Real estate transfers for Jan. 26-Feb. 1, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for Jan. 26-Feb. 1.

Tuesday, Jan. 26

Martin Hash and Kay Hash to Cinnabar Corporation, Vacant land, Rural.

Martin Hash and Kay Hash to James H. Bruce, 1409 N 650 Rd., Rural.

U.S. Bank National Association, Successor to 27Iowa, LLC, 2701 Iowa St., Lawrence.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 1007 W 39th Ter., Lawrence.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 908 W 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Schneider Family Trust to Sharon S. Foltz and Mellanye Lackey, Vacant land, Rural.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 1003 W 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Brandon Powers to Morgan M. Helm, 1741 W 25th St., Lawrence.

78 L.C. to Grand Builders, Inc., 902 W 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Benjamin J. Winsor and Emily J. Winsor to Deep Spring Farms LLC, 1962-4 E 1500 Rd., Rural.

Jake Garber Construction, LLC to Adam L. Staszkiewicz, 418 Three Forks Dr., Lawrence.

Wednesday, Jan. 27

Dustin J. Hayes, Estate of to Jackson T. Kirby and Anna J. Kirby, 2404 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Katherine L. Neis, Estate of to Linda R. Elston and Gary L. Elston, 1174 E 2300 Rd., Rural.

Jaiseong Pi and Hyeeun G. Pi to Joel H. Smith, 3808 Pinnacle Cir., Lawrence.

Chris J. Earl and Joanna R. Earl and Mark A. Buhler and Marsha G. Buhler to Burning Tree, LLC, Vacant land, Lawrence.

Granada, LLC to G Building LLC, 1020 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Readio Family Investments LLC to Conrad W. Altenbernd and Judy A. Green, 1516 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Thursday, Jan. 28

Edwin A. Rothrock and Katrina S. Rothrock to Charles H. Nicholas, 2549 Jasu Dr., Lawrence.

Elaine G. Jones and Elizabeth A. Zayat to Alyson E. Oliver, 3521 Eagle Pass Ct., Lawrence.

Marcella Holliday and Kenneth H. Holliday to Anna M. Harvey, 513 Lincoln St., Lawrence.

J.C. and Mary Lou Brown Living Trust to Andrew G. Colombo and Maribeth T. Colombo, Vacant land, Rural.

David Isaac and Amanda Isaac to Steve Heinz and Jessica Heinz, 1929 E 300 Rd., Rural.

Michael J. Pringle and Michelle R. Topil to Sydney M. Clarke and Chase D. Kilgore, 931 E 14th Ter., Eudora.

Friday, Jan. 29

Brian Crawford and Jessica Crawford to Lance S. Jungmeyer and Erin E. Jungmeyer, 1384 N 550 Rd., Rural.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Kyle Peaslee, 403 N Daylily Dr., Lawrence.

Michael T. Kerving and Ruth A. Kerving to Nadereh Liaghati, 255 N Michigan St., 12-78, Lawrence.

Ann K. Colgan and James P. Colgan to Kang J. Wang, 5620 Bowersock Dr., Lawrence.

Scott G. Wenzel and Martha A. Wenzel to Nicolette Weigel, 367 Woodlawn Mnr., Lawrence.

Karin A. Jackson Living Trust to Mary L. Roberts, 200-02 Summertree Ln., Lawrence.

Monday, Feb. 1

Frank Wiles and Emily Wiles to Gabriel T. Martin and Alicia M. Martin, 401 Maine St., Lawrence.

Hill and Hill LLC and Simco Properties LLC to New Frontier Properties, LLC, 810 High St., Baldwin City.

Richard D. Helt and Amy C. Helt to R.P.I., LLC, 418 Freemont Dr., Lawrence.

Steve A. Bruce to William Watson and Jane Watson, 2140 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Mark A. Buhler and Marsha G. Buhler Revocable Trust to Hill & Hill LLC, 705 High St., Baldwin City.

Maple Leaf L.L.C. to Hill & Hill LLC, 705 High St., Baldwin City.

Lavenia K. Cooper to Scanello Leasing LLC, 2524 Allison Dr., Lawrence.

Timothy A. Green and Rachel L. Green to Alexander I. Platt and Sharon I. Brett, 1008 Oak Tree Dr., Lawrence.

Christina A. Kidwell to Hollis Bishop and Kathleen Bishop, 1020 W 14th St., Eudora.

Mary F. Locniskar Trust to Jane E. Cram and Michael S. Cram, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy, Unit 112, Lawrence.

Shelley R. Ezell and John N. Ezell to Tonia L. Anderson, 217 Lawrence, Ave..

Clifton G. Bullock and Shirley M. Bullock Revocable Trust to Lola J. Aldrich, 2709 Chipperfield Rd., Lawrence.

James R. Walker and Cynthia R. Walker to Joshua Reidell and Hannah V. Reidell, 533 Elm St., Lawrence.

Hout Rentals, LLC to Joanne Polk, Aff. Of Eq. Inst.826 New York St., Lawrence.

Extra Mile Ministries, Inc. to Sarah E. Henderson-Hodges, Vacant land, Rural.

Jack A. Murphy and Rosemary T. Murphy to Hugh R. Murphy, 2204 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

24 Iowa LLC to 2434 Iowa, LLC, 2434 Iowa St., Lawrence.

21287 SW Oregon Street, LLC to Williams Management, LLC, 1319 Wakarusa Dr., Lawrence.

Russell L. Tuckel, Jr. and Penny J. Tuckel Revocable Trust to Cacti Land, L.L.C., 1708 E 1117 Rd., Lawrence.

R & R, L.L.C. to Edith E. Willis Revocable Trust, 2121 Ohio St., Lawrence.