Real estate transfers for Aug. 10-16, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s office from Aug. 10 through Aug. 16.

Tuesday, Aug. 10

Price, Allen, Price, Amanda to Lyn, Tracey, 2406 Alabama St 4A, Lawrence.

Probasco, Steven B., Probasco, Darlene Lou to Bell, Joshua C., Cruz-Espinoza, Celene S., 2525 Winterbrook Dr, Lawrence.

Demaske, Jeff, Damaske, Jann, Demaske, Madeline, Demaske, Jann to Yoxall, Richard, Yoxall, Andrea, Yoxall, Richard R., Aka, Yoxall, Andrea G., Aka, 1214 Crestline Dr, Lawrence.

Wesbecker, Daryl E., Wesbecker, Karen A. to Dinkel, Brian Lee, Dinkel, Terresha Lyn, 665 N 1474 Rd, Lawrence.

Coachman, David J., Coachman, Mary L. to Galindo, Jacinta Simon, 1515 Lindenwood Ln, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Lisi, Russell Di, 401 N Daylily Dr, Lawrence.

Beard, Paul Michael, Ii to Leonard, John, Mantescu, Nicoleta, 821 Maine St, Lawrence.

Brucks, Jakob, Brucks, Nikol Marie to Lowe, Colton, Stucky, Cheyenne, 928 New Jersey St, Lawrence.

Polacca, Anthony, Polacca, Ellen M. to Proudfit, Malcolm D., Proudfit, Kira E., 2034 E 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Quick Service Realco, LLC to Sarlo, Michael, Trustee, Sarlo, Lory, Trustee, Atlantis Trust, 658 W 23rd St, Lawrence.

Payne, Janet S., Payne, Janet Stouppe, Aka to Howell, David John, Howell, Andrea Michelle, 213 High St, Baldwin City.

Hundley, Craig Albert, Hundley, Kristin Michelle to Marquard, Krista D., Marquard, Elizabeth R., 1380 Stonecreek Dr, Lawrence.

Garber, Audrey B. to S&D Builders, LLC, Vacant Land.

Sunflower Capital, LLC to Bourneuf, Daniel, 932 Arkansas St, Lawrence.

Fairfield Farms 3, LLC to Drippe Homes, Inc., 2704 E 26th Ter, 2608 Bridgewater Dr, Lawrence.

We1929, L.L.C., We1929 LLC, Aka to Drippe Homes, Inc., Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Wednesday, Aug. 11

Maxwell, Billy D to Merritt, Dustin L, Merritt, Virginia L, 228 Elm St, Baldwin City.

Woofter, Michael Quade to Taylor, Torey, Raymond, Tera, 2216 Alabama St, Lawrence.

Astrab, Joseph, Astrab, Elizabeth to Rupp, Amber R., 2417 Manchester Rd, Lawrence.

Thursday, Aug. 12

Jal, L.L.C. to Calamar, Inc., 5851 Overland Dr, Lawrence.

Hernandez, Mark to Ward, Nathan, Ward, Haley, 1201 Eder Ct, Eudora.

Canter, Jason R.Canter, Joanna L. to Martin, John Nueman, 2737 Harper St, Lawrence.

Forth, Jennifer L., Day, James to Shanks, Kalie, Lloyd, Abby, 824 Prescott Dr, Lawrence.

Gurumurthy, Anantharaman, Ramprasad, Aarthi to Turman, Walker, Turman, Beatrice Abraham, 6316 Serenade Dr, Lawrence.

Underwood, Gary Ralph, Underwood, Leslie Elliott to Ianello, Robert S., Ianello, Denise Michele Dove, 1005 Stonecreek Dr, Lawrence.

Ross, Jesson S., Ross, Season I.S. to Underwood, Gary Ralph, Ii, Underwood, Leslie Elliott, 135 Earhart Cir, Lawrence.

Jones, Tonya Kay, Trustee, Tonya Kay Jones Revocable Trust to Simpson, Chris, Simpson, Nicole, Simpson, Christopher, Aka, 5508 Bowersock Dr, Lawrence.

Walter, Alta R., Estate Of, Walter, Michael R., Executor to Kemple, Elijah, Kemple, Evelyn, 400 Isacks St, 427 Isacks St , Lecompton.

Friday, Aug. 13

Wedd Street Property, L.C. to Wb&K Lawrence 2021 LLC, 2415 Iowa St, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Morris, Madilyn H., 355 N Parker Cir, Lawrence.

Fullmer, Gina, Petry, Gina M., Fka, Petry, Gina Marie, Aka to Crawford, Patrick, Crawford, Tonya, 4808 Mccormick St, Lawrence.

Roepe, Diane Alison, Trustee, Diane Alison Roepe Revocable Trust to Roepe, Diane Alison, 162727 Learnard Ave, Lawrence.

Kitsmiller, Gaye L. to Wertin, Mark, Wertin, Anne Marie, 1848 N 1200 Rd, Lawrence.

Tomas, Amber Lynn, Tomas, Curtis Mark, Tomas, Waneta Lynn to Hedstrom, Tanner, Hedstrom, Nicole, 3808 Westland Pl, Lawrence.

Frenya, Amanda, Frenya, Jeff to Eliades A & J Investments, 4512 Trail Rd, Lawrence.

Kircher, Kristen, Kircher, Jordan to Giblin, Ryan J, 2536 Scottsdale St, Lawrence.

Breithaupt, Janet R., Trustee, Janet R. Breithaupt Trust to Jackson, Edward W., Jackson, Cyndi K., 517 E 850 Rd, Lawrence.

Everhart, Joy M., Everhart, Shannon L. to Smith, Linda K., 5221 Congressional Pl, Lawrence.

Passman, Randy S. to Metzger, Paul A., Metzger, Tammy J., 1724 Illinois St, Lawrence.

Krejci, Jerry D., Krejci, Kelly to Krejci, David G., 2503 Alabama St, Lawrence.

Dixon, Steven Craig, Trustee, Steven Craig Dixon Revocable Living Trust to Bates, Robert G., Bates, Janet W., Vacant Land.

Wheeler, Joseph to Thompson, Robert Taylor, Thompson, Robert, Aka, 1618 Irving Ct, Lawrence.

Baldwin Land Company, Inc. to Crites, Russell A., Crites, Nicole L., 705 Ashley Ct, Baldwin City.

Clausing, Kurt, Britz, Lana to Chansaviang, Ladea, Podrebarac, Karen, 3718 Harford Ave, Lawrence.

Nunoo, Robert, Nunoo, Patience to Langley, Jamie R, Langley, Amanda F, 2330 Bryce Dr, Lawrence.

Ellis, Aaron J., Ellis, Stacy L. to Pulliam, Emily, Ramer, Duke, 1559 N 1060 Rd, Lawrence.

Pitman, Leticia C., Hunt, Leticia C., Fka, Hunt, Leticia Christina, Fka, Pitman, Sherman to Miller, Stephen J., 2608 W 24th Ter, Lawrence.

Kupper, Richard B, Kupper, Bonnie S to Keating, Joseph, Trustee, Keating, Gina, Trustee, Joseph And Gina Keating Living Trust, 1228 Ohio St, Lawrence.

Thomas, Steven S., Copas-Thomas, Mistie J. to Thomas, Sara, Thomas, Lucinda, 2521 Harper St, Lawrence.

Nugent, Scott O., Nugent, Joan M. to Nguyen, Hong, Nguyen, Dinh, 3102 W 31th Ter, Lawrence.

Monday, Aug. 16

Morgan-Avery, Laura to Santee Capital Group, LLC, Vacant Land.

Johnson, Elwood, Johnson, Linda S to Skoch, Elaine M, Parker, Judy L, 5504 Wagstoff Dr, Lawrence.

Burkhart, Hunter T., Burkhart, Hunter, Aka, Bechard, Addison B. to Tracz, Mariah, 729 E 150 Rd, Baldwin City.

Wente, Philip C. to Parker, Denise K., 1627 N 1300 Rd, Lawrence.

Flory, Kathryn L. to Stebbins, Justin, Stebbins, Gretchen, Vacant Land.

Choi, Dongkyu, Lee, Sookyi to Veeder Homes, LLC, 6204 Palisades Dr, Lawrence.

Miko LLC to Gaffney, Jeannie K., 1424 Tamarisk Ct, Eudora.