Real estate transfers for Feb. 23-March 1, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Feb. 23-March 1.

Tuesday, Feb. 23

Alejandra M.I.G. Guzman and John Huntington, Jr. to Erik A. Sartorius, 2300 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Kim M. Wampler and Russel L. Hill to Brindy Fitzpatrick, 2040 Ohio St., Lawrence.

William Schroeder and Dana Schroeder to Bruce Romans, 2136 Ohio St., Lawrence.

U.S. Bank Trust, N.A., Trustee to Alejandro L. Ochoa, 1005 Peach St., Eudora.

Wednesday, Feb. 24

Corban E. Schmidt and Madison E. Schmidt to Tiffany M. Beck, 121 Tumbleweed Dr., Lawrence.

Cacti Land, L.L.C. to Angela D. Powell and Kevin L. Powell, 1708 E. 1117 Rd., Lawrence.

Brad C. Zilliox to Clayton Webb and Sarah Statham, 2801 Maine Ct., Lawrence.

Marshall K. Wade and Sheila D. Wade to Jose L. Rodriquez, 1929 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Robert Ingle to Lucas J. Ingraham, 2001 College St., Rural.

Final Four Investors to Brandon L. Weber and Fawn M. Weber, 1132 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Donald R. Mayberger and Tresa C. Hill to Robert B. Craft, Vacant, Rural.

Thursday, Feb. 25

Minnis Building & Design Co., LLC to Justin W. Roberts and Shawna K. Roberts, 310Stoneridge Ct., Lawrence.

Shawna K. Roberts and Justin W. Roberts to Aaron Stewart and Melissa Attaway, 3911 Prairie Rose St., Lawrence.

Jinglei Xiang and Weijun Lu to Davis W. Vignery and Janelle Vignery, 2740 Coneflower Ct., Lawrence.

Landstar Development, L.C. to Drippe Homes, Inc., 301 Ames St., 300 Baker St., Blk 1, Lawrence.

Michael A. Magers to James RE LLC, Baldwin City.

Shannon L. Ryan and Tai A. Spann-Ryan to Melanie Derousse, 726 Missouri St., Lawrence.

Friday, Feb. 26

Harold G. Waite, Karen L. Waite, Doug Brenn, Douglas W. Brenn and Nancy Brenn to LLL LLC, 1726 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Pei Zhang and Chen Lin to Sune Gravesen and Nicole A. Gravesen, 1531 Legend Trail Dr., B, Lawrence.

Margaret A. Coggins to Jessica Miescher-Lerner and Nicholas Lerner, 625 Sunnyside Ave., Rural.

Ardell J. Hensley to Jordan M. La Force and Laurel S. La Force, 1321 High St., Baldwin City.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Pritha Prasad and Tyler W. Hardin, 410 N Winnie Way, Lawrence.

Carla C. Cornett and Betty J. Swanson to Keifer D. Halpin and Anna N. Halpin, 2205 Heatherwood Dr., Lawrence.

Julie Derosia to Tyler C. Dark, 905 N Gunnison Way, Lawrence.

Steven J. Blomquist and Debbie J. Blomquist to Alan T. Hornbaker, 230 Summertree Ln., Lawrence.

Catherine N. Ilya and Zachary Palasz to Thomas P. Cartwright and Hope L. Lanigan, 2617 Chasehire Dr., Lawrence.

Tsz H. R. Wong to Hickory Properties, LLC, 1940 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

Cornerstone Plaza, LLC to Muth Properties LLC, 1918 E. 23rd St., Lawrence.

Wes Kabler Trust to Evelyn N. Nelson, 2316 Anderson Rd., Rural.

Charles J. Calhoun and Melanie Calhoun to Hickory Properties, LLC, 758 Locust St., Lawrence.

Larry L. Patterson and Mary T. Patterson to Daniel T. Palen, 404 Sharon Ct., Lawrence.

RLCC, Inc. to R. Keith Archibald and Judy Ann Archibald Revocable Trust, 1129 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

Robert A. Rice and A. Alandra Rice to Daniel M. Chrislip and Kristen L. Chrislip, 1319 Spruce St., Eudora.

James M. Coffman and Susan K. Coffman to Alexander Pierron and Tracy Pierron, 2703 Montrose Cir., Eudora.

Zender Family Trust to James B. Jenkins, Carol K. Jenkins and Joyce A. Wright, 2013 Crossgate Dr., Lawrence.

Ellary Ann Blair Living Trust to Sims Properties LLC, 1506 Cadet Ave., Lawrence.

Cody Franks to Irish Tide LLC, 3704 Gunnison Dr., Lawrence.

John P. Fortin and Mary K. Fortin to Jarod M. McTaggart, 1852-4 N 100 Rd., Rural.

Arcare, Inc. to Walter H. Emerson, Jr., 908 W. 4th St., Lawrence.

Monday, March 1

Kimberley Kreicker and Arla A. Jones to Peggy B. Strickland Revocable Trust, 830 Kentucky St, 3, Lawrence.

Juan Gonzalez to Jeffrey J. Groves and Jill M. S. Groves, 725 Locust St., Rural.

Lester L. Walker, Estate Of to Hickory Properties LLC, 3008 W. 28th St., Lawrence.

H2 Properties, LLC to Foley LLC, 1011 E. 31st St., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Megan M. Lazoran and Jason C. Brooks, 1208 Juniper Ln., Lawrence.

CDS Realty LLC to Donna J. Olson, 208 W. 15th St., Lawrence.

Cheryl Roth to Pancake Property Management, LLC, 1632 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Max E. Weibel and Adrienne L. Hickman to Joy N. Molle, 1814 W. 5th St., 1-4, Lawrence.

Kimberly A. Knopp to Lisbeth E. French, 505 Perry St., Lawrence.

Charles Whittaker and April Whittaker to Douglas S. Hunsberger and Theresa Wyle-Hunsberger, Vacant land, Rural.

Lance M. Johnson and Jennifer R. Johnson to Jeffrey Fouraker, 911 Robinson Ct., Lawrence.