Real estate transfers for March 9-15, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for March 9-15.

Tuesday, March 9

Grosdidier Family Trust to James C. Neis and Dale R. Neis and Stanley P. Neis, Vacant land, Rural.

Duane E. Wyatt Jr. and Michelle R. Wyatt to Stan Klarenbeek, 112 Oak Pl., Eudora

Evanshar, L.L.C. to Crawford Siding, Window & Guttering, L.L.C., 814 W. 23rd St., Lawrence.

ABC2, LLC to BJ North County Medical Dental Center, LLC, 500 Rockledge Rd., Lawrence.

Matthew Palmateer and Heather Palmateer to Hunter Cline, 509 Dakota St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, March 10

Eric M. Williams and Barbara K. Williams to Derek Wright and Jeri Wright, 208 Kaw Ct., Lawrence.

Christopher R. Warren to Nicholas D. Totten and Kyrie Lynch, 4958 Stoneback Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, March 11

Jerry L. McDavis and Ruby D. McDavis to Suzanne Jacobsen and Sera N. Riedesel, 501 Colorado St, Bldg A, Unit 1, Lawrence.

Leroy E. Shaughnessy, Estate Of, to Jerome Roth and Susan E. Roth, 3604 Hartford Ct., Lawrence.

Leonard B Courtwright and Martha L. Courtwright Revocable Trust to Glenn T. Courtwright, 1847 E. 1700 Ed., Rural.

Jerry A. Loftin to Erin J. Bures and Eliah M. Bures, 870 E. 1050 Rd., Rural.

Ze Yue, Zheng and Liu Shu Qin to Matthew Torenden and Bailee Deviney, 503 Heritage Dr., Baldwin City.

Jerry Chandler and Mary K. Chandler to Vaughn L. Flora, 2006 Camelback Dr., Lawrence.

Friday, March 12

Kenneth A. Owens and Cathy I. Owens to Michael Hallahan and Teri Craner, 5520 Bowersock Dr., Lawrence.

Nancy J. Kampschroeder to Thomas D. Hegeman and Marisa A. Hegeman, 1335 Maple Ln, Rural.

Radwan N. Qaddedeh and Sondos W. Yasin to Brandon D. Graham and Andrea A. Graham, Vacant land, Rural.

Dilley Associates Revocable Trust to Lawrence J. Naab and Amy M. Naab, 2022 N. 600 Rd., Rural.

Charles E. Sult and Sylvia E. Cowden to Jon S. Kubricki, 2720 Ann Ct., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to JKW, LC, 3203-05 Charlotte Ln., Lawrence.

Trent D. Santee and Kiley J. Santee to David A. Royer, 2709 Wildflower Dr., Lawrence.

Fred V. McClendon and Danice O. McClendon to Jared Scholz and Amanda Scholz, 1327 Elm St., Eudora.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Jominich, L.C., 3209 Charlotte Ln., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to OT, LC, 3215 Charlotte Ln., Lawrence.

George W. Swift II to Lynn S. Anderson, 690 E. 1450 Rd., Rural.

Mary D. Swift and Juergen Bohnemeyer to Lynn S. Anderson, 690 E. 1450 Rd., Rural.

Lynn S. Anderson to NH, LLC, 690 E 1450 Rd., Rural.

Drippe Homes Inc. to Mariana Z. Sieck, 324 N. Keaton Ct., Lawrence.

Hy-Vee Inc. to Velocity Church of Lawrence, Lot split, Lawrence.

Monday, March 15

Consolidated Properties Inc. to Mass Impact LLC, 1011 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes Inc. to Vanessa Schmidt and Orion Huse, 2621 Ralston St., Lawrence.

Darren L. Jacques and Julie A. Jacques to Rockie Browning, 913 Silver Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Veedub Properties, LLC to Johnathan A. Riedel and Robert E. Riedel, 2006 Ousdahl Rd., Lawrence.

Laurence C. Keating and F. Jaime Keating to Shawn Ridings, 4404 Turnberry Dr., Lawrence.

David C. McClure to Strata Trust Company, Vacant land, Rural.

Richard L. Todd and Joseph M. Spiess to Richard L. Todd, 2712 Ponderosa Dr., Lawrence.

Yankee Tank Estates LLC to Joseph Helms and Marletta Helms, 3229 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Julie A. Descombes to Constance K. Grob, 2703 Shadow Ridge Ct., Eudora.

Amy E. Spikes to Julie Jacques and Darren Jacques, 248 Earhart Cir., Lawrence.

Ryan D. Hickman and Miriam L. Hickman to Christopher C. Underwood and Julia Underwood, 4600 Woodland Dr., Lawrence.

Terry A. Prentice and Deanna Prentice to Mary P. McCracken, 409 N Winnie Way, Lawrence.