Real estate transfers for Aug. 17-23, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from Aug. 17 through Aug. 23.

Tuesday, Aug. 17

Stewart, John Thomas, Iv, Stewart, Robert Henry, Beyer, Nancy to Select Rental Management, L.L.C., 3200-02 W 22nd St., Lawrence.

South Lake Holdings, LLC to Short, Andrew, Vacant Land.

T-D Holdings, LLC to Fuzzy Property, LLC, 2125 Quail Creek Dr., Lawrence.

Bontrager, Joni, Dec’d, Garlock, Shelby, Executor to Garlock, Shelby E., 514 Park Hill Ter., Lawrence.

Hein, Dawn M., Hein, Zachary T. to Pottroff, Nicole D., Flanders, Kenneth J., 2078 E 1400 Rd., Lawrence.

Love, Walter J. to Hu, Ben, Zhang, Qi, 223 Glenview Dr., Lawrence.

Collins, Aubrey, Collins, Aaron C. to Kesinger, Casey, Kesinger, Jodi, 123 Santa Fe Dr., Baldwin City.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 807 W 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Floyd W. Preston Trust, Trust Company, Trustee to Wilson, J. Robert, Jr., 832 Sunset Dr., Lawrence.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 803 W 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Grant, Janet L., Trustee, Janet L. Grant Trust to Bryant, Mike, Bryant, Carla, 925 N 1464 Rd., Lawrence.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 811 W 30th Ter, Lawrence.

Huckaby, James Kirk to Collins, Aubrey, Collins, Aaron, 510 E 1750 Rd, Baldwin City.

Thompson, Tanner S., Thompson, Anna K., Nelson, Anna K., Fka to Allen, Rebecca L., Allen, Nathan L., 2037 E 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Hemmert, Kyle, Hemmert, Barbara to Eland, Ken, 1420 Wakarusa Dr., Lawrence.

Beasley, Rex to Thompson, Gregory W, Kulaga, Tanya M, 809 Justin St., Lawrence.

Grant, Richard L., Grant, Kara K. to S&D Builders, LLC, 1103 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence.

Miller, Patsy Davis to Newhoff, LLC, 2814 Trail Rd., Lawrence.

Kistler, Courtney to Hausman, Roxana R., Vacant Land.,

Wyman, Sondra, Wyman, Michael to Hausman, Roxana R., Vacant Land.,

Burns, Britt, Burns, Brooke to Hausman, Roxana R., Vacant Land.,

Wednesday, Aug. 18

Grand Builders, Inc. to Charles Henry Rappard Living Trust, 912 W 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Wicklund Update And Design, LLC to Stagg, Ryan Earl, Smoot, Sarah Anne, 1735 W 20th St., Lawrence.

Sunrise Terrace, LC to Sunrise Terrace Holdings, LLC, 951 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Ramsey, Nell B., Trustee, Ramsey, John S., Trustee, Nell B. Ramsey Trust to Naron, Gregory R., Naron, Marilyn P., 730 New Hampshire St, 3C, Lawrence.

Burk, Karen K., Burk, Robert, Burk, Karen Georgeson, Aka to Georgeson, Curt, 604 Forrest Ave., Lawrence.

Ditch, Michael, Jr., Ditch, Kaitlin to Rogers, Timothy, Rogers, Kellie Robertson, 1012 Summerfield Way, Lawrence.

Campbell, Brandon, Campbell, Jyll M. to Phiomavong, Vienney, Summers, Shannon, 1720 E 29th St., Lawrence.

Luckie, Amber, Luckie, Ryan to Hull, Dru B, 412 Casa Bonita Dr., Lawrence.

Castle Rock, L.C. to Union At The Loop, LP, 3250 Michigan St., Lawrence.

Thursday, Aug. 19

South Lake Holdings, LLC to Russell, Vernon, Russell, Ila, Vacant Land.,

Wright, Nick W. to Milner, Rebecca, Milner, Troy, 826 Pine St., Eudora.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Werkmeister, Steven M., Coto, Brenda A., 2521 E 26th St., Lawrence.

Schweer, Ronald G., Schweer, Brenda S. to Gordon, Sean M., Gordon, Rebekah P. Romm, 1635 George Williams Way, Lawrence.

Gardner, Joshua A., Gardner, Carla S. to Jones, Adam, 4113 Saddlehorn Dr., Lawrence.

South Sides Holdings LLC to Earling, Benjamin, Earling, Katlyn, 2116 Owens Ln., Lawrence.

Family Health, LLC to Shawnee Mission Medical Center, Inc., 4921 W 18th St., Lawrence.

Friday, Aug. 20

Stansell, James R., Jr., Stansell, Cynthia, Stansell, Wayne A., Stansell, Lisa to Hanks, Scott, Hanks, Stacia, 416 Isacks St., Lecompton.

Schneider Properties, LLC to Johnson, Trenton, 1934 Naismith Dr., Lawrence.

Beauford, Todd, Beauford, Jessica to Koprince, Steve J., Koprince, Anne L., 1119 Sawhill Dr., Lawrence.

Mcalister, Kristi L. to Weipert, Nathan W., Weipert, Sarah H., 1409 Riverside Dr., Lawrence.

Elston, Mark, Trustee, Three G Trust to Lorenzo, Richard, Lorenzo, Ann, 201 Chapel St., Baldwin City.

Steele, Jasmine T., Blair, Christopher N. to Desetti, Nathaniel Keefe, 3906 W 10th Cir, Lawrence.

Doane, Steven R., Doane, Heidi L. to Hall, Brittany K., 323 Florida St., Lawrence.

Mills, William R, Mills, Julie to Baker, Toby, 3107 W 9th St., Lawrence.

Payne, Jarett, Payne, Samantha Collins to Rice, Hannelore, 205 Summertree Ln., Lawrence.

Harmon, William L., Sr., Harmon, Mary Beth, Harmon, William L., Sr., Trustee, Harmon, Mary Beth, Trustee, Harmon Revocable Living Trust to Jantz, Tammy S., 782 Locust St., Lawrence.

Frye, Randall R., Frye, Denise L. to Cloud, James, Cloud, James E., Aka, Cloud, Angela, Cloud, Angela M., Aka, 865 E 1264 Rd., Lawrence.

King, Ronald G. to Andrews, Sira, Andrews, Jonathan Laurence, 3010 Four Wheel Dr., B, Lawrence.

Kerr, Douglas K., Kerr, Camille M. to Simoneau, Casey A., Simoneau, Elise A., 1005 Lisa Ct., Baldwin City.

Bond, Robert S., Bond, Robert Stephen, Aka, Bond, Susan to Naeger, Micah, Naeger, Aric, 1117 Sturbridge Cir., Lawrence.

Central Trust Company, Trustee, Lance W. Burr Trust to Thellman, Scott T., Jr., Hayden, Chelsi K., 1927 E 1300 Rd., Lawrence.

Abdelmajeed, Merwan A. to Maune, Marvin, Jr., 3018 Harper St., Lawrence.

Industrial Maintenance Of Topeka, Inc. to Crown Property Investments LLC, 855 Maple St., Lawrence.

Bretthauer, Donald W., Bretthauer, Linda A. to Shapiro, Robert J., 3105 Campfire Dr., Lawrence.

Dino, Christopher J. to Smith, Leah, Smith, Jordan, 1392 E 2000 Rd., Eudora.

Monday, Aug. 23

Mcghee, Derick C. to Schramm, Lance, Schramm, Stacey, 197 E 2200 Rd., Wellsville.

Albaba, Samir, Birdcreek, Brenda to Langley, Jamie R., Langley, Amanda F., 2300 Blk Sequoia Pkwy., Lawrence.

Watts & Watts, LLC to Gaylord, Caleb, Gaylord, Kelsey, Walnut St. Lot, Eudora.

Ward, Ryan, Ward, Shauna to South Kc Properties LLC, 1809-11 W 4th St., Lawrence.

Patterson Patricia J. to Gentry, Denise G., 2529 Scottsdale St., Lawrence.

Olson, Clint W., Olson, Renee’ M. to Macfarlan, Luke, Macfarlan, Emilee, 925 W 29th St., Lawrence.