Real estate transfers for March 16-22, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for March 16-22.

Tuesday, March 16

Mary P. McCracken to Dean Family Loving Trust, 417 N Olivia Ave., Lawrence.

Jake Garber Construction, LLC to Travis D. Graham and Jodi L. S. Graham, 422 Three Forks Dr., Lawrence.

Judy S. Neslage and Teresa L. Roberts and Shannon P. Roberts to Doris J. Ediger, 919 Grove St., Baldwin City.

Michael Prittie and Beth Prittie to Sean Kilgo and Michelle Kilgo, 3917 Harvard Rd., Lawrence.

Dennis A. Flory Trust and Mary A. Flory Trust to Rose Gaynor and Brett Gaynor, 762 E. 1250 Rd., Rural.

Gary L. Shults and Margaret M. Shults to Dennis R. Zwahlen, Jr., 428 E. 2100 Rd., Rural.

Provident Investments LLC to Kyle C. Perry and Aspen A. Perry, 1842 W. 27th Ter., Lawrence.

Alonso Ramos and Shirley Moriano to William D. Kimbrell, 6204 Blue Nile Dr., Lawrence.

Christina Scharfenberg and Matthew Scharfenberg to Anna Lockner, 1471 E. 700 Rd., Rural.

Wednesday, March 17

Kent T. Snyder to Jagadesh K. Yelavarthi and Georgina Jackson, 2004 E. 25th Ter., Lawrence.

Patrick A. Davis, Jr. and Tasha M. Bastemeyer to Karen M. Bastemeyer and Richard J. Bastemeyer, 862 N. 1710 Rd., Lawrence.

RLCC, Inc. to Yager Trust, 1836 Foxfire Ter., Lawrence.

South Lake Holdings, LLC to Babatunde I. Okoya and Adesuwa A. Okoya, 988 E. 622 Rd., Rural.

William C. Votypka and Carrie A. Votypka to Joon H. Park and Jimin Kim, 1016 April Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Sammy L. Hunsaker and Robin M. Hunsaker to Ruth R. Meyers, 1616 E. Glenn Rd., Lawrence.

Robert L. Stephens and Mary K. Stephens to Morgan J. Minnis and Heidi M. Minnis, 508 Canyon Dr., Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC to Frand W. Hicks and Kathryn R. Hicks, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. #2602, Lawrence.

Richard J. Bastemeyer and Karen M. Bastemeyer to Joseph R. Wilson, Jr., 2420 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Thursday, March 18

Alexander T. Pierron and Tracy A. Pierron to Callie Martinelli and Daniel Martinelli, 1030 Peach St., Eudora.

Kevin J. Wold Family Trust to Lew Perkins and Gwen F. Perkins, 5637 Villa Dr., Lawrence.

Hannah, Allison and Samuel Natale to, LLC, 1708 E. 21st Ter., Lawrence.

Mary E. Stewart to Stella E. Stewart and Jeffrey K. Stewart, 626 Mississippi St., Lawrence.

Zach Wright and Samantha Wright to Steve Pascal and Luann Pascal, 1000 Main St., Eudora.

Matthew D. Robinson and Susan L. Robinson to Marc Donnelly, 917 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

UCR Homes, LLC to Jonathan W. Brunswig and Jena R. Brunswig, 1031 Maine St., Lawrence.

Linda Vancoevern to D. Keith Jones and Debra K. Jones, Vacant land, Rural.

Watts & Watts, LLC to Kevin Brown and Anna Brown, Lot split, Eudora.

Friday, March 19

BCC Investments LLC to Douglas Williams, 541 Perry St., Lawrence.

Edward J. Bailey-Mershon and Glenda M. Bailey-Mershon to Joseph Liller and Carolyn Liller, 502 Millstone Dr., Lawrence.

Michah and Julie Woong Living Trust to Timothy E. Hunsinger, 326 Northwood Ln., Lawrence.

Deborah Lynn Stobaugh Revocable Trust to Kristy McManness and Gary McManness, 4833 Tempe St., Lawrence.

Kansas University Endowment Association to Jeffery J. Arnaud and Donna L. Arnaud, Vacant land, Rural.

Caxton J. Manray Living Trust to Caitlin Sidener, 2512 Lazy Brook Ln., Lawrence.

Debra J. Rainbolt and Monty E. Hobbs and Denise Hobbs to Rachel Gardner and Kimberly Bessolo, 604 Arrowhead Dr., Lawrence.

Rockwall Farms, L.C. to Amber Alvarez, Vacant land, Rural.

Lawrence Vintage Cycle LLC to Michael K. Riggs and Emily A. Riggs, 912 N. 3rd St., Rural.

Mac-I Partnership to John M. Le, Vacant land, Rural.

Rikki Johnson and Josh Beach to Tony Smith and Catherine J. Smith, 2908 Rimrock Dr., Lawrence.

Gray Properties of Lawrence LLC to BCC Investments, LLC, 868 Elm St., Lawrence.

Audrey M. Herbert to Aretha Gomiller and Nefertari Shepherd, 1704 Tennessee St., Rural.

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Chad Siemon and Earl Siemon and Kathleen Siemon, RDP1, Rural.

Larry L. Grandfield and Mary J. Grandfield to Scott Grandfield, 539 Eldridge St., Lawrence.

William J. Penny and Marlene V. Penny to Natasha J. Hansen, 3704 Dandy Dr., Lawrence.

Eugene L. Hardtarfer Revocable Trust to 1344, LC, 623 Missouri St., 628 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Riverside Business Park LLC to SCF Real Estate, L.L.C., 2000 Packer Ct., Lawrence.

Nancy E. Burchett to Derrick M. Downing, 211 Arkansas St., Lawrence.

Monday, March 22

T-D Holdings, LLC to Jerry L. McDavis, 2139 Quail Creek Dr., Lawrence.

Free State Properties, Inc. to Lindsay M. Pope and Robert Pope, 1239 New York St., Lawrence.

Ernest L. Klindt and Ruby G. Klindt Revocable Trust to Rowland P. Vernon, III and Randa R. Vernon, 3215 W. 9th St., Lawrence.

Heartland Leasing, LLC to Madmin LLC, 800 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Andrew V. Carriger and Bette G. Carriger to James C. Massaro and Susan E. Massaro, Vacant land, Rural.

Jeffery C. Cuttell and Amy K. Cuttell to Philip Bradshaw and Maureen Bradshaw, 2725 Lankford Rd., Lawrence.