Real estate transfers for March 2-8, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for March 2-8.

Tuesday, March 2

Brian K. Goines, Jr. to Todd A. Miller and Leeann R. Miller, 2120 Goodell Ct., Lawrence.

Robert S. Bugh and Yanling Bugh to Rachael L. Slone-Garcia and Antonino Garcia, Jr., 805 Renaissance Dr., Lawrence, and Jose Bedolla, Aff. Of Eq. Inst.1017 Grove St., Baldwin City.

Harold Lee Zimmerman, Estate Of to Alex P. King and Eric M. King, 4301 Wimbledon Ter, 7A, Lawrence.

Nicholas C. Mosher and Emily A. Mosher to Jeffrey J. King and Kareen M. King, 2723 Maverick Ln., Lawrence.

Stephen E. Fonseca and Sara A. Fonseca to Rachel Hendrix, 2704 Ann Ct., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Sumit Kar, 2536 Ralston St., Lawrence.

Charles Getto, Estate Of, to Jane M. Getto Revocable Trust, Vacant land, Rural.

Wednesday, March 3

Free State Holdings, Inc. to Jeff Sigler, 4431 Bauer Farm Dr., Lawrence.

Jeffrey Sattler to Peter E. Loughead, 2735 Coralberry Ct., Lawrence.

DJ’s, Inc. to William Z. Keen, 1514 Stevens Rd., Eudora.

Tenants to Homeowners, Inc. to Stanley Weil, Maya Weil and Rolf Petermann, 1404 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Lance E. Barilow and Katherine L. Barilow to Manaf Sellak and Safae Boukbir, 5210 Spruce St., Lawrence.

Thursday, March 4

Scott R. Lybarger and Katrina L. Lybarger to Nathan Denoyelles, 2003 Goodell Ct., Lawrence.

Jennifer Ramsey and Matthew Ramsey to Robin F. Horton, 4704 Muirfield Dr., Lawrence.

Travis Searl and Felicea McWhorter to Nancy S. Newell, 1917 N 200 Rd., Rural.

MIKO LLC to Margaret Debusk and Cody Galley, 1601 Acorn Ln., Eudora.

Friday, March 5

Trisha L. Tyree and Robert Robinson to Jerrod T. Wilson and Bree Wilson, 1618 Cottonwood St., Eudora.

Melanie Oldfather to Christopher M. M Larson, Vacant land, Rural.

Jerry Cromwell Construction, Inc. to Evan Meyers and Chelsea Meyers, 207 W 16th Ter., Eudora.

Joshua R. Mahoney and Margaret E. Mahoney to Jaden A. Moore and Breck E. Moore, 1848 Villo Woods Ct., Lawrence.

Roger D. Johnson and Debra C. Johnson to Kristan and Angela Seymour Trust, Vacant land, Rural.

Hoogland 2015 Grandchildren Property Limited Partnership to Kathleen Knox Hoogland Limited Partnership, 1818 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

George Laughead to Laura Klein and Daniel Luckey, 818 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Linda R. Albin to Stephen Hurst and Lucy K. Hurst, 308 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Jose F. Valdivia and Juana P. Valdivia to Jin-Cheng Guu and Xiling Dai, 2723 Grand Cir., Lawrence.

Sharon Galloway to Thomas H. Stone, 730 New Hampshire St., 4L, Lawrence.

Monday, March 8

Jared A. Bednar and Katarina Bednar to Casey M. Williams, 2316 Meadow Dr., Lawrence.

Dustin J. Hayes, Estate Of, to Dave Oland and Sarah Oland, Vacant land, Lawrence.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Christina Reed, 1927 Miller Dr., Lawrence.

Jacob D. Alsdurf and Emily Collin to Stephen Sandstrom and Sarah Sandstrom, 916 E 1900 Rd., Rural.

Kelsey L. Lashbrook and Lee S. Lashbrook to Nolan Parker, 1712 Hampton St., Lawrence.

Robert L. Custer and Linnae K. Custer Revocable Trust Agreement to Donald Hatcher and Paula Hatcher, 2406 Alabama St., 13C, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Kelsey L. Lashbrook, 2504 E 26th St., Lawrence.

Jon Forsberg and Jennifer Forsberg to 410 Investments LLC, 618 Birch St., Eudora.

John A. Schonberg and Danae M. Schonberg to Gregory J. Mann and Suzanne H. McKinney, 1201 Brook St., Lawrence.

Cuilian Zhao to Richard P. Schnorenberg and Nakia Y. Waller, 502 John Doy Ct., Lawrence.

Velma A. Heine to Charles M. Fawl and Roxane M. Fawl, Vacant land, Rural.

Stefano Pogany Restated Living Trust to Trace A. McGee and Valerie L. Brunson, 1817 Almira Ave., Lawrence.