Real estate transfers for April 13-19, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for April 13-19.

Tuesday, April 13

Timothy S. Felks and Hailey J. Felks to Ryan M. Karpinksi and Julie N. Karpinksi, 1125 Oak St., Eudora.

David W. Wise and Lisa D. Wise to Michael J. Howard and Melissa M. Howard, 1056 April Rain Rd., Lawrence.

Arthur L. Queen Revocable Trust to IRA Services Trust Company, 1387 E. 1650 Rd., Rural.

Evan Thompson and Valerie Thompson to Oliver Sheley, 908 Stonecreek Dr., Lawrence.

Jeremy James Styno to Ethan Hebenstriet and Amber Evans, Vacant land, Rural.

James L. Golden, II and Kelly M. Golden to Matthew T. Schuster and Kathryn A. Schuster, 6315 Serenade Dr., Lawrence.

Wedman Construction, Inc. to David W. Wise and Lisa D. Wise, 229 Landon Ct., Lawrence.

Wednesday, April 14

Taylor Starling to Katy Schwinghamer and Brandon Davis, 2444 Brookside Dr., Lawrence.

Irvan E. Moore and Carolyn F. Moore to David A. Kennedy, 625 Elm St., Lawrence.

Stanley Phillips and Lisa Phillips to Terry R. Spriggs and Rebecca S. Spriggs Revocable Trust, 4600 Nicklaus Dr., Lawrence.

Terravest Custom Homes, L.L.C. to Michael E. Newman and Deanna L. Newman, 205 Stockade St., Lawrence.

Cynthia K. Axman to Joseph and Gina Keating Living Trust, 3610 W. 10th St., Lawrence.

Grand Builders, Inc to Selvan Kalailingam Uma M. Subramanian, 1031 W. 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Thursday, April 15

Kai, Mann and Erin K. Mann to David J. Maas, 1720 Hampton St., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Rebecca L. Blick, 350 N Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Westley Youngren and Leah Youngren to Marisa A. Hegeman, Thomas D. Hegemen, James W. David and Hannah E. David, 1910 Kentucky St., Lawrence.

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Eric J. Pence, Vacant land, Rural.

Delores Jackson to Todd E. Roberts, 1211 Main St., Eudora.

Robert A. Brewer to Alejandro D. Tamez and Ana E. Parra-Ruiz, 704 Alabama St., Lawrence.

William C. Redmond and Jessica S. Redmond to Whitney N. Juneau and Judith A. Juneau, 403 N Winnie Way, Lawrence.

Charles Timmons and Paula L. Timmons to Kyle M. Grimes and Ashley R. Grimes, 1021 Biltmore Dr., Lawrence.

Charles Magruder and Linda Magruder to Lovena M. Tuley and Martin D. Tuley, 3500 Morning Dove Cir., Lawrence.

Dale A. Smith and Deana L. Smith to Joey E. Zibell and Tammi A. Zibell, 820 3rd St., Baldwin City.

Kanwaka, LLC to 729 Mass LLC, 729, 729 1/2, 731 Massachusetts St., Lawrence.

Christy L. Grissom to Joel M. Gillaspie and Laurie E. White, 220 N Crestline Dr., Lawrence.

Parker J. Davatz to Cesar E. Trejo, 962 N. 1892 Rd., Lawrence.

Clifford C. Nichols Family Trust to Mid-States Ventures, LLC, Vacant land, Rural.

Lovena M. Tuley and Martin D. Tuley to David A. Williams and Olivia S. Herrera-Bravo, 712 Indiana St., Baldwin City.

Friday, April 16

Julie S. Bloom and Bryan D. Bloom to Jenna J. Bloom and Monique Jaimez, 1093 E. 1200 Rd., Rural.

Jennifer S. Alterman and Jeff L. Alterman to DJ’s, Inc., 1714 Vermont St., Lawrence.

Alexander R. Burdge and Mary E. Burdge to Nicolaus McCready and Nancy McCready, 3216 Tomahawk Dr., Lawrence.

Norbert M. Grosdidier Revocable Living Trust to Pfeifer Family Revocable Trust, Vacant land, Rural.

Sandra K. Pierce and Michael J. Pierce to Robert J. Wilson, Jr., 4609 Nicklaus Dr., Lawrence.

Irene Y. Garcia to Lawrence, Kansas Rentals, LLC, 300 Elm St., Lawrence.

Brooke L. Hothan to Courtney E. Cyzman, 544 Bently Dr., Lawrence.

Daniel L. Beat to David A. Kuykendall and Donna S. Kuykendall, 3162 Yankee Tank Ln., Lawrence.

Watts & Watts, LLC to Caleb Gaylord and Kelsey Gaylord, 1220 Walnut St., Eudora.

Linyong Song and Lina Wu to William E. Fenner, III and Candis C. Davis, 2409 Via Linda Way, Lawrence.

Debra J. Debiasse Trust to Joel Sauerwein, 1407 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Bennington State Bank and Derek Lee IRA, FBO to Joel Sauerwein, 1407 Westbrooke St., Lawrence.

Frances A. Wulfkuhle Revocable Trust to Ronald Neitzel and Roxie Neitzel, Vacant land, Rural

GDW Rentals, LLC to Jon Gray, 1915 W. 26th St., Lawrence.

Michael J. Howard and Melissa M. Howard to Andrew P. Jones and Mary K. Jones, 2217 Country Dr., Eudora.

Alva West, LLC to Bal.Enz Design+Build LLC, 2119 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Alejandro Gomez and Ana G.V. Pineda to Michael A. Prochaska and Thea B. Prochaska, 1112 Waverly Dr., Lawrence.

Alva West, LLC to Bal.Enz Design+Build LLC, 2117 Maple Ln., Lawrence.

Scott Austin Sledgister and Patricia Sue SLedgister Revocable Trust to Kolibri Ventures LLC, 1722 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Steven Brothers and Brittany L. Brothers to Brian D. Hayes, 3438 W. 24th st., Lawrence.

Marguerite Gaston to Robert M. Day and Gwen P. Beegle, 2125 Barker St., Lawrence.

R. Michael Amyx and Linda Amyx to Robert M. Day and Gwen P. Beegle, 2125 Barker St., Lawrence.

Matthew Kleinmann and Sangeeta Shastry to Shamus Cooley and Robert N. Cooley, 906 Ward St., Lawrence.

Mathew W. Schmidt and Austin L. Ice to Jennifer K. Barnes, 206 Michigan St., Lawrence.

Monday, April 19

Lawrence Cohousing Group L.C. to Nicholas Kuzmyak and Katharine Kuzmyak, 1228 Delaware St., Unit E17, Lawrence.

Cindy J. Velline and Harold B. Velline to Jessica G. Stockham and Mark L. Stockham, 4713 Woodland Dr., Lawrence.

Ken Eland to Kyle Hemmert and Barbara Hemmert, 1420 Wakarusa Dr., Lawrence.

One Thing, LLC to Zachary R. Grabber, 1012-14 Alma Dr., Lawrence.

Steven E. Emke and Katherine B. Emke to Emily Emke-Hays and Grant W. Hays, 1520-22 Tennessee St., Lawrence.

Kenneth L. Sloan to Dianna Palos, 763 Ash St., Lawrence.

Connie L. Seitz and Heath B. Seitz to James R. Wilson and Rebecca L. Griffith, 36909 Willshire Dr., Lawrence.

Mark R. Pallett and Judith A. Pallett to Beverly R. Potty and Robert L. Potty, 2720 Larkspur Ct., Lawrence.

Billy J. Burke and Sally L. Burke to Ryan P. Berg and Amy M. Meeker-Berg, Vacant land, Rural.