Real estate transfers for April 6-12, 2021

Below are real estate transfers filed at the Douglas County Clerk’s Office for April 6-12.

Tuesday, April 6

David Howard to Michael F. Hock and Irma Brasseur-Hock, 1815 Foxfire Dr., Lawrence.

Robert C. Santee and Brooke L. Santee to Stanimir March and Lisa March, 3101 Creekwood Dr., Lawrence.

Jeffrey A. Wolverton and Christine Wolverton to Daoud, LLC, 2705 Harrison Pl., Lawrence.

James R. Meyerhoffer-Kubalik and Emily A. Meyerhoffer-Kubalik to Zach Powell and Kelli Powell, 2023 E. 17th St., Lawrence.

Wednesday, April 7

Frank Tucker and Tandy Tucker to Mark Gridley and Lynn Murphy, 2115 Louisiana St., Lawrence.

Karen Dale Lyerla, Estate Of to Kenneth L. Grotewiel and Jennifer A. Johnson, 746 Alabama St., Lawrence.

Stephen R. Martin and Loanne Martin to Austin G. Morgan and Mackenzie K. Morgan, 311 Eldridge Ln., Lawrence.

William Schroeder and Dana Schroeder to Marilyn E. Hull and Robert M. Hull, 2144 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Jim Fussell Real Estate LLC to Maegan Russell, 3001 Yellowstone Dr., Lawrence.

Thursday, April 8

Grand Builders, Inc. to Lyle M. Wellman and Janie D. Wellman, 1027 W. 30th Ter., Lawrence.

Lyle Wellman and Janie D. Wellman to Kenneth P. Williams and Teresa M. Williams, 1594 N. 150 Rd., Rural.

Brenda L. Lenz and Mark E. Lenz to Andrew L. Jessen, 3404 Richard Ct., Lawrence.

W&F Rental Management, LLC to Amal El Haimeur, 1400 Brighton, Lawrence.

Bonnie J. Stephenson to Marlo M. Martin, Trevor S. Martin, Jason Carlstedt and Darcy Carlstedt, 1444 W. 19th Ter., Lawrence.

Stephen E. Glass to Maple Grove Holdings, L.C., 600 Lincoln St., Lawrence.

Frederick W. Rice and Susan L. Rice to Samuel A. Tuckwin, Vacant land, Lawrence.

Zeta Alpha Building Corporation and Zeta Alpha of Phi Mu Phi Mu Fraternity to Board of Trustees of Baker University, 519 8th St., Baldwin City.

Barbara L. Grandstaff to Brett Salsbury, 1416 E. 27 St., Lawrence.

Kimberly K. Smith to Brigitte Hudson, 255 N. Michigan St. 8-40, Lawrence.

Hoff Properties, Inc to Clifford and Sharron Spence Revocable Trust, 1822 College St., Baldwin City.

James J. Hornbeck and Emily A. Hornbeck to Chad Collins and Jessica, Hammes-Price, 5104 Cody Ct., Lawrence.

Friday, April 9

Jonathon Price and Jessica Price to Susan S. Crosby, 1911 Goodell Ct., Lawrence.

John Poertner to Christopher E. Black, 1646 Hillcrest Rd., Lawrence

Judy C. Johnson Revocable Trust to Limestone Management, LLC, 2120 Atchison Ave., Lawrence.

Baldwin City Property Management LLC to Michael C. Hutton, 128 Santa Fe Dr., Baldwin City.

Leslie E. Miles and Kathy A. Miles to Richard King and Dana King, 4525 Bauer Brook Ct., Lawrence.

Drippe Homes, Inc. to Susan Arasmith, 352 N. Parker Cir., Lawrence.

Christie L. Vandyk and Ricky L. Vandyk to Timothy G. Whiteford, 3606 Hartford Ct., Lawrence.

Patricia A. Wilson to Anjelica S. Cooper, 814 Oak St., Lawrence.

Forward Management LLC to Armando Diana and Donna M. Diana, 255 N. Michigan St. 8-39, Lawrence.

Lies, Timothy C. and Mary T. Lies to J. Rosario Ramirez, Vacant land, Rural.

Paul T. Mason and Shannon S. Mason to Amanda Steiner, 1137 E. 1264 Rd., Lawrence.

Amy A. McVey to Bonnie Stephenson, 2816 Stone Barn Ter., Lawrence.

Martha J. Wright and James Wright to Bryon J. Wright and Emily A. Wright, 701 High St., Baldwin City.

Shirley J. Johnson to Cale Moore Jacquelyn Langdon, 2912 Belle Haven Dr., Lawrence.

Trinity Holdings LLC to LAANZ, ZLLC, 2102 E. 17th St., 2030 E. 17th St., 2026 E. 17th St., 2022 E. 17th St., 2018 E. 17th St., 2014 E. 17th St., 2010 E. 17th St., 2006 E. 17th St., 2002 E. 17th St., Lawrence.

Frances A. Wulfkuhle Revocable Trust and John H. Wulfkuhle Revocable Trust to Condolidated Properties, Vacant Land, Rural.

Eddie C. Payne, Jr., Estate Of to Milly Mae Tyree, 783 Ash St., Lawrence.

CHP Investments LLC to 2220 Harper, LLC, 2220 Harper Ct., Lawrence.

Richard W. Hird, Trustee, and Paul Kendall Kincaid Trust to Charles L. Kincaid and Claudia M. Kincaid, 2104 Kasold Dr., Rural.

Tony L. Peterson, Debra L. Peterson, Larry O. Peterson, Zella J. Peterson, Robert Henrikson, Cecile Henrikson, Evelyn K. Pesnell and Leon Pesnell, Jr. to Larry O. Peterson and Zella Joanne Peterson, Vacant Land, Rural.

Tony L. Peterson, Debra L. Peterson, Larry O. Peterson, Zella J. Peterson, Robert Henrikson, Cecille Henrikson, Evelyn K. Pesnell and Leon Pesnell, Jr. to Evelyn K. Pesnell and Leon Pesnell Jr., Vacant Land, Rural.

Monday, April 12

Michael B. Sullivan, Julie J. Sullivan, Kimberly M. Tonnies, Russell F. Tonnies, Kelly J. Sullivan and Cristy L. Sullivan to Jennifer McAllaster and Dan Ginavan, 4704 Moundridge Ct., Lawrence.

Terravest Custom Homes, LLC to Stephani L. Tipton, 229 Bramble Bend Ct., Lawrence.

John E. Hayward and Dana E. Hayward to Zachary L. Price and Heather L. Price, 1074 N 100 Rd., Vacant Land, Rural.

Janette McCullough Living Trust to Richard D. Lipsey, 4500 Bob Billings Pkwy., 407, Lawrence.

Random Ranch, LLC to William Vacek, Vacant Land, Rural.

John T. Geren and Heidi Geren to Stacy R. Hutchison and Charles A. Hutchison, 4825 Normandy Park, Lawrence.

Jonathan R. Nyp and Rachel A. Nyp to Nathaniel D. Trost and Heather J. Roberts, 524 Durham Ct., Lawrence.

Edith E. Willis Revocable Trust to Five and Holding, LLC, 2121 Ohio St., Lawrence.

Ali Benremouga, Hassiba Abdi and W&F Rental Management, LLC to Michelle Crosby and Patrick N. Crosby, 1404 Brighton Cir., Lawrence.

Tessley B. Smith and Kelley J. Bethell-Smith to Judith S. Smith and Brett T. Smith, Vacant Land, Rural.

Congressional, LLC to GAW Properties, LLC, 5111 Congressional Cir., A-D, Lawrence.

June H. McAfee Revocable Living Trust to David Porter, 2163 E. 500 Rd., Rural.

Revocable Living Trust of Lotta Keefover-Bevitt to Casey Maxon and Aurore Maxon, 146 N. 1250 Rd., Rural.

Russ T. Hutchins and Joyce Elaine Hutchins to Diane Hughes, 1103 E. 18th St., Lawrence.

Grace S. Leu to Logan M. Hinkle, 255 N. Michigan St., 7-36, Lawrence.