Real estate transfers for Dec. 29, 2020 to Jan. 4, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Dec. 29-Jan. 4.

Tuesday, Dec. 29

Karen Sue Schlosser Revocable Trust to Firkins Rental & Storage, LLC, 215 N 6th St., Baldwin City.

Michelle Ganson to Angela M. Raines and Brian W. Hornberger, 734 Pine St., Eudora.

Ruth Gennrich to BCMC Properties LLC, 1015 W 19th St., Lawrence.

Robert B. Ripperger and Lisa Marshall-Ripperger to Jacob R. Jones and Kelly R. Jones, 1031 Main St., Eudora.

John W. Records and Linda C. Records to Julie G. Ireland and Andrew Sexton, 2235 East Dr., Lawrence.

Quinn A. Miller Revocable Trust to Rivers Bend LLC, Vacant land, Lawrence.

Tamara L. McElhinney to Philip E. Bentzinger and Kari R. Bentzinger, 1705 St. Andrews Dr., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Tamara L. McElhinney, 5206 Spruce St., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to John Ary and Ruby Ary, 1114 W 30th St., Lawrence.

William R. Meairs to Richard A. Hird, Vacant land, Rural.

Rosemary J. Seiger to Nathan Joyes, 340 Pleasant St., Lawrence.

Michael T. Edmondson to Lawrence, Kansas Rentals LLC, 1946 Alabama St., Lawrence.

CP Property Holdings, L.C. to Drippe’ Homes, Inc., 302 & 360 N Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Dec. 30

Dennis L. Tate and Mareta L. Tate to Jeremy K. Jones and Zhuojun Jiang, 6205 Crystal Ln., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Jacob T. White and Janae E. White, 2505 E 26th St., Lawrence.

Pat Ellebracht to Scott Kitsmiller, 717 Sturbridge Ct., Lawrence.

Steven L. Eudaly and Marcy N. McGrew to Dennis L. Tate, 2723 Coralberry Ct., Lawrence.

Scott Bronoski and Samantha Bronoski to Catherine N. Iliya and Zachary P. Palasz, 1428 E 902 Rd., Rural.

Lawrence, Kansas Rentals LLC to Andrew J. Williamson, 1221 W 19th Ter., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc. to Maria D. Morales and Evelyn S. Morales-Quntana, 1122 W 30th St., Lawrence.

Nuzum Homes, L.L.C. to Plan C, LLC, 1309 Waverly Dr., Lawrence.

Ernest Petry to Scott Petry, 1518 Harper St., Lawrence.

Pankaj Sapra and Suzy D. Sapra to Jessica Davis McMahan Irrevocable Trust, 255 N Michigan St., 11-61, Lawrence.

Sanders Family Living Trust to Laura Delacey Atwood Trust, 1026 Drum Dr., Lawrence.

Fairfield Farms 3, LLC to Linda L. Otto, 2509 E 26th Ter., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Sandra Shereman, 5204 Spruce St., Lawrence.

Brazee Lilly Holdings LLC to Contract of sale with Nieder Properties LLC, Affidavit of Eq. Inst., Lawrence.

Richard L. Copp and Linda S. Copp and Melvin E. Copp to Lawrence, Kansas Rentals LLC, 444 Perry St., Lawrence.

Richard Melvin E. and Richard L. Copp and Linda S. Copp to Lawrence, Kansas Rentals LLC, 804 Maple St., Lawrence.

Curtis R. Field and Briana Field to Jared Morrison, 756 North St., Lawrence.

Lawrence, Kansas Rentals LLC to Nicholas Gideon, 444 Perry St., Lawrence.

Nicholas Gideon and Tori L. Gideon to Kern Real Estate LLC, 444 Perry St., Lawrence.

Ming H. Kuo to 410 Investments LLC, 803 Acorn St., Eudora.

Thursday, Dec. 31

Donald R. Boose and Vickie M. Boose to Reid W. Woydziak and Kimberly A. Woydziak, 2124 E 250 Rd., Rural.

Michael A. Flory Revocable Trust and Cheryl A. Flory Revocable Trust to Burning Tree, LLC, Vacant land, Rural.

GDW Rentals, LLC to Darla Stalnaker, 519 John Doy Ct., Lawrence.

Amy L. Schweppe and Derick R. Schweppe to Craig Jendza and Chelsea Bowden, 929 New York St., Lawrence.

Karlee Yocum and Ryan M. Yocum to Brett Taylor, 4967 Stoneback Dr., Lawrence.

Derek E. Lee and Maegan R. Lee to Sean M. Miller and Jan M. Miller, 1354 Westbrook St., Lawrence.

Sims Properties LLC to John P. Hilger, 435 Illinois St., Lawrence.

Petchakolb Properties, L.L.C. to Duxnbux, LLC, 3220 Mesa Way, Lawrence.

Craig R. Warren, Trustee and Mary L. Warren, Trustee to Elizabeth L. Hand and Benjamin A. Cropp, 704 Chouteau CXt., Lawrence.

Karrie McCollam to David Slade and Cathy Slade, 2128 E 26th St., Lawrence.

1955 LLC to Kolibri Ventures LLC, 1732 Tennesee St., Lawrence.

Susan Y. Millstein to Jonathan Greenham and Eileen Greenham, Vacant land, Rural.

Joseph Krahn to Jonathan Greenham and Eileen Greenham, Vacant land, Rural.

Roy J. Holliday and Marie M. Holliday to Jonathan Greenham and Eileen Greenham, Vacant land, Rural.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Hanin Daoud, 1916-18 W 3rd St., Lawrence.

Friday, Jan. 1 – HOLIDAY

Monday, Jan. 4

Eudora Unified School District to Aaron B. Cox and Angel D. Cox, 2714 S Fir St., Eudora.

Z Homes LLC to Jamie E. Sally, 3712 Trail Rd., Lawrence.

John M. Randtke and Lena E. Randtke to Courtney Gebauer and Andrew Gebauer, 710 Main Ct., Eudora.

Jean M. Wells and Michael A. Horan, II to Mark D. Simons and Dia L. Simons, 1752 E 980 Rd. & vacant land, Lawrence.

Royce D. Stiffler and Delores F. Stiffler to Timothy G. Durkin, 612 W 12th St., Eudora.

John F. Shannon to Julie Gorenc and Patrick Connor, 1897 N 600 Rd., Rural.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Virginia Lane, 408 N Winnie Way, Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Janeen L. Masters and Charles V. Masters, 2613 Ralston St., Lawrence.

Highland Construction, Inc. to Julie A. Ramirez, 302 Loges Ct., Lawrence.

Douglas R. Bailey and Melissa Bailey to Richard R. Meza and Johanna E. Mayorga, 2725 Maverick Ln., Lawrence.

Lane S. Miller and Treyton J. Miller to Zachary Towns and Hannah Towns, 700 Flame Way, Baldwin City.

Salb Construction, Inc. to Bradley A. Hemel, 2807 Harper St., Lawrence.

Lynn A. Shultz to Jason Todd Construction LLC, 3221 Creekwood Dr., Lawrence.