Real estate transfers for Feb. 2-8, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Feb. 2-8.

Tuesday, Feb. 2

Bromley Naismith LLC to Emres II Kansas, LLC, 1800 Naismith Dr., Lawrence.

Brian Sheldon and Chelsea Sheldon to Trevor Shelton and Lindsy Rilinger, Vacant land, Rural.

Casey Morford and Beth Morford to Joshua Gooch and Rebecca Gooch, 784 E 1650 Rd., Rural.

Wesley Irvine and Judith Irvine to Tenants to Homeowners, Inc., 908 12th St., Baldwin City.

Patrick V. Walter and Elizabeth D. Walter to Tenants to Homeowners, Inc., 1118 Jersey St., Baldwin City.

Devin J. Scott and Shannon M. Scott to Tenants to Homeowners, Inc., 912 12th St., Baldwin City.

Jarnall Singh and Anu Gupta to Katarina Bednar and Jared A. Bednar, 1212 Chadwick Ct., Lawrence.

Thomas J. Hoffman and Linda L. Blackledge to Luna Properties of Lawrence, LLC, 1538 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Cherry Hill Properties, L.L.C. to Bailey Haynes, 217 Glenview Dr., Lawrence.

Michelle D. Freeman and Daniel J. Freeman to Miller LLC, 2105 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Nadi V. Chenouda and Mofida F. Ghobros to David Yocum and Theresa Yocum, 3305 W 26th St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Feb. 3

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Brett A. Lindstrom and Alexis E. Lindstrom, Vacant land, Rural.

John R. Knispel and Elizabeth N. Knispel to Sarah Libby, 1035 Elm St., Eudora.

Tenants to Homeowners, Inc. to Andrew Hoxey, 1417 Pennsylvania St., Lawrence.

William A. Martin and Esperanza Martin and Jose G. Gutierrez to John R. Knispel and Elizabeth N. Knispel, 700 Main St., Eudora.

Byrne Family, L.L.C. to Thomas Supancic and Carol Supancic, 316 Johnson Ave., Lawrence.

Tony Supancic, III and Patricia A. Supancic to Thomas Supancic and Carol Supancic, 1637 Cadet Ave., Lawrence.

Thursday, Feb. 4

Raymond L. Stone and Judy E. Stone to Christina Kidwell, 1706 E 24th St., Lawrence.

HFM Enterprises, LLC to David Hall and Ashton Hall, 2508 Allison Dr., Lawrence.

Douglas Raney to Kern Real Estate, LLC, 933 Indiana St., Lawrence.

Dolores J. Parker to Denise K. Parker, 2024 New Hampshire St., Lawrence.

Theodore H. Eubanks, Jr. and Brenda J. Eubanks to Donald L. Bundy and Wendy R. Bundy, Vacant land, Rural.

Thomas P. Moran and Sherry L. Moran to Timothy P. Moran, 2070 N 1100 Rd., Rural.

Frank S. Reeb and Rachel L. Palmer-Reeb to Samuel T. Stratton and Laura Stratton, 1025 Stoneridge Dr., Lawrence.

Friday, Feb. 5

Steve A. Bruce to Naomi K. Myers, 837 E 11th St., Lawrence.

Herbert Friedson and Martha B. Taylor to Deborah J. Meinholdt and Paul E. Rowe, 1606 Kenwood Dr., Lawrence.

Evergy Kansas Central, Inc. to S.A.C., L.C., 1711 W 19th St., Lawrence.

Kenny Sloan to Billy Price, 109 N 8th St., Lawrence.

Ronald E. Covert to Jonathan L. Andrews and Sira K. Andrews, 5705 Longleaf Dr., Lawrence.

Lori G. Shmalberg to Gilbert G. Karuga and Faith W. Gathunguri, 2013 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Debra A. Cole and Eric T. Cole to Kelly E. Jacobsen, 1224 Rhode island St., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Daniel N. Dodson, 316-18 Birch Ln., Lawrence.

Evelyn S. Morales to Brooke D. Sanderson, 2504 Ryan Ct., Lawrence.

Sheryl R. Cherry and Kevin L. Johnson to Jordan Banks, 2609 Sawgrass Ct., Lawrence.

Christophe R. Royon to Jesson R. Ross and Season I.S. Ross, 2027 Hogan Ct., Lawrence.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 925 W 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Harold M. Patchen and Sandra S. Patchen to Christopher W. Harris and Imagene E. Harris, Vacant land, Rural.

Monday, Feb. 8

SPK Properties, LLC to Lori C. Hargett, 504 Baker St., Baldwin City.

David C. Kurtz, Jr. and Katherine M. Huggins to Kyle Stout, 1804 College St., Baldwin City.

David B. Hubbel and Kimberly S. Hubbel to Brian Judy and Sariah Judy, 25 E 1200 Rd., Rural.

Sally Sanko and Robert Sanko-Brown to Phon Vilayoune and Briana Vilayoune Joint Revocable Trust, Vacant land, Rural.

Cheer Pole, LTD. to Princeton Children’s Center, Inc., 3340 Peterson Rd., Lawrence.

Emily W. Stewart and John T. Stewart,V to Braden D. Clements, 324 Stockade St., Lawrence.

J.C. and Mary Lou Brown Living Trust to Andrew G. Colombo and Maribeth T. Colombo, Vacant land, Rural.