Real estate transfers for May 4-10, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for May 4-10.

Tuesday, May 4

Krebs, Lydia to Leal, Ruben, 1330 Brook St., Lawrence.

Jeanis, Paul E. and Sydnee to Palmateer, Matthew, 403 Pasadena Dr., Lawrence.

Wilson, J. Robert, Jr. to Hoover, Cherie and Elo, Darin, 4533 Grove Dr., Lawrence.

Polk, Michael R. to Bugh, Robert S., 401 Pasadena Dr., Lawrence.

Miller, David C. to Hunsinger, Timothy E., 2809 Meadow Dr., Lawrence.

Stogsdill, Jacob to Budiardjo, Sandi A., 1207 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

Gilbert, Kimberly K. to Daigh, John R. and Jacquelyn J., 1100 Indiana St. Blk 1, Baldwin City.

Quinn, Marilee to Sancta Maria School, Inc.,1623 Elm St., Eudora.

Oltman, Alan Harm; Tye, Susan Melanie; Oltman, Marcie Lynn; Oltman, Rick Culver to Walnut Street, LLC., 833 E. 13th St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, May 5

Fleming,William N. and Karla J. to Sturgeon, Jess and Stephanie, 5108 Stonewall Ct., Lawrence.

Tamizkar, Daryoush to Tennis, Courtney and Jonathan, 311 Headwaters Dr., Lawrence.

Nix, Erin L. to Mcpherson, Michael J., 521 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Location Properties, L.C. to Moorhead, Andrew, 2821 Winterbrook Dr., Lawrence.

Anderson, Barbara to Baugh, Joanne L. and Sheridan,Margaret, 3022 W. 9th St., Lawrence.

Eddinger, Caroline H. to Risley, Nicole Kibbe and Kelly, 3900 Monterey Pl., Lawrence.

Wade Property Management LLC to Miller, Sean and Jan, 1417 Marilee Dr., Lawrence.

Jason Todd Construction LLC to Evers, Cory and Maria, 3221 Creekwood Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, May 6

Dahl, Cathy L.,Trustee; Dahl, Brandon W.,Trustee; Brandon W. Dahl Revocable Trust to Holmes, Spencer and Annette C., Vacant Land, Lecompton.

Renyer, Paul V.; Renyer, Miranda N.; Reichenberger, Robert J.; Reichenberger, Pamela Sue; Reyer, Miranda N. to Sougey, Ross R. and Kathryn P., 2601 Jordan Ln., Lawrence.

Ward, Joshua and Torrey to Henne, Kevin and Carla, 2717 S. Fir Ter., Eudora.

Oehlert, Luke; Oehlert, Sheri; Floersch, Nathan; Floersch, Ashley to Mcwilliams,Tyler and Nicole, Vacant Land, Lawrence.

Friday, May 7

White, Roger and Anita to Timberidge Construction, Inc., 1759 N. 250 Rd., Baldwin City.

Soto, Gilberto, Darcey, Max and Lynn to Muller Traditions, LLC, 837 W. 22nd St., Lawrence.

Hayes, Kenneth D.,Trustee, Duane B. Hayes Revocable Trust to Buck, Jeffrey D. and Kahele-Buck, Michelle Fay, 1617 N. 600 Rd., Baldwin City.

Bahnmaier, Daniel and Heather to Herron Living Trust, 415 Fort Laramie Dr., Lawrence.

Martin, Joseph and Kristi to Higgins, Alyssa, 950 N. Field Stone Dr., Lawrence.

Bowling, Zachary and Hannah to Frantz, Summer, 936 Alma Dr., Lawrence.

Congleton, Andrew and Britani to Ksab Properties, LLC, 1731 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Sturgeon, Jess and Stephanie to Kopy, Michael and Terri, 917 Renaissance Dr., 919 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence.

Flickinger, Sarah and Aaron to Clark, Heather and Malone, Skyler Aaron, 3903 Tumbleweed Ct., Lawrence.

Fisher, Jason A. and Mcanulla, Rebecca L. to Hall, Jeffrey and Amber, 814 E. 13th St., Lawrence.

Polidoro, Joanne to Alian, Mohammad, 1609 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

Solcher, Scott and Karen to Congleton, Andrew Paul and Britani,1732 Lake Alvamar Dr., Lawrence.

Minnis Building & Design Co.,LLC to Solcher,Scott and Karen, 5210 Cedar Grove Ct., Lawrence.

Williams, Kenneth and Teresa to Vanderslice, Tara,105 Santa Fe Dr., Baldwin City.

Daniels, Ellis and Lauren to Welch, Garrett and Kathleen, 3545 Morning Dove Cir., Lawrence.

Moranz, Craig to Quintana, Rafael Umana and Vera, Sofia, 2705 Lockridge Dr., Lawrence.

Johnson, Donald and Sandra to Nellor, Jacob and Lesley, Vacant Land, Baldwin City.

Johnson, Donald and Sandra to Nellor, Jacob and Lesley, 1934 N.250 Rd., 1936 N. 250 Rd., Baldwin City.

Nmdc Management, LLC to Jameela Properties LLC, 1602 W. 6th Ter., 1604 W. 6th Ter., 1606 W. 6th Ter., 1608 W. 6th Ter., 1610 W. 6th Ter., 1612 W. 6th Ter., 1614 W. 6th Ter., 1616 W. 6th Ter., Lawrence.

Liggett, William Thomas,Jr. and Kristen Kay to Barta,Tyler and Janelle, 1119 Oak St., Eudora.

Kimball, Maurice D.,Jr. and Charlene T. to Honeywell,Tamara, 2733 Maverick Ln., Lawrence.

Volk, Marilyn A. to Bellavia, Steven R. ,Trustee; Bellavia,Virginia H.,Trustee; Steven R. Bellavia Living Trust, 703 N. Wild Plum Ct., Lawrence.

Meadows, Luke Ryan and Rochelle Marie to Volk, Marilyn A., 332 N. Carver Ln., Lawrence.

Monday, May 10

Equity Management LLC to Harrison, Robert David and Lee-Harrison, Erin, 419 Minnesota St., Lawrence.

Caffee, Daniel R.,Trustee; Caffee,Tammie D.,Trustee; Caffee Family Revocable Trust to Gaston, Cory, Vacant Land, Baldwin City.

Hickory Properties, LLC to Mcdiarmid, Caitlin, 758 Locust St., Lawrence.

Osborn,Michael and Carolyn to Beckmeisters, LLC, 4720 W. 24th St., 4722 W. 24th St., Lawrence.

Barnett, Tonie Renee,Trustee; Tonie Renee Barnett Revocable Living Trust to Hicks, Stephanie Mae, 2039 Barker Ave., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Attawala, Munjal and Parikh, Roosha, 3235 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Gruenwald, Robert T. to Welsh, John, 1210 Wagon Wheel Rd., Lawrence.

Selvidge, Jennifer Lynn to Foster,Joyanne and Matthew Royce, 1142 Connecticut St., Lawrence.

Tig Properties, LLC to Fuelberth, Steven and Jodie, Vacant Land, Eudora.

Consolidated Properties, Inc. Of Lawrence to Lks Management LLC, 623 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Lanoue, Robert and Carol to Davis, Clinton and Jamie, 1502 College St., Baldwin City.