Real estate transfers for April 20-26, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for April 20-26.

Tuesday, April 20

Kettler Construction, Inc. to Tyler Stewart and Terri L. Stewart, 437 Freemont Dr., Lawrence.

Nathan R. Moorehead and Priscilla Moorehead to Salah Najm, 3208 Rainier Dr., Lawrence.

Irish Tide LLC to Tuyet Le, 3704 Gunnison Dr., Lawrence.

Park Group LLC to Brandon M. Troth and Ashlea D. Troth, 818 Baker St., Baldwin City.

John Randtke and Lena Griffith to Dallas W. Smith and Laura B. Smith, 215 W. 16th Ter, Eudora.

Wednesday, April 21

Anthony D. Ewert and Rebecca L. Ewert to Andria Simon and Chris Simon, Vacant Land, Rural.

Glazer Properties, L.L.C. to Andres Lasaga, 1720 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Chet M. Kueffer and Elizabeth L. Kueffer to Hamid Honarvar and Parvin Honarvar, 3908 Kimos Cir., Lawrence.

Garber Enterprises, Inc. to Jake Garber Construction, LLC, 3619 Prairie Clover Ct., Lawrence.

Michael L. Shanks and Luljeta H. Shanks to Lisa R. Pence and Mike Pence, 813 Prescott Dr., Lawrence.

Centennial REA Investments LLC to Alexis D. Ruby and Austin L. Longhurst, 1712 W. 21st St., Lawrence.

Anthony W. Bessent and Stephanie M. Bessent to Ray C. Beaumont and Cheryl A. Baley-Beaumont, 401 Tall Grass Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, April 22

Cooper Hawk Properties, Inc. to TSJ Properties, LLC, 1229 Ohio St., 1231 Ohio St., 1241 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Jared A. Keagle and Hannah Keagle to Miranda Cummings, 2705 Bluestem Ct., Lawrence.

David K. Pinzl Trust to David M. Hill, Vacant Land, Rural.

Jacob Nellor and Lesley Nellor to Douglus L. Nations and Shelly A. Nations, 624 N Blazing Star Dr., Lawrence.

Tatiana A. Cownie and William G. Cownie to Ian Mcbride, 1911 W. 3rd St., Lawrence.

Fairfield Farms 3, LLC to Drippe Homes, Inc., 2529 E. 26th Ter, Lawrence.

New Oread Group, LLC to MRH Building, LLC, 4955 Research Park Way, Lawrence.

Robert G. Moyle and Jennifer J. Duhamel to Reid Hanson and Caitlin Curtiss, 2325 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Kelly G. Schmidt to Jared Haines, Sandra Haines, Brian Nitcher, 255 North Michigan St. 14-90, Lawrence.

Friday, April 23

Kerry K. Mcmillen and Diane P. Mcmillen to Jason Day, 1540 N. 600 Rd., Rural.

Michele P. Williams to Derek Prater and Sarah Prater, Vacant Land, Rural.

Nancy A. Colwell and Troy Colwell to Ashley P. Dorssom and Charles E. Dorssom, 424 Rockfence Ct., Lawrence.

TAB Proservice L.L.C. and Marissa Boyle to Geoffry Brown, 1400 Pin Oak,1402 Pin Oak, Lawrence.

Charlotte King to Stacey L. Satterwhite and Nichole B. Satterwhite, 2516 Chasehire Ct., Lawrence.

Bryce P. Dowling to Curtis L. Lewis and Tammy Lewis, 1841 Villo Woods Ct., Lawrence.

Timmy G. Burnett and Nicole A. Burnett to Peter Wentz and Brooke Wentz, 316 Blaze Blvd., Baldwin City.

Robert D. Forsyth and Robyn A. Forsyth to Christopher M. Lemmon, 1325 E. 25th Ter., 1327 E. 25th Ter., Lawrence.

John C. Peck and Pamela C. Peck to Howard Shuck and Joanne Shuck, Vacant Land, Rural.

Kirk H. Rhorer and Patricia O. Beedles to Nicholaus Pumphrey and Amanda Pumphrey, 765 E. 800 Rd., Lawrence.

Marci D. Solander to Sean K. Thomson and Amanda Thomson, 903 Drum Dr., Lawrence.

Hickory Properties LLC to Erin R. Yosai, 1940 Rhode Island St., Lawrence.

South KC Properties LLC to Integrated Construction, Inc., 3527 Riverview Rd., Lawrence.

Valerie Clark and Harold R. Clark to Kim A. Glover and Ronald L. Glover, 104 Oak Pl., Eudora.

Michel A. Borchardt and Debora L. Borchardt to Cam Lay, 1847 Barker Ave, Lawrence.

Brent T. Boeken and Catherine M. Boeken to Briana Mcgeough and Skylar Bohan, 3109 Creekwood Dr., Lawrence.

Possum Holler, LLC to Ronald L. Zeller and Rebecca P. Zeller, 980 E. 1512 Rd., Rural.

Ron Good, LLC to Barton Investments, LLC, 1705 E. 29th St., Lawrence.

Monday, April 26

Shepard Family Trust to Walter E Jamison and Tracie Jamison, 751 Lake St., Lawrence.

David E. Decker and Veronica Decker to Barry O’Connor and Chelsie Elizabeth O’Connor, 541 Arrowhead Dr., Lawrence.

Heath Seitz Construction, Inc. to Michael Nuffer, Vacant Lot, Lawrence.

James P. Vigne and Emily M.E. Vigne to Robert Conor Brown, 1402 E. 19th St., Lawrence.

Robert F. Hansen to Gerald J. Reimond and Linda J. Reimond, 2250 Lake Pointe Dr. 2103, Lawrence.

Jonathan L. Mosher and Dawn R. Mosher to James P. Vigne and Emily M. ERP Vigne, 2418 Lazy Brook Ln., Lawrence.

Michael Orozco and Deborah D. Orozco to Robert A. Rice and A. Alandra Rice, 1807 Foxfire Dr., Lawrence

Robert A. Rice and A. Alandra Rice to Samuel P. Campbell and Diana E. Campbell, 1212 E. 2142 Rd., Lawrence.

Nieder Properties, LLC to Conner Mitchell and Hannah Perry, 812 Murrow Ct., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Kristin Villa, 2609 Ralston St., Lawrence.

Terry L. Huffman to Laura Thomas and Anthony Thomas, 265 E. 500 Rd., Rural.

Gray Properties Of Lawrence LLC to BCC Investments LLC, 864 Elm St., Lawrence.