Rebecca A., Braun, Preston B., 2008 Stratford Rd, Lawrence.

Ev Rentals LLC to Kellogg And West, LLC, 1015 Mississippi St, Lawrence.

Dishinger, Alison Winfred, Executor, Pastora, Sarah, Executor, Dishinger, Sarah Kathleen Fka, Dishinger, Richard William, Estate Of to Johnson, Evan F., 700 Maine St, Lawrence.

Zigmont, Michael J., Trustee, Schneider Family Trust, Schneider, Nicole J., Fbo to Fasulo, Meg E., Zadrozny, Joseph M., Vacant Land.Koch, Todd A., Koch, Jill A. to Mcdaniel, Wayne L., Mcdaniel, Judith L., 4412 Stone Meadows Ct, Lawrence.

Mcdaniel, Wayne L., Mcdaniel, Judith L. to Allen, Kristy E., Allen, Ben, 4317 Teal Dr, Lawrence.

Hodgesmith, Martha Jean, Trustee, John E. Mcelroy Trust to Richard G. Kuckelman Trust, 1533 Fountain Dr, Lawrence.

Lindsey, Nathan A., Harvatin, Staci to Lantz, Jonathan, Lantz, Hanna, 2753 Grand Cir, Lawrence.

Lindsey, Caroline E. to Lantz, Jonathan, Lantz, Hanna, 2753 Grand Cir, Lawrence.

Simoes, Bruno G. to Lantz, Jonathan, Lantz, Hanna, 2753 Grand Cir, Lawrence.

Wednesday, June 22

Helton, Gregory L., Bures-Helton, Jody S. to Halcyon Properties LLC, 610 Jersey St, Baldwin City.

Douglas-Rose, Anna, Schoelandt, Anna R. Van, Fka, Douglas-Rose, Michael to Mcglaughlin, Ryan, Sarasin, Elizabeth, 2124 Massachusetts St, Lawrence.

Drake, Kwahn to Kirwan, Lacey, Domnanish, Darin, 1113 Silver Rain Rd, Lawrence.

Kslb LLC to Nfh 7 LLC, 728 Rhode Island St, Lawrence.

Lange, Scot D., Lange, Emily R. to Ninemire, Lewen C, Ninemire, Barbara A, Ninemire, Lon O, 1733 W 26th St, Lawrence.

Kaser, Tina M. to Whitten, Jared C, Whitten, Jordan N, 912 N 7th St, Lawrence.

Thursday, June 23

Nagengast, Daniel L., Byczysnki, M. Lynn to Hof, Marianna Osborne, Hof, Philip Osborne, 1641 Rhode Island St, Lawrence.

Grabow, Stephen H. to Edwards, Brian K., Edwards, Christina L., 1518 Crossgate Dr, Lawrence.

Coon, Scott E. to Ramos, Michael Joseph, Luther, Kylie Jean, 1306 E 21st St, Lawrence.

Schmack, Richard H., Schmack, Jacqueline W. to Chapes, Stephen, 4009 Crossgate Ct, Lawrence.

Clark, Nathan R to Patton, Richard, 812 W 25th St, Unit 1, 2, 3 & 4, Lawrence.

Shadow Ridge 5, LLC to Trent Santee Construction LLC, Vacant Land.

Shadow Ridge 5, LLC to Trent Santee Construction LLC, Vacant Land.

Friday, June 24

Elbayoumy, Wael, Khirfan, Karam Cassandra to Elbayoumy, Moussa, Khater, Magda, 4725 Moundridge Ct, Lawrence.

Newman, Ronnie R., Jr., Newman, Athena to Carlton, John, 1519 Redwood Ct, Eudora.

Foley, Gregory A., Trustee, Foley, Jackie S., Trustee, Gregory A. Foley And Jackie S. Foley Revocable Trust to Cody, Jay, Cody, Kathleen, 1868 E 850 Rd, Lecompton.

Hicks, Donald B., Collins, Lorraine, Collins, Lorrraine, Aka to Koch, Todd A., Koch, Jill A., 1420 Wagon Wheel Rd, Lawrence.

Hague, Douglas C., Hague, Lynette D. to Mckee, Kathleen, 2045 Rhode Island St, Lawrence.

Wallen, Anne B., Holm, Carsten to Boley, Colleen, Hill, Sean, 1720 W 22nd St, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Schweer, Ronald, Schweer, Brenda, 305 N White Dr, Lawrence.

Galloway, Ellen H., Rose, Gina M. to Zandi, Jeanne Marie, 714 New York St, Lawrence.

Lavaveshkul, Pradit, Lavaveshkul, Suchittra to Clark, Steven J., Clark, Grace E., Clark, Grace, Aka, 506 Boulder St.,

First Option Bank, Trustee, Wingert Deferred Sales Trust to Tenants To Homeowners, Inc., 427 Florida St, Lawrence.

Bartlik, Brett T., Bartlik, Latishaq to Graves, Nicole, 2015 E 24Th. Ter, Lawrence.

Rapp, Charles Anthony, Carlson, Linda to Stone, Mark, Vowels, Claire, 1800 Miller Dr, Lawrence.

Steiner, Brian K., Steiner, Petra to Hale, Caroline, Landes, Evan, 1721 Whitmore Ct, Lawrence.

Melton, David D., Melton, Virginia A. to Kessler-Miley, Deanna, Miley, Michael, 416 Vine Dr, Lawrence.

Hy-Vee, Inc. to Hurd Lawrence Cs, LLC, 3905 Clinton Pkwy, Lawrence.

Hy-Vee, Inc., Hy-Vee Food Stores, Inc., Fka to Hurd Lawrence, LLC, 3504 Clinton Pkwy, Ks, Lawrence.

Kslb LLC to Robinson, Jennifer A., 125 West South Park, Lawrence.

Winslow, Brian S. to Shanks, Eldon Kyle, 1324 Cherry St, Eudora, Ks,

Ramirez, Jamie Krystyna, Organista, Jesus Alberto Ramirez to Castaneda, Beatriz Martinez, 1606 W 2nd St., Lawrence.

Monday, June 27

Green, Jeff E. to Bosch, Valerie Reane, Trustee, Revocable Trust Of Michael Shawn Bosch, 227 Santa Fe Dr, Baldwin City.

Baker Street Apartments LLC to J-Time Properties LLC, 134 A-B Santa Fe Dr, 508 Baker St, Baldwin City.

Mendel, Tanner, Mendel, Alexandra to Smiley, Allison A., Smiley, Francis E., Iv, 833 E 12th St, Eudora.

Hartman, Derek, Hartman, Savannah to Kastl, Austin, 3904 Willshire Dr, Lawrence.

Harper, T. Kevin, Harper, Rebecca L. to Mendel, Alexandra, Mendel, Tanner, 1420 Tamarisk Ct, Eudora.

Long, James K, Trustee, Long, Esther L, Trustee, James K Long & Esther L Long Revocable Living Trust to Hartman, Derek, Hartman, Savannah, 1492 E 688 Rd 66049-9123, Lawrence.

Bythell, LLC to Borchert, Gustavo, Borchert, Melinda Christine Jarvis, 1112 Iowa St, Lawrence.

Cooper, Loni, Cooper, Kelly to Knoll, Sabrina Danielle, 1112 Church St, Eudora.

Nicolay, Mary Ann, Nicolay, Monte K, Aif to Indiana Street Partners LLC, 615 W 9th St, 908 Indiana St, 912 Indiana St, Lawrence.

Tuesday, June 28

Cunningham, Loren D., Cunningham, Jamie R. to Garland, Jasmine, Garland, Jasmine Jacqueline, Aka, 2108 Goodell C, Lawrence.

Larue, Randall B., Larue, Patricia M., Larue, Taylor N. to Petrovic, Andrijana, Petrovic, Njegoslava, Petrovic, Marko, 4301 Wimbledon Ter, Unit 4C, Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to Haenchen, Steve, Haenchen, Ashley N., 5802 Freemont Way, Lawrence.

Blum Properties LLC to Div Clipper, LLC, 930 E 27th St, Lawrence.

Aldridge, Georgia Mae, Estate Of, Mcgee, Brian D., Executor, Aldridge, Georgia M., Aka, Estate Of to Greenfield, Christopher D., 2110 Marvonne Rd, Lawrence.

Ehret, Daya, Ehret, Philip J. to Cool, Alyssa L., Burdick, Benjamin T., 421 Pleasant St, Lawrence.

Shadow Ridge 5, LLC to Trent Santee Construction LLC, Vacant Land.

Shadow Ridge 5, LLC to Trent Santee Construction LLC, Vacant Land.

Flohrs, William J., Flohrs, Lyla K. to Smith, Craig R., Smith, Craig, Aka, 715 Arizona St, Lawrence.

Bcmc Properties LLC to Ehret, Philip J., Ehret, Daya A., 2514 Harvard Rd, Lawrence.

Kansas Masonic Foundation, Inc. to Heffner, Jason William, Trustee, Heffner, Cassy Jerene, Trustee, Heffner Family Trust, Vacant Land.

Shadow Ridge 5, LLC to Trent Santee Construction LLC, Vacant Land.

Wednesday, June 29

Geoffrey R. Andersen Trust, Andersen, Geoffrey R., Trustee to Conway, William T., Conway, Alyssa L., 2214 N 100 Rd.,

Wadel, Richard, Wadel, Samantha to Clary, Jeffrey Scott, Clary, Jan Marie, 6328 Steeple Chase Dr, Lawrence.

Nichols, Sarah Jane to Nichols, John, 2513 Morningside Dr, Lawrence.

Ezell-Morgan Construction Company, Inc., Ezell-Morgan Construction, Inc., Tta to Veeder Homes, LLC, 1201 Juniper Ln, Lawrence.

Knoll, Sabrina D. to Waldren, Steven, 2436 Brookside Dr, Lawrence.

Alexander, Page Ann, Alexander, Monte to Lawson, Christopher J., Lawson, Deborah A., Lawson, Micheal J., Lawson, Sarenna M., Vacant Land.

Kelzer, Tyler J., Kelzer, Amber R. to Wooden, Brett, Wooden, Amy, 4500 Range Ct, Lawrence.

Borggren, Lucille, Mallonee, Kathy, Aif to Soto, Maria, Soto, Angelica, 3907 Willshire Dr, Lawrence.

Jameela Properties LLC to John Thomas Stewart V Irrevocable Supplemental Care Trust, 1602 W 6th Ter, Lawrence.

Thursday, June 30

Legacy Restaurant Group, LLC to R-Legacy, LLC, Trustee, Emerald Land Trust, Vacant Land.

Marable, Aaron, Marable, Kendra to Broomall, Jamie, Tucker, Lindsey, 1340 Haskell Ave, Lawrence.

Buskirk, Paul Raymond, Yoshinobu. Lauren Rae to Cashdollar, Christopher A., 2800 Meadow Dr, Lawrence.

Merryfield, Beth C. to Lawrence, Kansas Rentals LLC, 809 Arkansas St, Lawrence.

Long, Jacob to Bradley, Patrick, 722 Birch St, Eudora.

Clem, John, Clem, Dana to Petrehn, Taylor, Petrehn, Kailey, 1445 N 600 Rd, Baldwin City.

Phythyon, Jennifer A. to Thomas, Jacob Michael, 2117 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Allen, Kristen, Bellucci, Jake M. to Wilson, Aimee A, Bolick, Joshua A, 1320 New Hampshire St, Lawrence.

Spittles, Jasmine N to Latta, James M, 515 N Wren Dr, Lawrence.

Andregg, Zachary E., Andregg, Karen J., Andregg, Todd W. to Osburn, Joshua, Osburn, Joshua L., Aka, 410 Minnesota St, Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Jominich, L.C., 3202 Charlotte Ln, Lawrence.

Singleton, Tameka L., Singleton, Dawson, Iv to Green, Ronald James, Green, Mary Beth, 924 Diamondhead Dr, Lawrence.

Wilson, Ronald K. to Toland, Anna, Toland, Andrew, 627 N 750 Rd, Lawrence.

Sorn, Jason, Fitzmorris-Sorn, Alexandra, Fitzmorris, Alexandra, Fka to Nuss, Benjamin E., Nuss, Leslie L.C., Nuss, Leslie Lynn Cazier, Aka, 914 W 28th Ter, Lawrence.

Smith, Fredonna L, Trustee, Smith, Howard Z, Trustee, Howard Z Smith And Fredonna L Smith Revocable Living Trust to Sorn, Jason, Fitzmorris-Sorn, Alexandra, 1153 E 1300 Rd, Lawrence.

Burgess, Ronald D., Trustee, Burgess, Anne E., Trustee, Ronald D. Burgess And Anne E. Burgess Revocable Trust to Rathert, Steven, Rathert, Cheyenne, 3205 Sherwood Dr, Lawrence.

Friday, July 1

Abel, Viann K. to Kamat, Satish J., Kamat, Sara C., 1230 Delaware, Unit D23, Lawrence.

Black, Melinda Ann, Morris-Black, Melinda Ann, Fka, Morris-Black, Melinda, Fka, Logeman, David A. to Gilmore, Kyle, Gilmore, Sophia, 3708 Overland Ct, Lawrence.

Daniels, Matthew I., Daniels, Sarah M. to Dominguez, Angelina Cruz, Dominguez, Maximo Cruz, 4020 Overland Dr, Lawrence.

Nietfeld, Courtney Ryan, Nietfeld, Jennifer Pasley to Hussong, William A., 1511 Vermont St, Lawrence.

Big Yellow Dog, L.L.C. to Dominguez, Angelina Cruz, Dominguez, Maximo Cruz, 3217 Creekwood Dr, Lawrence.

Johnston, Anne E., Johnston, Patrick K., Delmas, Anne E., Fka to Carder, Robert, 1947 Barker Ave, Lawrence.

Johnson, Jai, Johnson, Lucas to Miller, Allison D, Miller, Cole A, 805 Randall Rd, Lawrence.

D’ Alessio, Hildegard D. to Baker, Sarah, 630 N 5th St, Lawrence.

Pasherstnik, Natalia L., Trustee, Paul M. Comolli And Natalia L. Pasherstnik Revocable Trust to Lee, Sang Yup, Siu, Long Yan Annabel, Siu, Annabel Long Yan, Aka, 2712 Harrison Pl, Lawrence.

Mary Elizabeth Allen Living Trust, Allen, Mary Elizabeth, Trustee to Mcguire, Tera Jones, 1719 Mississippi St, Lawrence.

Kuenzi, Emily, Kuenzi, Blake to Kretsinger-Harries, Anne C, Kretsinger-Harries, Mark A, 312 N White Dr, Lawrence.

Schmidt, Jarret, Schmidt, Michelle A. to Kubin, Jennifer Jean, 394 E 1807 Rd, Baldwin City.

Vaughn, Bruce E. to Montney, Jacob D., Montney, Lori A., Vacant Land.

Foust, Owen C., Foust, Lisa R. to Aldrich Joint Revocable Trust, Vacant Land.

Rb, LLC to Lepse, Jason Peter, Lepse, Ashley Nicole Yoder, Vacant Land.

Thomas, Jacob Michael, Thomas, Julia C. to Next Generation Homes, LLC, 2117 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Tuesday, July 5

Bennington State Bank, Fbo, Derek Lee Ira to Leslie-Miller, Calissa Jo, Leslie, Jana Suzanne, Smith, David Coventry, 1346 Westbrooke St, Lawrence.

Debiasse, Debra J., Trustee, Debra J. Debiasse Trust to Leslie-Miller, Calissa Jo, Leslie, Jana Suzanne, Smith, David Coventry, 1307 Westbrooke St, Lawrence.

Castle Rock, L.C. to Mannschreck, Doyle R., Mannschreck, Brenda S., 434 Stoneridge Dr, Lawrence.

Lowe, Patricia L., Trustee, Patricia L. Lowe Trust to Harkins, Christopher Glenn, Harkins, Margie Mae, Vacant Land.

Hauser, Corine A. to Spates, Amarah, 3434 W 24th St, Lawrence.

Indianaville, LLC, East Lawrence, L.L.C. to Jurgens, Graham A., Jurgens, Rachel L., 1134 Oregon St, , Lawrence.

Orlando, Christopher, Orlando, Meaghan to Jones, Pamela S., 2521 Ralston St, Lawrence.

Weis, David Daniel, Aker, Sibel Canan to Gordon, Peter Joseph, Gordon, Nora Kate, 4121 Goldfield St, Lawrence.

Sadler, Chris R. to Ryan, Erin R, 454 Lincoln St, Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 6

Ohlemeier, Jerry A., Ohlemeier, Teresa A., Ohlemeier, Daniel R., Gonzales, Kathleen, Ohlemeier, Kristen L. to Vancampen, Jordan, Kendrick, Amy K., 1121 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence.

Bay, Christopher M., Bay, Shawn Pine to Orlando, Christopher, Orlando, Meaghan, 4100 W 7th St, Lawrence.

Morgan, Lindsey to Breeden, Kevin L, Breeden, Melanie S, 600 Arrowhead Dr, Lawrence.

Gerling, LLC to Salvation Army, 1202 E 23rd St, Lawrence.

Lawrence Custom Builders, Lp to Simpson, Jeffrey L., 307 Three Forks Dr, Lawrence.

Shandarin, Sergei F., Trustee, Shandarin, Victorina P., Trustee, Sergei Shandarin And Victorina Shandarin Revocable Trust to Schumacher, Bruce J., Schumacher, Brenda A., 3001 Sage Brush Dr, Lawrence.

Edwards, Brian K., Edwards, Christina L. to Humphrey, Jacob M, 1520 Massachusetts St, Lawrence.

Hayes, Brian D., Hayes, Sharon M. to Jorgenson, Logan Thomas, Jorgenson, Linda Marie, 3438 W 24th St, Lawrence.

Stevenin, Charles A., III to Karim, Muhammad S., Karim, Amber J., 464 N 300 Rd, Baldwin City.

Thursday, July 7

Hemmert, Kyle, Hemmert, Barbara to Eland, Ken, 1420 Wakarusa Dr, , Lawrence.

Capistran, Michael J., II, Capistran, Erica to Hill, Aaron, 2524 Ralston St, Lawrence.

Meyerhoffer, James R., Meyerhoffer-Kubalik, James R., Fka, Kubalik, Emily A., Meyerhoffer-Kubalik, Emily A., Fka to Rosenak, Samuel J., 3200 Saddlehorn Dr, Lawrence.

Treadway, Kenneth W., Treadway, Bettie J. to Porter, Jerri Lynne, 3920 Bellflower St, Lawrence.

Disney, Gary A., Disney, Diana to Tarmad LLC, 624 Locust St, Lawrence.

Kippenberger Properties, LLC to Masiru LLC, 2141 Atchison Ave, Lawrence.

Bloss, Lee Ann, Trustee, Lee Ann Bloss Revocable Trust, Bloss, Brent K., Trustee, Brent K. Bloss Revocable Trust to Oliver, Alex, 1617 Irving Ct, Lawrence.

Vignery, Joette to Gil, Patricia S., 2900 Winston Dr, Lawrence.

Friday, July 8

Christensen, Kara A. to Jepson, Cathy, Jepson, Chad A., 916 Alma Ct, Lawrence.

Pyle, Austin J., Pyle, Holly to Hopkins, Brian J., Hopkins, Rachel V., 1700 Mississippi St, Lawrence.

Emerald City Properties LLC to One Thousand Hills Properties, LLC, 2814 University Dr, Lawrence.

Lemert-Nuzum, Amy, Trustee, Gary D. Nuzum Living Trust to Parr, Alfred D., Parr, Joan F., 5005 Jeffries Ct, Lawrence.

Spradling, Gayla J., Ochsner, Kent to Roberts, Gene M., Roberts, Barbara J., 414 N 2nd St, Baldwin City.

Downing, Derrick M., Downing, Natalie to James, Skylee, 211 Arkansas St, Lawrence.

Michael A. Howard Trust, Howard, Jay M., Trustee to Reece Living Trust, Studnicka, Joey D., Vacant Land.

Burgen, Patricia M. to Sheridan, Rebekah, 737 Lake St, Lawrence.

Carrasco, Alejandra Maria Isabel Guzman, Huntington, John, Jr. to Wyatt, Donna E., Trustee, Donna E. Wyatt Living Trust, 324 Wisconsin St, Lawrence.

Bunn, Pam, Bunn, Pamela, Aka to Stoltz, Kristen, 2112 E 26th St, Lawrence.

Jim Fussell Real Estate, LLC to Weil, Abraham Brookes, Sharron, Kelly Christina, 2932 Chisholm Dr, Lawrence.

Chu, Wen-Wen to Phillips, Bradley R., Garrison, Gabrielle L., 1024 Holiday Dr, Lawrence.

Nice, Cheryl A. to Mcghee, Charles M., Mcghee, Valerie, 821 E 1259 Rd, Lawrence.

Grant, Murphy D., Grant, Amy M. to Ricks, Michael, Ricks, Michael C., Aka, O’ Connor, Patrick, O’ Connor, Patrick J., Aka, 820 Diamondhead Dr, Lawrence.

Kettler Construction Inc to Mhando, Davina Mpaji, 403 Stoneridge Dr, Lawrence.

Lang, Rob, Lang, Eula to Armbrister, Baily, 1416 High St, Baldwin City.

Goldstein, Ivery Anne, Goldstein, Ivery A., Aka to Tazkargy, Ariel, Kingman, Jason, 715 Randall Rd, Lawrence.

Luckie, John E., Rumptz, Rebecca S. to Wear, Amanda, Burgen, Patricia, 2325 Brett Dr, Lawrence.

Ballinger, James F., Ballinger, Linda Carole to Ballinger, Heather, 1220 7th St, Baldwin City.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Shaw, Elisabeth S., Galyon, Alex Grant, 420 N Daylily Dr, Lawrence.

Monday, July 11

Polk, Josie A. to Haase, Andrew J., Heon, Mikala E., 1419 Monterey Hill Dr, Lawrence.

Peterson, Christine Joyce Baur, Trustee, Susanne P. Baur Revocable Intervivos Trust to Mcpeak, Kelly, Mcpeak, Kelly C., Aka, Mcpeak, Holly, Mcpeak, Holly D., Aka, 4708 Wimbledon Dr, Lawrence.

Powell, Richard A., Powell, Tamara to Atoromola, Muniru Fatai, Fatai, Atoromola Modina, 2421 Jasu Dr, Lawrence.

Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC to Hall, Todd Ashton, Hall, Katelyn Barfuss, 309 Loges Ct, Lawrence.

Ross, Jeremy, Ross, Samantha to Goodin, Heather M., Carwile, Evan, 4120 Saddlehorn Dr, Lawrence.

Borchardt, Michel A., Borchardt, Debora L. to Ondracek, Karen, Croyle, Thaddeus, 1914 Kentucky St, Lawrence.

Banning, Bruce, Banning, Bruce W., Aka, Banning, Patricia, Vliet-Banning, Patricia Van, Aka to Smith, Mercedes J., Roland, Clayton T., 2405 Ohio St, Lawrence.

Beckmeisters, L.L.C. to Pettengill, Lynate, 321 Funston Ave, Unit B, Lawrence.

Vickers, Stanley L., Estate Of, Vickers, Bradley T., Administrator to Galloway, Joshua, Galloway, Serena, 2908 Santa Fe Ln, Lawrence.

Tuesday, July 12

Arnold, Ryan, Arnold, Kelly to Jordan, Jerry, Jordan, Gerald R., III, Aka, Jordan, Gerald Ray, III, Aka, 714 W 12th St, Eudora.

Millikan, Laura A., Millikan, Kevin C. to Schmitz, James C., Jr., 1428 Marilee Dr, Lawrence.

Heersink, Kevin, Heersink, Wendy to Bagwell, Steve, Bagwell, Chelsea Johnson, 1708 W 21st Ter, Lawrence.

Linquist, Deena L. to Weld, Glenn H, Jr, 703 Church St, Eudora.

Engelbrecht, Cari Lynn to Offerpad (Spvborrower1), LLC, 832 Maple St, Lawrence.

Baum, Martin C., Baum, Bridgett M. to Le, Crystal, Buchanan, Robert A., III, 1017 E 14th Ct, Eudora.

Spiegle, Joseph M, Spiegle, Melanie R to Singer, Andrew, Singer, Mary, 771 Locust St, Lawrence.

Coquillette, William, Coquillette, Kelley to Mccormick, Sarah, Mccormick, Patrick, 420 Lyon St, Lawrence.

Suggs, Ronald S., Suggs, Lynne, Suggs, Ronald S., Aif to Reid, Deborah D., 334 Woodlawn Cir, Lawrence.

Eversole, Elizabeth A. to Renyer, Katherine, Renyer, Katherine A, Aka, 1450 Brighton Cir, Lawrence.

Barnes, Ashley Day, Hollis, Merlin Wayne, Jr. to Anguiano, Nicholas, Anguiano, Katherine E. Cantu, 4126 Wimbledon Cir, Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 13

Pope, Rob, Pope, Lindsay Mccabe to Gabbert, Seth, Latif, Shaheen, 1212 E 12th St, Lawrence.

Alhuwaimel, Rayan to Stewart, John T., V, Stewart, Emily Willis, Dipman, James Patrick, 922 Christie Ct, Lawrence.

Andrews, Jotham L, Andrews, Kelley R to Andrews, Richard L., Andrews, Vickie A., 1676 N 1000 Rd, Lawrence.

Eudaly, Steven L., Eudaly, Marcy Mcgrew to Harper, Theron Kevin, Harper, Rebecca Lee, 2725 Coralberry Ct, Lawrence.

Smith, Ronald W., Smith, William T., Jr., Smith, Charisse Michelle to Morehead, C. Alesia, 2712 Meadow Pl, Lawrence.

Thursday, July 14

Magna Holdings LLC to Sukhmani, Inc., 740 Iowa St, Lawrence.

Benvenutti, Jamie E., Davis, Phillip S. to Liby, Aubrey, Liby, Elaina, 1426 Prospect Ave, Lawrence.

Hickory Properties LLC to Spacek, Kristin N., Meyer, Andria R., 726 Hickory St, Lawrence.

Picking, William, Picking, Wendy to Hutchison, Cheryl, Hutchison, Bradley, 625 N 750 Rd, Lawrence.

Jameson, Robert W.L., Jameson, Aftan S. to Tush, Daniel, Lane, Rachael, 3104 Flint Dr, Lawrence.

Schneider Properties LLC to Liska, Carlotta, 433 Michigan St, Lawrence.

Friday, July 15

Liu, Zhipeng, Zhan, Yu to Jameson, Robert W L, Jameson, Aftan S, 5419 Plymouth Dr, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Miller, Richard, Miller, Sharon, 415 N Daylily Dr, Lawrence.

Daniel, Kenneth L., Trustee, Daniel, Barbara J., Trustee, Barbara J. Daniel Trust to Craig, Adam C., Craig, Lea J., Vacant Land.,

Landstar Development, L.C. to Eriksen, Jeff Graber, Eriksen, Marla Marie, 5016 Spruce St, Lawrence.

Cuevas, Maria S., Berra, Jaclyn M. to Sands, Dylan, Sands, Jenny, 1627 Rhode Island St, Lawrence.

National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Dick, Nathan A, Dick, Lauren A., 637 Indiana St, Lawrence.

Mullin Properties, Inc. to Miller, Edward J., Jr., Clay, Noel L., 1320 Connecticut St, Lawrence.

Wempe, William A., Wempe, Susan M. to Elmore, Caitlin A, Elmore, Jamison M, 1221 Juniper Ln, Lawrence.

Antle, Frances M. to Michael, Anthony W, Michael, Robin R, 1728 E 816 Rd, Lawrence.

Oldham, Angela L. to Lauridsen, Kent, 2517 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

2525 Iowa, LLC to Melrose Kansas Holdings LLC, 2525 Iowa St, Lawrence.

Mattison, Eric, Mattison, Kristi to Slavens, Joy, 1431 Westbrooke St, Lawrence.

Carter/Dixon Investments LLC to Bowen, Eric L., Bowen, Stephne D., Howell, Kyleigh, 229 Woodgate Pl, Lawrence.

House, Amanda E, Geiersbach, Christopher J to Sader, Alicia, Davis, Meghan E, 843 New York St, Lawrence.

Vogeti, Lakshminarayana, Vogeti, Subha to Finckbone, Robyn M., Finckbone, Michael P., 905 Congressional Dr, Lawrence.

Snodgrass, Bruce F., Snodgrass, Joan to Miller, Richard D., Miller, Julie M., Vacant Land.,

Snodgrass, Bruce F., Snodgrass, Joan to Miller, Richard D., Miller, Julie M., Vacant Land.,

Beims, Leslie, Beims, Jeffrey A. to Hoskam, Katherine, 2209 Naismith Dr, Lawrence.

Paslay, Roy, Paslay, Marsha, Paslay, Carl William, Estate Of to Trent, Lindsey Anne, 200 Halderman St, Lecompton.

Clouse Investments LLC to Clouse, Brennen, 933 Christie Ct, Lawrence.

Knecht, Melissa Nicole, Hamil, Oliver Quinn to Walstrom, Wyconda M., Herndon, Chase W., 1105 Somerset Ct, Lawrence.

Hamil, Elizabeth C., Trustee, Elizabeth C. Hamil Family Trust to Walstrom, Wyconda M., Herndon, Chase W., 1105 Somerset Ct, Lawrence.

Wilson, Joseph Blaine to Tinio, Bienvenido, Jr., 1621 East Glenn Dr, Lawrence.

Yocum, Steve, Yocum, Renee, Fka, Stains, Renee to Batchelor, Teresa, 242 Bramble Bend Ct, Lawrence.

Fane, Sherell L. to Hall, Willis, 2512 Ryan Ct, Lawrence.

40 North, LLC to Chaney, Kevin W, Vacant Land.,

Lilly, Chad M., Lilly, Megan P. to Mills, Dustin, Mills, Danielle, 2525 Ponderosa Dr, Lawrence.

Monday, July 18

Lutz, David J. to Reinardy, Trenton Robert, Reinardy, Megan Louise, 141 Sharon Dr, Lawrence.

Wreath, Dana G., Wreath, Joann J., Wreath, Stuart J., Wreath, Kylie R., Wreath, Colin L. to Rkm Properties, LLC, 1937 Maine St, Lawrence.

Robarge-Silkiner, Stacy A, Silkiner, Paul to Yarbough, Sherell, Yarbough, Johnathan, 2316 Haversham Dr, Lawrence.

Thompson, Giles A. to Whipple, William C., Simpson, Jenny, 725 Ohio St, Lawrence.

Sinclair, Luke P., Sinclair, Lorene V. to Lilly, Chad M., Lilly, Megan P., 4308 W 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Leach, Travis C., Leach, Tara G. to Csillam, Joseph, Csillam, Kate, 3616 W 24th St, Lawrence.

Reding, Eugene F., Reding, Cora A. to Isabell, Brent, Isabell, Brent D., Aka, 1822 E 1450 Rd, Lawrence.

Holmes, Brian R., Holmes, Alicia B. to Plattner, Wade M., 4505 Woodland Dr, Lawrence.

Young. Jennifer L.B., Young, Johnathan T. to Molla, Jessica, Molla, Christopher, 2826 Belle Haven Dr, Lawrence.

Harris, Merri L. to Aces Wild Properties LLC, 111 Dearborn Cir, Baldwin City.

Garrett, Eric, Garrett, Eric J., Aka, Li, Qiu Xiang to Grado, Jamie L., 1229 Greenbrier Dr, Eudora.

Tuesday, July 19

Fall Creek Farms Development, Inc. to Khreiss, Wael, Vacant Land.,

Dmh Construction, Inc. to Hickory Properties LLC, Vacant Land.,

Geary, Arthur W., Trustee, Arthur W. Geary And Dorothy V. Geary Revocable Living Trust to Mathews, James M., Mathews, Barbara A.F., Vacant Land.,

Lake, Linda L., Lake, Michael L., Aif to Fee, Ian W., 828 Madeline Ln, Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 20

Lankford, C. Wayland, Trustee, Lankford, Patsy A., Trustee, C. Wayland Lankford And Patsy A. Lankford Revocable Living Trust to Benton, Gary C., Benton, Lori A., 1612 Alvamar Dr, Lawrence.

Sachedina, Alia E., Marco, John San to Stephenson, Barbara, Voldeng, Peter, Voldeng, Peter R., Aka, 1602 East Glenn Dr, Lawrence.

CHP1 LLC to Oea Holdings, LLC, 1216 Louisiana St, Lawrence.

Cummings, Miranda to Mader, Cara, 2705 Bluestem Ct, Lawrence.

Thursday, July 21

Walter, Patrick V., Walter, Elizabeth D. to Donohue, Timothy A., Donohue, Paula N., Donohue, Margaret, 416 9th St, Baldwin City.

Johnson, Phuong T. to Johnson, Caden, Johnson, James J., Johnson, Diana L., 1711 W 19th Ter, Lawrence.

Gallinger, Nicholas J., Gallinger, Betsey E. to Cummings, Miranda, Cohen, Matthew Gould, 1091 E 1479 Rd, Lawrence.

Williams, George H., Huff-Williams, Barbara Faye to Romig, Taylor, Romig, Andrea, 2000 Atchison Ave, Lawrence.

Wright, Andrew D., Wright, Ann N. to Lankford, C. Wayland, Trustee, Lankford, Patsy A., Trustee, C. Wayland Lankford And Patsy A. Lankford Trust, 408 Pasadena Dr, Lawrence.

Kyriakos, Ellen, Administrator, Kyriakos, Sara, Estate Of to Hass, Deborah J., 2439 Jasu Dr, Lawrence.

Miller, Peggy J., Trustee, Peggy J. Miller Revocable Trust to Prochaska, John W.Cprochaska, Teresa S., 1812 E 758 Rd, Lecompton.

Osner, Jeffery to Koch, Hugo Martin, 3022 Havrone Way, Lawrence.

T&K Properties, LLC to Osner, Jeffery J., 411 N John Doy Ct, Lawrence.

Friday, July 22

Hubbard, Daphnye, Stites-Hubbard, Ashley E., Stites, Ashley E., Fka to Landman, Geoffrey Lorynclewin, Shiralee Rebecca, 2404 Atchison Ave, Lawrence.

Messer, Darinda K. to Savage, Kathy E., Suddith, Robert L., 1915 Melholland Rd, Lawrence.

Shorter, Flossie B., Shorter, Robert, Conservator to Jcm Consulting, Inc., 622 Utah Ct, Lawrence.

Birzer, Marcus D., Blanton-Birzer, Monica L. to Merz, Connie, 2012 Melholland Rd, Lawrence.

Seele, Erika L., Seele, Christopher R. to Ward, Jeffrey K., Higgins, Elise F., 3116 W 28th Cir, Lawrence.

CHP1 LLC to Oea Holdings 2, LLC, 1244 Louisiana St, Lawrence.

Quick, Sara, Quick, Jeffrey to Roberts, Kristiana Diane, Roberts, Joshua Michael-Teal, 1104 Wellington Rd, Lawrence.

Deck, Andrew R., Deck, Ashlee Ruth Burleson to Redden, Lindsay H., Base, Jonathen S., 4941 Stoneback Dr, Lawrence.

Weinerth, Mark J., Weinerth, Kelli A. to Clemmons, Kathy R., Clemmons, Dale H., 625 Folks Rd, Unit D117, Lawrence.

Stapleton, Melvin L., Trustee, Roy A. Derrick Revocable Trust to Barry, Gregory Paul, Barry, Rose Marie, 312 North Crestline Dr, Lawrence.

Fitzgerald, Erin P to Sanoubane, Iamsouda, Sanoubane, Dylan S, 2708 Century Dr, Lawrence.

Ostermann, Russell D., Ostermann, Charlotte E. to Mcqueen, Darin W., 704 Hickory St, Lawrence.

Reed, Tiffanie B. to Earles, Erika J., 823 Arkansas St, Lawrence.

Martinez, Gregory, Martinez, Kyra to Meyer, Donald Christopher, Brown, Megan R., 5209 Deer Run Ct, Lawrence.

Grauerholz, James W. to Shibley, Jeffrey K., 1828 Almira Ave, Lawrence.

Timberidge Construction, Inc. to Swisher, Barry Lee, Trustee, Swisher, Rhonda Sue, Trustee, Swisher Family Trust, 1759 N 250 Rd, Baldwin City.

Baker, Karen Mccoy, Baker, Chris Allen, Mccoy, Karen L., Fka to Hackathron, Alex, 2015 E 500 Rd, Lecompton.

Monday, July 25

O’neil, Laura N., Wilson, David A. to Wilson, David A., 1123 Stone Meadows Dr, Lawrence.

Barnes, Christian C., Barnes, Rebecca to Thakker, Aaron A., Thakker, Kore A., 723 Church St, Eudora.

Lind, Ellen, Lind, Brent D., O’hayer, Ellen C., Fka to Hodgson, Andrew, Cai, Wanwan, 101 E 23rd St, Lawrence.

Robinson, Scottie W., Robinson, Sharolyn S. to Brewer, David Robert, Brewer, Jennifer Michelle, 850 N 1663 Rd, Lawrence.

Crititech, Inc. to Crititech Pharmaceuticals LLC, 1849 E 1450 Rd, Lawrence.

Compton, Michael S., Compton, Alena Starr to Berryman, Heath A, Berryman, Yangun, 2124 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

RCLMJR, LLC to Frost, Victor S., Frost, Linda L., 730 New Hampshire St, Unit 3K, Lawrence.

Heider, Robert J., Heider, Linda S. to Liber, Angela, 2256 N 100 Rd, Wellsville.

Mg Holdings, L.C. to Neighbors, Tricia, 2511 Belle Crest Dr, Lawrence.

George, Joshua, George, Abbigail J. to Maldonado, Alondra Moreira, 5012 W 18th St, Lawrence.

Tuesday, July 26

Dahl, Jason to Wilmes, Adam, 2145 Tennessee St, Lawrence.

Moran, Chris A., Moran, Anita L. to Gaskins, Shanice, Gaskins, Carter, 2425 Via Linda Dr, Lawrence.

Advance Builders Inc to Dodge, Mark, Dodge, Jill, 1113 Signal Lake Ct, Baldwin City.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Shurtz, Michael E., Shurtz, Kristin L., 309 N White Dr, Lawrence.

Dodge, Mark D., Dodge, Jill M. to Winton, Mark T., Winton, Karen, 902 E 13th St, Eudora.

Wednesday, July 27

Mais, John Matthew, Mais, Julie Beth to Ryan, John M., Ryan, Jill D., 2502 Louisiana St, Lawrence.

Gilmore, Jonathan, Gilmore, Kristine to One Thousand Hills Properties, LLC, 2714 University Dr, Lawrence.

Mulloy, Molly M., Mulloy, Molly, Aka to One Thousand Hills Properties, LLC, 2014 University Dr, Lawrence.

Grimsley, Ruth Ann, Rustee, Ruth Ann Grimsley Trust to Mccarter, Amy, Mccarter, Amy Ann, Aka, Stearman, Barbara, Stearman, Barbara A., Aka, Stearman, Terry, Stearman, Terry A., Aka, 1580 El Dorado Dr, Lawrence.

Davis, Meghan E. to Schmidt, Gordon W., Downey-Schmidt, Christine L., 4000 Crossgate Ct, Lawrence.

Bartel, Krista F, Buller, Krista F., Fka, Bartel, Steven D to Chicas-Mosier, Ana, Stephenson, Logan, Stephenson, Logan M., Aka, 1813 Miller Dr, Lawrence.

Thursday, July 28

Jobe, Brian K., Jobe, Kelly L. to Michael T. Lyons And Theresa A. Lyons Living Trust, Vacant Land.,

Wahla, Chaudhry Imran, Boumaza, Fadila to Wahla, Asim R, 1024 Lakecrest Rd, Lawrence.

Stockdale, Robert M. to Jeffers, Lance E., Kelley, Andrea L., 1050 Firetree Ave, Baldwin City.

Hunter, Jennifer to Reece, Elizabeth Yeager, 745 Lawrence Ave, Lawrence.

Vequist, Jessica to Atwood, Lydia Nicole, 2102 Pike’s Peek Pl, Lawrence.

Roberts, Gene M., Roberts, Barbara J. to Powell, Johnathan T., Powell, Patricia J., Vacant Land.,

Mays, Cody, Mays, Cori L. to Schmitendorf, Karena, 255 North Michigan St, Unit 80, Lawrence.

Hedges, Richard L., Hedges, Virginia E. to Abernathy, Anna, Abernathy, Larry, III, 2708 Kensington Rd, Lawrence.

Spieth, Harold James, Spieth, Kirstyn Marie, Heine, Kirstyn Marie, Fka to Smith, Derek M, 334 W 26th Ln, Eudora.

Douglas, Mark J., Douglas, Christi R. to Williams, Joe, Williams, Jonnie, Bryan, Molly, 2028 Tennessee St, Lawrence.

Friday, July 29

Turner, Chad Ray, Turner, Elissa Lockman to Laven, Lance, Laven, Jenny, 1220 E 12th St, Lawrence.

Blackstone Development, Inc. to Sri Ganesha LLC, 503 Colorado St, Unit 1, Lawrence.

Anderson, Gary G., Anderson, Gary, Aka, Anderson, Marilyn to Pelzel, Spencer E., Pelzel, Elizabeth M., 1100 Maple St, Eudora.

Stroh, Samuel, Stroh, Molly to Hay, Jay Craig, 915 Drum Dr, Lawrence.

Harris, Quintin A., Harris, Jennifer A. to Rainbow Thunder LLC, 815 Mississippi St, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Jkoehler Inc., 2609 E 26th St, Lawrence.

Lintecum, Terri L. to Williams, Kristen K., 2005 Jenny Wren Rd, Lawrence.

Davis, Dan L., Davis, Mary E. to Davis, Jason D., 3008 Winston Dr, Lawrence.

Jones, Robert Ellis, Jones, Robert E, Aka to Arnold, Timothy J, Mozur, Claudia R, 2607 Arkansas St, Lawrence.

Kramer, William J., Kramer, Rebecca to Vogeler, Becky, 3703 Pinnacle Ct, Lawrence.

Rhodes, Patrice D. to Clark, Andrea, Holthaus, Darcie, 4724 Broadway Ct, Lawrence.

EMJ Services, LLC to Lane, Gary D, Lane, Judy E, 1441 Applegate Ct, Lawrence.

Malley, Benjamin J., Malley, Caroline A. to Cottrell, Kimberly Jean, Dedrickson, Julia Ellen, 2800 Atchison Ave, Lawrence.

Rosebaugh, Amber, Rosebaugh, Jared to Peterson, Debra Sue, 5618 Silverstone Dr, Lawrence.

Erin Callahan-Halpin Living Trust, Callahan-Halpin, Erin, Trustee to Marshall, Nathan, Marshall, Hope, 981 E 1549 Rd, Lawrence.

Kilburn, Mark, Kilburn, Mark A., Aka to Gladman, Anthony, Gladman, Cami S., 1926 E 175 Rd, Lecompton.

Horton, Autumn, Mcneillis, Brian W to Sutti, Helga Eugenia Gomez, Vera, Fabricio Gutierrez, 3013 W 30th St, Lawrence.

Lynch, William D. to Andersen, Robin D., 219 Wisconsin St, Lawrence.

Soni, Mamta, Soni, Hiten to Shipley, Frank, Shipley, Frank E., Aka, Shipley, Emily, Shipley, Emily S., Aka, 612 Arrowhead Dr, Lawrence.

Williams, Douglas to Limonchi, Mamie S., 541 Perry St, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Eswaradass, Prasanna, 418 N Daylily Dr, Lawrence.

Booth, Andrew J., Booth, Kylie to Berry, Amanda K., Berry, Amanda Kay, Aka, Jones, Chris R., 2539 Ousdahl Rd, Lawrence.

Welch, Darren Thomas to Santos, Conner De Los, 2622 Belle Haven Dr, Lawrence.

Monday, Aug. 1

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to OT, LC, 3208 Charlotte Ln, Lawrence.

Mcgrew, Patricia A., Kealing, Anne Viola, Kealing, Jonathan to Limestone Management, LLC, 4023 W 26thTer, Lawrence.

Pesnell, Evelyn Kay, Pesnell, Leon, Jr., Peterson, Larry Otto, Peterson, Zella Joanne, Peterson, Tony Lee, Peterson, Debra Lynn, Griffith, Brian N., Dillon, Tracey M., Rhodd, Tanya L., Rogier, Anita, Rogier, Gordon, Peterson, Tony Lee, Aif to Vanderneck, James Ryan, Vanderneck, Sarah A., Vacant Land.,

Hoy, Matthew H., Trustee, William C. Barteldes Revocable Trust to Hoppock, Ronald, Hoppock, Kristin, 1021 Langston Ct, Lawrence.

Mills, Laura to Chandler, Timothy E., 3722 Westland Pl, Lawrence.

Elliott, Marcia A to Danner, Flora Jane, Danner, Gary R, Katzer, Michael D, Katzer, Melissa S, 2325 Pheasant Pl, Eudora.

Peaslee, Kyle W., Earhart, Valerie D., Earhart, Darrin to Hayer, Massa Singh, Hayer, Varinder Kaur, 421 N Olivia Ave, Lawrence.

Johnson, Deanna J. to Miranda, Susan M., 255 North Michigan St, Unit 94, Lawrence.

Lucas, Rickey J., Lucas, Jeannette Eileen O’connell to Chavez, Amanda, 915 Anna Tappan Way, Lawrence.

Richards, Sean O., Richards, Alexa’jayne M. to Nover-Holt, Deborah Renee, 2036 Louisiana St, Lawrence.

Madg, LLC to Talcott, Joann L., 2713 S Fir Ter, Eudora.

Callaway, Daniel A., Callaway, Tessa Ellen to Seidel, Lindsey, Seidel, Darin A., 2732 Wildflower Dr, Lawrence.

Mcelhaney, Louie L., Mcelhaney, Betty K. to Brooks, Michael L., Fowler, Rebecca L., Vacant Land.,

Witthaus, James B., Witthaus, Marlene to Elson, David B., Elson, Kirsten W., 1208 Waverly Dr, Lawrence.

Dornbusch, Brian P., Dornbusch, Keri R. to Stevenson, Mark, Stevenson, Jill, Stevenson, Olivia, 2015 Stratford Rd , Lawrence.

Neely, Troy L. to Rodriguez, Eugenio, 4213 Timberline Cr, Lawrence.

Price, Cindy L., Trustee, Price, Ritchie L., Trustee, Cindy Price Trust, Price, Cindy L., Price, Ritchie L. to Kalbas, James, Kalbas, Jennifer A., 1357 Stonecreek Dr, Lawrence.