Real estate transfers for July 13-19, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office from July 13 through July 19.

Tuesday, July 13

Brown, Roger A., Trustee, Brown, Rhonda K., Trustee, Roger A. Brown And Rhonda K. Brown Revocable Family Trust to Phillips, John Michael, 3916 Dayflower St, Lawrence..

Reimond, Gerard J., Reimond, Linda J., to Ko, Chien-Ho, 4206 W 12th St, Lawrence..

Miko, LLC, to Moeckel, Stuart Dean, Moeckel, Summer Lynne, 1620 Oak St, Eudora.

Daley, Jennifer Elizabeth, Daley, Brandon, to Denooyer, Leroy Thomas, 2352 Belle Haven Dr, Lawrence.

Redlin, Lisa, to Novotny, Marion John, III, Novotny, Jill N., 815 Regents St, Lawrence.

Ross, John, Ross, Janet, to Schwaller, Anne C. Taylor, Schwaller, John Frederick, 3515 Yale Rd, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc., to Ross, John S., Ross, Janet Kay, 357 N Parker Cir, Lawrence.

Wednesday, July 14

Marsh, Dennis, Trustee, Marsh, Ruth Renee, Trustee, Morel, Renee Marsh, Aka, Trustee, Lester C. Marsh And Betty L. Marsh Trust, to Daley, Jennifer E., Daley, Brandon, 1106 W 21St, Lawrence.

Cook, Matthew T., Cook, Jessica M., to Thorp, Robert Lee, Brock, Karen Lee, 313 Sharon Dr, Lawrence.

Wickersham, Burt, Wickersham, Amber, to Phillips, Troy, Phillips, Laura, 700 Fox Chase Ct, Lawrence.

Wertzberger, J. Kay, to Seiler, Kevin C., 3904 W 10th Pl, 3906 W 10th Pl, Lawrence.

Eddins, Jeannine A., Eddins, Michael L., to Riley, Deborah L., 2250 Lake Pointe Dr #1003, Lawrence.

Collins, Barbara Jean, Collins, Susan Rebecca, Collins, Randal Corbet, Collins, Sonya Lynn, Jupe, Judith Elaine, Jupe, Brian Robert, Collins, Lorraine, Hicks, Donald Brent, to Watson, Linda L., 818 Crawford Dr, Lawrence.

Stumpf, Evelyn, to Fielding, Brenda P., 1412 Lawrence Ave, Lawrence.

Stuntz, Richard A., Stuntz, Kathleen L., to Bennett, Janice, 4959 Stoneback Dr, Lawrence.

Coffey, Michael D., to Ault, Travis, 1619 W 21st Ter, Lawrence.

Lee, Justin D., Lee, Amory N., Lee, David W., Lee, Diane, to Freed, Matthew, 1408 W 2nd St, Lawrence.

Thursday, July 15

Johnson, David, Johnson, Stephanie Nicole, to Pando, Rachel E., Pando, Aaron D., 2717 Rawhide Ln, Lawrence.

Masenthin, Donnie L., Ii, Masenthin, Tricia A., to Najm, Salah, 3233 W 26th St, Lawrence.

Reeves, John R., Trustee, Samuels, Judy D., Trustee, Nunez, Melinda, Trustee, Reeves Trust, to Orr, David R., Evinger, Carrie E., 1119 Cherry St, Eudora.

Carrow, Jack B., Carrow, Nancy A., to Burns, John, Burns, Stacy, 2238 N 100 Rd, Wellsville.

Woodward, Gary L., Woodward, Marilyn L., to Ward, Debra L., Ward, Kim A., 1650 George Williams Way, Lawrence.

Sanders, Linda L., Trustee, Sanders, Bradford T., Trustee, Linda L. Sanders Revocable Trust, to Leipold, Lance O., Leipold, Kelly A., 4565 Bauer Brook Ct, Lawrence.

Perko, David M., Perko, Margaret J., to Smith, Meribah E., 4029 W 26th Ter, Lawrence.

Keselman, Paul, Rigby, Taylor, to Feeney, John, 2105 Quail Creek Dr, Lawrence.

Broxholm, Julia Ann, Ormand, Ernest Fred, to Mills, Alan C., Mills, Melissa M., 3214 Calvin Dr, Lawrence.

Miller, Leslie M, to Lucka Homes LLC, 233 Landon Ct, Lawrence.

Feeney, John M., to Geroux, Courtney L., 2520 E 25th Pl, Lawrence.

Martin, Allison S., Martin, Kelly L., to Jennings, Barbara A, 2435 Crestline Dr, Lawrence.

Callaway Rentals, LLC, to Callaway, Ryan Michael, Callaway, Andrea Grace, 822 Rhode Island St Unit 1-3, Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc., to Berger, Helen P., Berger, William J., Berger, Haley D., 918 W 30th Ter, Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc., to Meksem, Kaissa, Djaroun, Toufik, 1007 W 30th Ter, Lawrence.

Walthall, Barry L., Walthall, Bobbie J., to Guha, Amit, Guha, Hirsh, 404 Jane Ct, Lawrence.

Hartman, Laura E., Trustee, Laura E. Morford Revocable Trust, to Batchelder, Jonathan P., Batchelder, Stephanie J., 1960 N 700 Rd, Baldwin City.

Friday, July 16

Harland, Travis, Harland, Travis W., Aka, Harland, Elisabeth N., to Yother, Alison L., 2220 Westchester Rd, Lawrence.

Huerter LLC, to Najm, Salah, 3506 W 7th Ct, 3508 W 7th Ct, Lawrence.

Huerter LLC, to Najm, Salah, 3511 W 7th Ct, 3513 W 7Th Ct, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc., to Avery, Pamela, Avery, Jess J., 404 N Winnie Way, Lawrence.

Pugh, Stefan C., to Kresge, Blake, 416 Cattleman Ct, Lawrence.

Casas Vea LLC, Florence Investments LLC, Fka, to Drippe Homes, Inc., 1232 Juniper Ln, Lawrence.

Rivera-Argumedo, Carlos, to Booth, Cheryl, 131 E 23rd St, Lawrence.

Mcpherson, Michael J., Crangle, Sara Colfax, to Menjivar, Nadia, 3116 Tomahawk Dr , Lawrence.

Weeks, Julia R., Trustee, Weeks, Gary D., Trustee, Weeks Family Trust, to Wahla, Chaudhry Imran Raza, 1738 Kentucky St, Lawrence.

Mills, Kevin L., Mills, Jerri Ann, to Holt, Brian H., Holt, Rebecca J., 341 Cattleman Trl, Lawrence.

Minnis, Morgan, Minnis, Heidi M, to Arnold, Janet E, Arnold, Steven W, 2601 Princeton Blvd, Lawrence.

Robrahn, James E., Trustee, Robrahn, Barbara A., Trustee, James E. And Barbara A. Robrahn Trust, to Knudsen, Hillary K., 402 1st St, Baldwin City.

Lang, Luke A., to Flory, Kyle, Kohlmeyer, Heather, 781 E 500 Rd, Overbrook.

Swart, Tracee Teeter, Trustee, Swart, Randall, Trustee, Arensdorf, Gerard R., Trustee, Mary Joann Teeter Trust No. 1, to Williamson, Mario T., Weathers, Kellan, 223 Arkansas St, Lawrence.

Kring, Kendon B., Kring, Lisa A., to Rivera-Argumedo, Carlos, Soto, Darline, 1025 Randall Rd, Lawrence.

Salb Homes, LLC, to Murphy, James A., Trustee, James A. Murphy Trust, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr #2502, Lawrence.

Lawrence Village LLC, to Charles R. Wood Oil Company, Inc., 1247 Ohio St, Lawrence.

Monday, July 19

Stussie, Gary Paul, Trustee, Stussie, Nellane Kay, Trustee, Gary Paul Stussie And Nellane Kay Stussie Revocable Living Trust, to Borjas, Oscar, 2217 Killarney Ct, Lawrence.

Dodson, Aaron, Stillings, Courtney, to Green, Adam M., Green, Cori, 1912 Louisiana St, Lawrence.

Williams, Adam E., to Hernandez, Monica E. Jimenez, 314 Northwood Ln, Lawrence.

Descombes, Julie A, to Grob, Constance K, 2703 Shadow Ridge Ct, Eudora.

Hatfield, Tom P., to End Zone Properties LLC, 1108 Tennessee St, Lawrence.

Downing, Matthew W., Trustee, Cormack, Kayte R., Trustee, Downing-Cormack Living Trust, to Girratono, John R., Jr., Organ, Amanda L., 2536 Cimarron Dr, Lawrence.

Wagner, William C., Wagner, Stacy A., to Beck, Jordan, 2525 Belle Haven Dr, Lawrence.

Morris, Erin R., to Guo, Jianxin, Liu, Xiaoyan, 4753 Larkspur Cir, Lawrence.

Zangeneh, Paula, to Dodson, Aaron, Stillings, Courtney, 2133 Rhode Island St, Lawrence.

Joyce, Erin E., to Morris, Erin R, 688 E 1725 Rd, 689 E 1725 Rd, Baldwin City.

Ziesenis, Rick, Ziesenis, Rick L., Aka, to Martin, Carla Sue, 1704 Hampton St, Lawrence.

James, Daniel, Brewer, Benjamin, to Weaver, David B., Weaver, Laurie A., 618 N Wrigley Ln, 620 N Wrigley Ln, Lawrence.

Henry, Kaycie, D’orvillers, Kaycie, Fka, Henry, Justin, to Dillon, John C., 3803 Crossgate Ter, Lawrence.