Real estate transfers for Aug. 3-9, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from August 3 through August 9.

Tuesday, Aug. 3

Arch, Darron J., Arch, Lisa H. to Turi, Leonard Anthony, Jr., Turi, Heather Jeanine, 4601 Royal Birkdale Ct, Lawrence.

Campbell, Craig V., Campbell, Sarah A. to Highland Properties 4521 LLC, 4201 Briarwood Dr, Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Chester, Bryan M., Chester, Jennifer A., 6318 W 22nd Ct, Lawrence.

Morgan, Larry E., Morgan, Deborah to Richeson, Wendilynn F., 1887 N 200 Rd, Baldwin City.

Welch, Megan M, Phillips, Megan W, Fka to Vhl Property Management LLC, 2721 Bonanza St, Lawrence.

Sharp, Michael, Berg, Sarah, Sharp, Sarah, Nka to Morris, Matthew R., Morris, Ariel R., 2909 Harvard Rd, Lawrence.

Nowlin, Stewart E., Trustee, Nowlin, Nancy S., Trustee, Stewart E. And Nancy S. Nowlin Family Trust to Weaver, John P., Weaver, Ashley L., 322 Dean Ct, Lawrence.

Brzon, Christopher K., Brzon, Kristin F. to Hamilton, Sheri A, Hamilton, Alex R, 1914 Ohio St, Lawrence.

Goodrick, Jeffrey Lynn, Goodrick, Doreen to Gruver, Dustin, Gruver, Christina, 310 Isacks St, Lecompton.

Kessler, Michele A., Harbison, Owen to Sheridan, Amber Lynette, Sheridan, Thomas Joseph, 1597 N 450 Rd, Baldwin City.

Iskandrani, Mohammed to Parker, Edgar J, Parker, Sheila Marie, 501 N John Doy Ct, 503 N John Doy Ct, Lawrence.

Heald, Scott M., Heald, Sherri L. to Borger, Aaron P., Borger, Alyson A, 1839 E 800 Rd, Lecompton.

Seele, Jerold W., Seele, Janet K. to Fish Family Trust, Vacant Land.,

Wednesday, Aug. 4

Breithaupt, Janet R., Trustee, Janet R. Breithaupt Trust to Hatch, Rene Lynn, Vacant Land.,

Baldwin City to Wright, Alan E., Wright, Amy D., 1100 Indiana St, Baldwin City.

Ecton, Joel T., Colgan, Amanda L. to Campbell, Craig V., Campbell, Sarah, 4405 Goldfield St, Lawrence.

Blue, James, Blue, Zara to Vasquez, Dario, Luque, Rosa Del Carmen, 3001 W 19th St, Lawrence.

Brown, Forrest D., Brown, Vicki S. to Crain Holdings & Investments, LLC, 1517 W 22nd Ter, 1523 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Woolery, Mary Elizabeth, Heaps, Melvin Dean, Jr., 3503 Prairie Clover Ct, Lawrence.

Mrykalo, Vincent E., Mrykalo, Madelyn to Baumann, John Dale, Baumann, Lisa Fay, 2525 Lawrence Ave, Lawrence.

Thursday, Aug. 5

Yost, Maureen E., Yost, Cale R. to Pool, Jacob R., Taylor, Jordan L., 3610 Gunnison Dr, Lawrence.

Buechner, Matthew J. to Kritikos, Alex, Seibel, Ella, Mississippi St, Lawrence.

Tallman, Joyce to Reese, Jason, Reese, Alisha, 810 Randall Rd, Lawrence.

Wolfe, Christopher R., Wolfe, Tracey M. to Poff, Kaitlyn, Rucker, Quintin, 310 Northwood Ln, Lawrence.

Meier, Shawn to Channel, Bobby, Channel, Brigitte K, 2605 Belle Crest Dr, Lawrence.

Collins, Christopher W. to Bhana, Palvih, 710 Maine St, Lawrence.

Goodger, Alvin E, Trustee, Goodger, Sandra S., Trustee, Alvin And Sandra Goodger Legacy Trust, Ware, Ardyce E. Goodger to City Of Eudora, 2216 N 1420 Rd, Eudora.

Stefanov, Atanas G., Stanislavova, Milena O. to Petrovic, Zineta, Petrovic, Uros, 805 Wheaton Dr, Lawrence.

Friday, Aug. 7

Macy, Natalie, Macy, Joshua to Frank, Patricia Elaine, 2132 Carolina St, Lawrence.

K Squared LLC to Sliffe, Kent A., 1622 W 22nd Ter, Lawrence.

Turner, Maren to Christwell, Kenya D, Christwell, Cecil D, 5827 Simple Ln, Lawrence.

Bloom, Eric, Bloom, Colleen to Hopps, Christopher, 4505 Turnberry Ln, Lawrence.

Mason, Ronald C., Trustee, Ronald C. Mason Trust, Mason, Treena S., Trustee, Treena S. Mason Trust to Marchetti, Joseph P., Jr., Marchetti, Corey C., 3633 Buck Brush Ct, Lawrence.

Corbin, Elijah, Corbin, Marysa to Masenthin, Donnie L., II, Masenthin, Tricia A., 2517 Kensington Rd, Lawrence.

Sattler, Jeffrey J. to Pan, Hui, 2728 Harrison , Lawrence.

Mallare, Ronald A., Trustee, Mallare, Teresa L., Trustee, Mallare Revocable Living Trust to Lee, Jessica Yan, Lee, Jessica, Aka, 5913 University Dr, 5915 University Dr, Lawrence.

Capra, Mike, Capra, Tamara, Capra, Tamara J., Aka to Whipkey, Trevor, Dube-Dupuis, Noemie, 301 Boulder St, Lawrence.

Keefer, Terry L., Keefer, Kristi R. to Jenkins, Karena Chanda King, Jenkins, Lawrence Vernon, Iii, 878 E 1650 Rd, Baldwin City.

Ackson, Benjamin W., Franz, Savannah L. to Nguyen, Khanh, Lee, Dunn, 2222 Breckenridge Dr, Lawrence.

Viola, Brooke C. to Obrakta, Matthew K., Davisson, Meighan K., 800 E 7th St, Lecompton.

Carter, Jack E., Carter, Genevieve J. to Phan, Sa, 2745 Grand Cir, Lawrence.

Brewer, Alice M. to Mosher, Glenn, 927 Emery Rd, Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Campbell, Jyll Marie, Campbell, Brandon Wade, 6205 W 22nd Ct, Lawrence.

Monday, Aug. 9

Misse, Gregory A., Misse, Carmen D. to Kuhle, Aaron J., Kuhle, Lindsay A., 1508 Prestwick Ct, Lawrence.

Green, Kelly L., Green, Amber L. to Attwood, Randy, Attwood, Yuko, 5233 Carson Pl, Lawrence.

Ely, Jackson Clark Boyer to Bended Branch LLC, 1129 Connecticut St, Lawrence.

6381 Lc to Swartz, Emilie N., 2033 Naismith Dr, Lawrence.

Self, Elizabeth A. to Proberts, Kevin, 1200 Jana Dr, Lawrence.

Eudora Assembly Of God, Incorporated, Cornerstone Family Worship, Inc., Nka to Kouns Acquisitions, LLC, 823 Elm St, Eudora.

Mr Rentals, LLC to Hout Rentals, LLC, 1100 E 11th St Unit A, Lawrence.

Demaske, Jeff, Damaske, Jann, Demaske, Madeline, Demaske, Jann to Yoxall, Richard, Yoxall, Andrea, Yoxall, Richard R., Aka, Yoxall, Andrea G., Aka, 1214 Crestline Dr, Lawrence.